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Enkelt pyssel till Alla Hjärtans Dag - vika pappershjärtan till girland - Helena Lyth. Ett enkelt och vackert pyssel till Alla Hjärtans Dag.

Enkelt pyssel till Alla Hjärtans Dag - vika pappershjärtan till girland - Helena Lyth

Jag älskar att pyssla i papper och många idéer ligger och gror tills det blir rätt läge att testa och skapa. Just pappershjärtan av solfjädersvikta papper hade jag tänkt länge på. Nu till alla hjärtans dag var det väl ypperligt att sätta tanken till verklighet. Min idé var att göra just en girland men tvekade då hjärtanen var så fina i sig själva. Fast hittade liksom inget ställe att ha dem då så jag fortsatte med girlandidéen. Det fick bli en vackert ljusrosa hjärtgirland i vardagsrummet. Smarta skraplotter - DIY. Vlechten met Daan. Knutselen, Art Projects and Coloring Pages. Mini paper angel templates. WATCH: She Starts Out With A Simple Sheet Of Paper. After A Few Folds, The Result Is Genius [VIDEO]

Paper Toys: Flextangles. Today’s paper toy, Flextangles, is seriously the coolest paper puzzle we have ever made and judging by how many times you guys have downloaded our template you agree!

Paper Toys: Flextangles

Flextangles are part of our collaborative series STEAM POWER: Empowering kids to explore the world through creative projects. Han fyller ballongen med mjöl och klipper ett hål – resultatet är så smart. Paper Chain People. Paper Plate Ship's Porthole. There have been many versions of this classic paper plate craft.

Paper Plate Ship's Porthole

This paper plate porthole has a different version as well, called the paper plate aquarium. When I created this particular project several years ago, I wanted it to look like your were peering through a ship’s porthole. This was originally published on Kaboose, then that site sold to Spoonful and it didn’t transfer for one reason or another. Paper Snowflakes 101. POST EDIT: Thanks to Rebecca of for contacting me about the incredible project for Sand Hook Elementary...turning their new facility into a winter wonderland full of paper snowflakes!

Paper Snowflakes 101

Let's do our part and make some snowflakes for those sweet children and staff! Go HERE for information of where to send yours by January 12th. xo After my blog friend Janette shared this fabulous link to Vintage Junky's easy snowflake tutorials, I couldn't resist. How to Make 6-Pointed Paper Snowflakes. What This Man Does With A Piece Of Wrapping Paper Is Brilliant. When we first saw this man needlessly folding a piece of paper, we were perplexed.

What This Man Does With A Piece Of Wrapping Paper Is Brilliant

When we saw the final result, however, we were beyond impressed. This is a holiday life hack that's sure to improve your overall decorations. As we all know, wrapping paper is a holiday necessity. Those presents may look amazing under the tree, but as soon as that fateful morning comes, those once gorgeous boxes are turned into nothing but garbage bags full of sparkly, now-unusable paper. What a waste, right? According to a study done at Stanford and found on their website, "Wrapping paper is often used once and thrown away.

Just some helpful information to help you have a more green holiday. ELECTROSPHERIC RAY GUN (a free papercraft model) If you like keeping a ray gun handy, just to be on the safe side, then this electrospheric device should suit your needs quite nicely.

ELECTROSPHERIC RAY GUN (a free papercraft model)

It features a warmly glowing dial, handy control knobs, and it leaks very little radiation whatsoever (you'll hardly even feel it). This paper model measures 10 inches in length, stands 6.5 inches tall, and is sturdy enough to actually play with! Display stand included. M A R B L E M I C E. Paper Craft. Home - Mr Printables. Paper airplane - The best paper airplane in the world! Build the best paper airplane in the world!

Paper airplane - The best paper airplane in the world!

How to build it, how to fly it. | Assembly instructions - How to build it| Printer friendly instructions| |How to fly it | Awards page | Top of page | Visit the Paper Airplane Guest book and leave your message.Paper Airplane links page.Airplane Hall of Fame - The DC-3 and nine other aircraft that changed aviation. Comments: Support. Wind-up paper butterflies are my fave (guest post from amelia) I had a baby so I’ve invited some fave guests to take over for me while I spend time with the little guy.

wind-up paper butterflies are my fave (guest post from amelia)

Today’s post is from super crafter and cute mom, Amelia of The Homebook. Growing up, I had an aunt who lived in Canada. Every year for my birthday she’d send me a card and a fancy little gift. She always found the neatest things! One year, when I was maybe 10 or 11, she sent me another card—and when I opened it up, a paper butterfly fluttered out of the card.

I made my butterflies into Monarchs, but you could use different materials to create any sort of colorful butterfly. Materials: You’ll need heavy cardstock, 24 gauge wire, silicone rubber bands (I found mine in the hair aisle at Walgreens) needle-nose pliers, scissors, tape, a paintbrush, a black marker, and a white ink pen. Step 1: Measure and cut your wire. Step 2: Find the center of the longer wire. Home - Mr Printables. Paper Crafts for Kids - Paper Craft Ideas. Skapligt enkelt i bildundervisning. Hur kan Skapligt Enkelt vara till hjälp i undervisningen?

Skapligt enkelt i bildundervisning

Halloween MASKS. These are our Halloween masks – they are merry rather than scary!

Halloween MASKS

They were copied on colored cardboard from the KROKOTAK templates, then they were cut out and colored by the kids. We added pom-pom noses to make them even funnier. Halloween masks: Scroll down to view all documetns. Click on an image to enlarge and print. Pyssel för barn och vuxna. Bild på Pinterest. Hemgjord. Art Projects for Kids. Kids Crafts - Inspiration for Children of all Ages. Bunting is a quick and fun way to decorate the house or classroom for any occasion. It also... It is amazing what fun can be had and what can be created from a few basic ingredients. We have... Decorating lanterns and candles is great fun for older children. They make lovely gifts or... There is something very therapeutic about playing with clay even as an adult.

Collages are an excellent way to fill a wet afternoon and use up the odds and ends in your craft... We all know that kids love to dress up - whether on a rainy afternoon, with a gang of friends, or... Crafting with craft foam is safe for even the youngest children, and cutting and sticking the foam... Here are all of Activity Village's felt crafts for kids. We have recently had lots of fun making felt - felt pictures, felt beads and felt balls - and,... Fuse beads are not only fun to do, but they provide children an opportunity to be creative while... DLTK's Crafts for Kids. Family Crafts - Crafts for Kids, DIY Gifts & More. Pysselbolaget – Enkla roliga pyssel för barn och vuxna.