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How to make an elephant from towels

How to make an elephant from towels

Happy Hippity Hop! We're taking a long weekend off here for the Easter break (we're working on a new website with hopes of getting a bit more done with the extra day tucked in there). So we're bidding you farewell early with a few links and this cute little picture tutorial (see more below) sent to our e-mail from the folks at Present&Correct. Happy wishes for your Easter and Passover break. We're heading over here later to learn how to make some marshmallow peeps! Care to join us? High/low Easter party. West coast applications close Friday at Renegade. Loving this free (April calendar) desktop wallpaper from the Free People blog. And I saw lots of rabbits hopping around here. Have a fantastic weekend!

Doodles and Links Would you like to learn doodle, but don't know where to begin? Do you doodle, but need inspiration? I didn't know how to start doodling until I found a few very helpful tutorials and dove right in. I found a few places that offered tutorials. This was the very first day I ever "officially" doodled: I used craft paper, a clip board, and a pencil. At some point, I found Joanne Fink's tutorials (Zenspirations) on Sukura's website. and started using their Micron Pens. I used my clipboard and craft paper for a several weeks. One day, I found an almost new sketchbook at a yard sale. I bought it, knowing what I was going to do with it. Amazing what that little change in mindset did for my doodle time! I found a blue Micron on clearance and a pack of similar pens (Zig) at another yard sale (cheap), so I wasn't concerned about using up my pens too quickly. My Suggestions, Doodles, and Links I created a Title Page. Using a border first helps break up the page so it doesn't look so BIG and BLANK.

Printables I spotted some wonderful printables last week while working on the *bespoke* newsletter, and it inspired me to put together this grand list of lovely things! In this post you’ll find 20 useful, cute, fun, and inspiring things to print out and use, and – best of all – they’re all free! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. So there you go! Button Monogram This is a really COLORFUL & creative way to display your child’s initial. Super easy for sewers & crafters who have lots of extra buttons laying around. Gosh I LOVE buttons… Supplies needed: - Printer (to print out your letter) or a large letter stencil - Scissors - Cardstock (large enough to fit your frame) - Pen or Pencil - Adhesive, Scotch Tape Runner allows you to reposition buttons - Paper Piercer - Buttons and Brads - Frame without glass or shadowbox (this one is from IKEA) Click here for step-by-step directions to the entire project.

Coloring Craft Projects, Patterns, Ideas Shamrock Template Coloring Craft Pattern - click image to download and print from website Silhouette CAMEO Electronic Cutting Tool with Silhouette Studio Designer Edition Software Create your own cutouts, stickers, stencils and wall art with a craft cutter and coloring page art. Did you know that coloring books can be a valueable and free source for craft patterns? You can create one-of--kind clip art images, paper borders, applique designs, pieced paper crafts, iris-folding apertures, stencil crafts, quilting patterns and iron on transfers from coloring page pictures. Make it into a a craft project: color it in, decorate it, design a cool poster, greeting card, mask, bookmark or paper toy, fabric craft - the possibilities for coloring crafts seem unlimited.

Organizing Labels for more stuff! Organizing labels for more of your stuff! Use them for all sorts of stuff in the home or office. Use them in the kitchen, craft studio, kid’s room, garage and more! For printing use sizes: Please note: for optimal performance and to have the option of changing fonts, please use Adobe Reader 9.