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Starter Ecommerce Package. SME Growth Vouchers Available - Blue Sky Corporate Finance. The Government has launched a £30 million initiative offering subsidised business support to assist small businesses with access to specialist business support to help their business grow.

SME Growth Vouchers Available - Blue Sky Corporate Finance

The Growth Vouchers enable businesses to receive a 50% subsidy towards the cost of obtaining advice on five key topics. Categories included are: Managing cashflow, late payments and negotiating financeDeveloping skills and taking on staffImproving leadership and managementMarketing, attracting and keeping customersMaking the most of digital technology The Government will match spend upto a maximum value of £2000.

Small businesses can apply for Growth Vouchers on the Gov.UK Website The vouchers can then be redeemed through the Enterprise Nation marketplace by identifying an appropriate approved supplier to spend your voucher with. MarketInvoice and KashFlow announce partnership to boost small business funding - Young Guns by Start up a successful business. By Megan Dunsby Updated: Nov 25, 2014 Published: Nov 25, 2014 Peer-to-peer lending service MarketInvoice and accountancy software firm KashFlow have announced a partnership which will connect their platforms to “make it easier” for small and medium businesses to apply for finance online.

MarketInvoice and KashFlow announce partnership to boost small business funding - Young Guns by Start up a successful business

Launched in 2011 by Ilya Kondrashov and Young Guns Anil Stocker and Charles Delingpole, MarketInvoice is an online platform which allows businesses to upload and sell their unpaid invoices and get “same-day funds”. Better business finance - business finance support : Home. How to Apply. Millions in R&D tax relief overlooked by SMEs. Thousands of businesses are missing out on valuable tax breaks for research and development that can help to fund IT development and technological improvements, a study finds.

Millions in R&D tax relief overlooked by SMEs

Laurence Bard, tax partner and R&D specialist at Smith & Williamson says that many businesses are investing large sums into developing IT systems, for example, but the firms are unaware that they could qualify for R&D breaks. 'Expenditure on systems development is widespread and companies are missing out. Following further increases, cash repayments of up to 33 per cent of qualifying R&D expenditure can now be claimed and this money feeds through to the current year, helping to boost a business’s profits,' adds Bard. The government has confirmed its commitment to R&D tax credits in a new report and this, combined with a slight further increase in the amount which businesses can reclaim, is good news for organisations in any sector, adds Bard. How to access the funding. The Creative Employment Programme has been funded by Arts Council England.

How to access the funding

As a result, Creative & Cultural Skills has become an Arts Council England delegated lottery distributor. All funds we distribute through the programme must be awarded following an open and competitive application process. ​ If you are made a formal offer of funding, you need to sign a funding agreement with us.

This will include a payment schedule and any conditions associated with a payment. Once all conditions have been met we will make a BACS payment directly into your bank account using the details you have provided. Wage funding The programme can cover some of the wage costs for new apprenticeship and paid internship job opportunities. Up to £2500 per paid internship based on a minimum of 26 weeks of employment at 30 hours per week. Our grants make a contribution to the total costs of employing a young person.

Search for charitable and educational grants - Turn2us. 03 Funding - Stoke-on-Trent City Council. Staffordshire « BCRS. "To meet the demand for loans from small businesses, social enterprises and other organisations that contribute to the social, environmental and economic well-being of the area but are unable to access finance from traditional sources such as banks" Our loan fund has been especially designed to meet the needs of Staffordshire based businesses that are unable to get loans from traditional sources such as banks.

Staffordshire « BCRS

We understand that getting business finance can sometimes be a problem. Lack of track record, unreasonable security arrangements, past financial problems or simply not meeting conventional credit scoring methods may be hindering the process. Our sole purpose is to provide access to finance to enable businesses to grow and prosper in the Staffordshire area.Please click on the following link to find out more about the Staffordshire Business Loan Fund – If you are interested in a BCRS loan please click onto the enquiry form icon and fill out the required information.

Pricing. Sell vouchers online directly to your customers. Quick & Simple Online Payments - GoCardless. Business Support and Finance. Want to start your own business but need a loan?

Business Support and Finance

Live in the North West of England? If your answer is yes, please apply here. Start Up Now offers a wide range of business support and finance; Eligibility Must be over the age of 18.Must be eligible to work within the UK.Loans are for business use only.Must be eligible to stay and work within the UK for the full loan term.Business ideas must not be to purchase an existing business.If a business idea is a franchise the franchisee must be in full control of business and turnover.Businesses must have been trading for less than 12 months.An applicant cannot already have received a Start Up Loan from a delivery partner.There must not be more than 5 people within the business as shareholders.Interest is 6% fixed rate.

Special Offers Including: Equipment Finance - Portman Asset Finance. Portman Asset Finance is an expert at structuring specialized financing for a wide range of assets and manufacturers including technology, electronics, and medical equipment.

Equipment Finance - Portman Asset Finance

We offer various financing solutions to help any business acquire the equipment they need. Customised financing to acquire any kind of equipment If you’re making an investment in equipment, we can help you acquire essential business assets whilst preserving the cash and liquidity you need to keep your business running smoothly. Portman Asset Finance purchases the equipment you need and sets up a finance or leasing agreement with your company.

A new type of invoice finance. Your alternative to a bank overdraft or business loan. Failure to repay the interest instalment on time will result in the RCF being suspended.

Your alternative to a bank overdraft or business loan.

This action will also be taken if the monthly account maintenance fee falls into arrears. Just Cashflow will make every effort to understand why this has happened. We will also work with the business to resolve the situation, to the mutual benefit of all parties. However, if we are unable to reach a mutually satisfactory arrangement and can't recover the money over a reasonable period, the account may be passed to an external partner.

Our external partner will attempt to recover the funds from the business and from any personal guarantors. Continued failure to discuss the arrears means credit reference agencies will record the outstanding debt. E-GUIDE-How-to-start-a-business.pdf. RBS - Business Knowhow. The One Tool Startups Need to Brainstorm, Test and Win. Basic Disclosure Online. You are about to apply for Basic Disclosure using our online application process.

Basic Disclosure Online

Before you proceed, you should read the following information. You can only apply online if your current address is in the UK. If your current address is outside the UK then please apply using the paper application form, more details of which are on the main website. System Maintenance 24 February 2015. Business rates appeals. Valuation appeals You can appeal against the rateable value set at revaluation.

Business rates appeals

You must still pay your bill during the appeal. Grounds for appeal Grounds for appeal include: the valuation was wrong there has been a change to the property or area that should be shown in the rateable value a change made to the valuation by the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) is wrong All the grounds for appeal fall into one of 12 categories. Example If your rateable value is altered, you can appeal once against it. The rateable value is usually set every 5 years. Penalty notice appeals. Business rates relief. You can get small business rate relief if: you only use one property your property’s rateable value is less than £12,000 Contact your local council to apply for small business rate relief.

What you get You’ll get 100% relief (doubled from the usual rate of 50%) until 31 March 2015 for properties with a rateable value of £6,000 or less. VOA - Business Rates - Valuation. Here’s the valuation of the property you selected. To view, or appeal against other valuations for this property, select 'View previous valuations' from the blue buttons below. You can also suggest amendments to these valuation details , or compare this valuation with others . Alternatively select another property , or start a new search . To find your property select your preferred search option, then enter the appropriate details in the box. Summary valuations shown represent the valuation officer’s approach to assessing rateable value.

FAQ'S Answer page -Some of the details of my valuation are incorrect – how do I get them corrected? Compare Business Bank Accounts. Crowdsourcing and Fundraising. GoFundMe: #1 for Crowdfunding & Fundraising Websites. Free Online Fundraising. Raise Money Online. - YouCaring.

GiveForward: The #1 Way to Raise Money for a Loved One. Government Start-up Loans. School for Startups Launcher Programme To help you get off to the best possible start, in addition to providing government finance for business in the form of a Startup Loan of up to £10,000, School for Startups’ Launcher programme offers government business finance and a FREE support package which includes; World Class Teaching Free One Day Bootcamp. Since 2008, Doug Richard and his team have trained over 20 000 entrepreneurs in the UK and internationally, As part of the Launcher government business finance programme, you will be invited to attend one of the key curricula days on the School for Startups course, Doug’s 10 Questions. How Government is supporting the nation’s growing businesses. When you are growing and running your business, you never have enough resource. It always feels like that. You don’t have time to look around. This is where Business is GREAT comes in. Funding Circle - Business Loans without the Banks - Peer to Peer lending.

Getting the right finances - Staffordshire County Council. Flexible, affordable, effective business networking.