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Majestic Casual

LetTheMusicTalk We are taking a short summer sabbatical and will be back in early September. The channel is long term project for us and something that we want to keep developing and growing far into the future so don't worry, come September we will be filling your eyes once more with delightful music. However, to keep your summer taste buds satisfied we have are sharing with you an exclusive mix for LTMT produced by talented El Salvadorian DJ Andres Escobar. It took us a long time to find the right person to do us a mix but I think you will agree it was worth the wait as Escobar has produced something truly special. Make sure to follow him on Soundcloud and check out this mix along with other quality mixes on there. Download the mix free on Escobar's Soundcloud: Tracklist: Darius - Hot HandsStevie Wonder - Superstition (Autograf Remix)Aston Shuffle - Tear It Down (Safia Remix)Victor Deme - Djon Maya (Synapson Remix)Clubfeet - Cape Town (Panama Remix)Tom B. ft.

Innovative Windows by Fakro can Add Small Terraces to Attic Rooms We ran across these innovative window systems designed by Fakro, which can easily add a balcony or a small terrace to a room. The clever mechanism, found on Inhabitat, is described by the producers as follows: “The upper top hung sash (of the window) opens upwards, whereas the lower sash can be tilted forwards, allowing easy access to the balcony recess. When rotated through 0° to 45°, the sash is supported by an innovative auxiliary system which allows leaving the open sash in any position within this range. The upper sash can be raised up to 45°. Side barriers are integrated into the bottom sash and slide out during opening.

Dealer de Musique | "La musique ne s'achète pas, elle se partage" German interior design reinvents itself | Culture | DW.DE | 11.09 Cars, beer and bread. Sure, these are all products synonymous with Germany. And whether it’s the latest BMW engine or beers brewed according to strict purity laws, German products are said to be designed systematically and methodically, with a rigorous and refined approach to quality. Bauhaus - the famous German design school focused on the idea of creating a "total" work of art - is similar. But take a step back. Beyond Bauhaus, Between Time When it comes to home staging, Germany stands shrouded in the shadows of Italy, France, Great Britain, and the United States, with little tradition in seeking an expert opinion. Erik Hofstetter and Gisbert Pöppler are stepping back and looking at the bigger picture "In Germany, it's more [common] that you do your own home concept. "In New York you have your psychiatrist and your interior designer," laughs Pöppler. The idea behind the showcase is to bring the art and craft of interior design to the German public. The world's best chair