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Beezik - téléchargement de musique gratuit et légal Social Music: Top 5 Sites to Build a Playlist The Social Music series is supported by BLive Share, a platform for online music sharing and host of the Groove Armada mini album. Ah, the perfect playlist. In the quest to find a musical oasis where track after track is a pleasant reprieve from the surrounding world, even the best of efforts are often thwarted by limited song selection, an overly complicated user interface, or the lack of insight into upcoming songs. You may notice that we've left Pandora and off our top 5 list. 1. We recently pitted Slacker against in a head to head battle, and even though Slacker fell to a worthier overall opponent, we think it's the top site for building out extensive playlists. One of Slacker's greatest features is the huge assortment of pre-fabricated stations covering all music genres. When it comes to customizing and creating the perfect station, Slacker is certainly at the head of the class. Tired of listening to the same old pop songs? 2. 3. 4. 8tracks 5.

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