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Occupy U.S. on USTREAM: MBN Live Streams from Occupy Wall St Sept 17th until ? & From Oct 6th until ? in Freedom Plaza DC. Watch without ads Ustream © Search Log in / Sign up With Facebook (faster) The Demographics Of Occupy Wall Street Coverage of the technology at Occupy Wall Street focuses on the neat-o, young-people elements such as Twitter, Facebook, live streaming video, and a sleepover atmosphere. But Occupy Wall Street also employs the kind of heavy-duty data crunching and analysis found at marketing firms and universities. In fact, two of the volunteers, business analyst Harrison Schultz and professor Hector R. Free Cooper Union If you missed press conference the recording is here: USTREAM: . Watch without ads Ustream © Search Log in / Sign up With Facebook (faster)

Occupy UC Davis on USTREAM: Live Stream of Occupy UC Davis, but it schould really be Decolonize UCD. Watch without ads Ustream © Search Log in / Sign up With Facebook (faster) Log in or sign up with Facebook See what your friends like and watch, get awesome recommendations Instant login, no passwords

#3OccupySF, Ustream.TV: @punkboyinsf here, broadcasting live and direct from #occupysf #occupyoakland or possibly another #occupy :) San Francisco or Oakla Watch without ads Ustream © Search Log in / Sign up Occupy Wall Street in China: Representation and Social Networks By Dandan (澹澹) Did you know? European Alternatives is working to set up a European-Chinese think tank. Information here Since October 11th Zizek’s comments on Occupy Wall Street were tweeted and retweeted on Weibo, China’s Twitter-like microblogging service and the most vivid public discussion platform.

Open Letter to Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi 18 November 2011 Open Letter to Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi MTV's 'True Life: Occupy Wall Street' Turns Movement Into Reality Show Though networks typically dispatch embeds during campaign season, MTV took a different approach to the tactic when it dispatched youth into the Occupy Wall Street protests for its show "True Life." "True Life: I'm Occupying Wall Street" will premiere on Saturday, November 5, at 6 p.m. et. Four MTV embeds protested in Zuccotti Park with Occupy Wall Street demonstrators and immersed themselves in the cause. The special will take viewers to "the front lines" of the Occupy Wall Street protests and follow the four embeds as they become "swept up in the cause." The special will focus primarily on the point of view of the younger demonstrators whose anger is seemingly focused on the concept that they graduated college and expected to find employment, but have been having difficulty in finding steady jobs during the recession.

The Cooper Union releases a press statement On Friday, December 7th after 5 days since students first locked themselves into an 8th floor room (the Peter Cooper Suite) at the top of the Cooper Union Foundation Building a press statement was handed out by the Media Relations department of The Cooper Union. Here is a photo of the press statement: Press release from The Cooper Union The first paragraph discusses the situation in abstract detail. The second paragraph discusses the concerns felt by the administration for the safety of the students who have locked themselves in the room as well as other concerns which are stated very vaguely. It’s actually humorous to read the line “The Cooper Union has expressed concerns about their safety, and they responded that they have taken precautions.”