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Style Guide You may know her as Hermione, but lately Emma Watson has taken the muggle fashion world by storm. Upon promoting the recently released Part One of the 7th movie in the Harry Potter franchise, Emma has been on the press junket looking fiercer than ever. I've actually always been a fan of Emma's style since middle school,even before she become a recognized 'style icon'. Emma's style has evolved so much since the Marc Jacobs military jacket and Chanel earrings she wore promoting Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on TRL. If any of you guys even remember TRL... Any ways, since then, Emma has become a fashion maven. Pretty Side French Braid low Updo Hair Tutorial Fashion I wore a more relaxed version of this hair style in an outfit post in June of 2009 but for reasons unbeknownst to me, I never did a tutorial for it. Recently though, a few of my lovely readers have asked for it …so here it is. Enjoy! If you can’t see the video go to: Pretty Side French Braid Updo

Homemade Honey Coconut Milk Mask for Hair, Body, and Skin Every now and than my hair, skin and face becomes really dried out and needs some repairing, but I don't always have the money to run out and buy hair and skin care treatments to repair my hair and skin damage so I make my own hair and skin treatments at home. One of my very own best homemade hair and skin treatments is my honey coconut milk mask. It is very nourishing and moisturizing and really helps repair the split ends in my hair and hydrate my skin without a harsh expensive hair or face mask from the drug store. The ingredients you need to make this rich creamy hair and face mask are 1 cup of honey, ½ cup of coconut milk, ½ cup of melted coconut oil, 2 teaspoons of olive oil, 1 cup of mayo and 2 tablespoons of cornstarch. Basically up place all these ingredients into a sauce pan on the stove and warm them together, but do not boil them. The way you apply my homemade honey coconut milk mask to your hair and scalp is by first dampening your hair with some warm water.

How To Style Maiden Braids Last month I did a makeover story with Kelsie and had many requests for a maiden braid tutorial. Yesterday she came in and we photographed these simple step by steps. Kelsie has extremely long and thick hair, but anyone with shoulder length or longer can do these braids (see my photo below for an example). Steps 1-2: Braid two strands on each side of a center part.

Bridal Hair: Vintage Waves Oh I do love vintage waves for special occasions…especially weddings! {I’d wear my hair Rita Hayworth style everyday if my hair could handle it!} A bride with glossy, vintage waves just screams Hollywood glamour. No prizes for guessing what hairstyle I went for on my wedding day! For the past few years, celebrities have really embraced vintage curls and waves on the red carpet. This look works best on mid length to long hair ~ shorter hair is best suited to Marcel waves which lie flat to the head.

Blogger Sketch Hello bloggers! Its the Forty-eighth edition of Blogger Sketch Sunday! This week's post features Weesha of Weesha's World whose blog is located in Dubai. 3 Reasons I love this blog: Maegan : Fashion, DIY, Home, Lifestyle: Partial French Braid with Cascading Hair ~ Tutorialalso known as the "Waterfall Braid" ~ Los Angeles I’m not the originator of this hair style but I’ve gotten so many requests for it, I thought I’d give it a go for you. I don’t know what it’s called either so I haven’t researched it and/or found any other tutorials for it …thus, this is my version of it, and I’ve dubbed it the Partial French Braid w/ Cascading Hair. The photos I’ve seen online show the braid a little more straight across the back of the head and mine sort of braids at an angle, similar to my side/low french braid up-do. I’m sure this is 100% easier to do on someone else’s hair than your own but it goes pretty quickly once you get the hang of it …I mean, it’s my shortest hair video tutorial to date. That’s gotta mean something, right

100 Amazing Hairstyles We women adore fashion and style. Fashion comes in clothes, shoes, makeup, fancy accessories, styles the way we carry things and hairstyles. We enjoy dressing up, getting ready and styling our hair. Natural looking beach curls in under 20 minutes! I don’t know about you ladies, but I’m itching for the summer. It doesn’t help that department stores are already putting out their summer wear and swimsuits. Have you ever wanted to get that beautiful “natural” beach curl look to your hair?

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