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Francais interactif

Francais interactif
Welcome to the new Fi community website News and important updates... Français interactif's developers are excited to announce a new website, Voices for Openness in Language Learning, Read stories of Open Educators who are using Français interactif and other OER in their classrooms and consider adding your own voice to support the open education movement! Textbook

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Madame Cindy Source des images : Logo Nathalie Marchand ( Conception Péga Informatique Learn How to Speak French There is no magic formula for learning how to speak French - it requires time, energy, and patience. There are, however, some techniques which will make your language study more efficient and thus help you to learn French more quickly. The two main aspects to language study are learning and practicing, and they go hand in hand. Memorizing vocabulary words won't do you any good if you are unable to use them, so you have to supplement your studies with practice. The following tips on learning French include plenty of practice ideas - if you really want to learn how to speak French, do as many of the following as possible.

French: Learn Languages for Free Learn French for free online. Download free audio lessons to your computer or mp3 player and start learning French instantly. To learn more languages, please visit our complete collection of Free Language Lessons. French in Action – Free Web SiteProduced by Yale University, these video lessons uses the storyline of an American student and a young Frenchwoman’s adventures in Paris to teach the language.French 1 & French 2 from Carnegie Mellon – French 1 and French 2The French courses are introductory, interactive video-based courses intended for use by university students and independent learners on the Internet. Ma France – Web SiteThe BBC offers 24 video lessons that will teach you French.Duolingo French – Web SiteA popular free language-learning and crowdsourced text translation platform.

Learn French Online with Videos and Audio Free Multimedia French Language Resources French Language Multimedia Resources at Various Levels MindZeit French Resources for Schools, Self Learners and French Teachers DuoLingo (Free Learning) Learn French for free with duolingo and help translate the web as you learn! French Possessive Pronouns - Pronoms possessifs By Laura K. Lawless Updated December 16, 2014. LES ILES EN FLE NIVEAU A2 - UNITÉ 7 Skip to main content Try Wikispaces Classroom now. Brand new from Wikispaces. guest

French Tutorials Index: Basic Phrases, Vocabulary, Grammar, and Pronunciation with MP3s and Exercises Useful information Recordings of mp3s were done by a native speaker of French from Haute-Savoie. Feel free to download them for your own personal use or in other non-commercial educational settings. I encourage French teachers to use them in classes too! If you use Mozilla Firefox, I highly recommend the DownThemAll add-on to make downloading much faster and easier.

Best French Websites French teacher hints, advice and tips: I know from my own experience that being on a continual path of self-improvement is an absolute necessity toward be a good teacher. Hang out with other educators that you admire. Watch them closely and learn from them. Imitation is the greatest compliment! Join your National French Language Association (AATF) - plus ACTFL and attend their annual meetings on a regular basis.

Learn French by Podcast Click the View PDF Guide buttons below to open the relevant Lesson Guides. You'll see for yourself how much information is contained in each lesson. If you have already registered, you can purchase Download Credits for access to more lessons. "Sur le chemin de l'école", un film émouvant What exactly does the word ‘education’ mean to you ? Sur le chemin de l’école is a provocative and inspiring documentary from Pascal Plisson. Who Wants to be a Music Master Title – Who Wants to be a Music Master? By – Katie Marshall Primary Subject – Music Secondary Subjects – Music Grade Level – 3-7 Preparation – Get a variety of multiple-choice questions. On the board write 1-10 vertically on each side of the board.

Learn French online for FREE! French Language Overview French speakers worldwide 128 million French speaking countries Belgium Burkina Faso French Words and Expressions in English Updated October 16, 2015. Over the years, the English language has borrowed a great number of French words and expressions. Some of this vocabulary has been so completely absorbed by English that speakers might not realize its origins. Other words and expressions have retained their "Frenchness" - a certain je ne sais quoi which speakers tend to be much more aware of (although this awareness does not usually extend to actually pronouncing the word in French).

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