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Débutants, utilisez vos deux mains gauches et créer vos propres meubles

Débutants, utilisez vos deux mains gauches et créer vos propres meubles

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11 Free Miter Saw Stand Plans + 9 Pictorial Idea Guides, 2 Videos, 6 Paid Plans and MORE! What good is a miter saw if you don’t have a stand? As one forum poster said: “I’m tired of putting my chop saw on the floor!” Let this free miter saw plan collection inspire your next project, whether you’re building a mobile miter saw stand for your shop or a miter saw station with 16′ of bench. In addition to plans we gathered pictorial/tutorial walkthroughs that don’t have plans but are filled with great design ideas.

Shelf chained to the ceiling See that original and fun idea. It seems a shelf on the wall, right? Actually is subject, like any ota shelf, by brackets to the wall. But we have added a colorful chains hanging from the ceiling, and produce the effect that is the shelf that hangs from above. I think a very original idea, I think I could be perfectly in an entry or small hall.

Miter Joint Corner Clamp Gluing a miter joint is a challenge . There just isn't an easy way to clamp it. The store-bought clamps I've tried in the past didn't always pull the joint together. So I came up with a shop-built corner clamp that uses wedges to push (or press) the mitered pieces in place. Looking at the photo at the right and drawing below, you can see that this corner clamp uses a piece of plywood as a base. Practical Solution for Small Apartments: Hidden Bed Limited space is something more and more people are struggling with when leaving in large and crowded cities. With the trend growing from year to year, and megacities being a certainty in the future, why not plan ahead? Try to make this three-in-one piece of DIY furniture. Sofa, bed and storage unit are blend together into one simple and unique design that will give you the much needed space you crave for.

DIY Automatic Chicken Feeder by Rebecca Nickols After the chicks had moved outside into their coop/run, I realized that it was time to purchase a larger feeder and waterer. We looked at automatic or treadle feeders online and came up with this option. It’s rain and rodent proof, holds about 6 pounds of feed and it’s basically an awesome contraption. During the construction, we questioned if the chicks would weigh enough to operate the treadle. An adult Buff Orpington weighs about 5 pounds so we put a 2 1/2 pound can of oil on the ramp and it worked! The Superior Works - Patrick's Blood & Gore: Planes #1 - #8 Quick Find: #1, #2, #2C, #3, #3C, #4, #A4, #S4, #4C, #4 1/2, #4 1/2C, #4 1/2H, #5, #A5, #S5, #5C, #5 1/4, #5 1/4C, #5 1/2, #5 1/2C, #5 1/2H, #6, #A6, #6C, #7, #7C, #8, #8C Let the games begin, starting with the bread and butter of Stanley, upon which they built an empire, the Bailey patent bench plane in its various configurations. Leonard Bailey designed what has become the standard plane configuration that's still in use to this day.

DIY: Outdoor seating « BE HAPPY… be me Autumn is around the corner and it’s probably my favorite season. Wouldn’t it be nice to sit outdoors at twilight and just chill? I want to share this outdoor seating project my sister did in one weekend. It’s quite simple, plus it’s cute and functional! Adding a Hidden Compartment - Woodworking Project Adding a Hidden Compartment The current issue of Woodsmith (No. 127) features a drawer with a hidden compartment that's built into the back of the drawer. But there's more than one way to do this.

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