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Drawing Tutorials - How to Draw Step by Step - Free Lessons

Drawing Tutorials - How to Draw Step by Step - Free Lessons
index >drawing tutorials Welcome to the drawing tutorials section. Here you will find drawing tutorials intended to teach visitors how to draw step by step. These are free drawing lessons that I have made because I enjoy teaching others. There are many different ways to draw so don't just limit yourself to what you learn in these tutorials. If you find the tutorials useful or have a suggestion for a new tutorial, please send me an e-mail.

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Blog / Featured Photos, Tutorials, Picture Galleries and Interviews Sign In to PicsArt Forgot your password? Don't have an account? Sign Up to Picsart Back to Sign In Already have an account? Shading Techniques With Pencil Once you have mastered the basic pencil drawing techniques from the last tutorial, these can then be used to create different shading techniques within pencil drawings. This tutorial will guide you through the process of creating different shades and a shading guide in which you will be able to refer to throughout this tutorial. A shading guide when learning to draw is a useful tool to have, as you will be able to assess which shade is appropriate for different parts of the pencil portrait before executing it. In time, as you become more familiar with the different shades you can create, you will be able to ditch the shading guide and execute shading as though it is completely natural to you.

Geordie Camino Charity Auction: When Tattoos Meet Art Tattoos look amazing on skin and the detail that go into some can be mind-blowing. However one tattoo studio has taken their art to another level by hosting what may be the first art charity auction ever. Some of the best in the business from around the world have come together to contribute their one-off pieces in an effort to raise money for Mantle cell lymphoma - a rare form of cancer in dire need of research funds. The studio responsible for hosting this impressive event is none other than Skunx Tattoo in Islington. The five artists at Skunx each specialise in a particular style, ranging from traditional Western style tattooing, to breathtaking realistic botanical pieces and portraits, to thoroughly modern new school designs. Regardless of specialism, all of the artists are grounded in the history of the art form.

step by step Allyson Wright gives us some tips on using Inktense Pencils to draw hair... I love drawing and painting with Inktense and not just for the wonderfully vibrant colour schemes that Inktense is known for, but to create more subtle colour schemes as well. You can use Inktense instead of watercolours to produce paintings full of clarity and, unlike watercolour, Inktense is waterproof once it has been wet and then allowed to dry. How to Draw 3D Shapes with Shading Home » How to Draw 3D Shapes » with Shading In this lesson we will cover how you can draw 3D shapes with shading. It is all about pressing the pencil down on the paper with different strength, so that the color is stronger or lighter. If you spread these different values correctly, you get an awesome 3D effect. Shading is time consuming.

The astonishing 2,500 year old tattoos of a Siberian princess - and how little has changed in the art Incredibly well preserved body found high in the Altai mountains, with two warriors buried close by for protections and six horses to ease the journey into the next lifeTattoos on left shoulder, including a deer with a griffon's beak and a Capricorn's antlers. By Will Stewart In Moscow Published: 12:21 GMT, 14 August 2012 | Updated: 07:15 GMT, 15 August 2012 The intricate patterns of 2,500-year-old tattoos - some from the body of a Siberian 'princess' preserved in the permafrost - have been revealed in Russia. Drawn in Black 10 Tutorials on How to Draw a Cat Hehe, kitteh. So your furry feline friend has you feeling inspired, eh? Well it is no surprise that there are plenty of tutorials on the internet on how to draw the internet’s mascot, the kittayh! But to be honest, a lot them just ain’t that…

How to make an awesome pencil sketch of any photograph To start with, you will need to go to your local art store to get the items that you don't already have. I am going to assume that you are like most people and don't have a single item except maybe a number 2 pencil. Oh, and you will need scissors and scotch tape in a few steps, but I assume that you have that stuff. Here is a list of what i recommend you get in order to successfully complete this instructable: