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How to Draw Realistic Eyes (Photorealistic)

How to Draw Realistic Eyes (Photorealistic)

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Shading Techniques With Pencil Once you have mastered the basic pencil drawing techniques from the last tutorial, these can then be used to create different shading techniques within pencil drawings. This tutorial will guide you through the process of creating different shades and a shading guide in which you will be able to refer to throughout this tutorial. A shading guide when learning to draw is a useful tool to have, as you will be able to assess which shade is appropriate for different parts of the pencil portrait before executing it. In time, as you become more familiar with the different shades you can create, you will be able to ditch the shading guide and execute shading as though it is completely natural to you. Cross-hatching Modeling is a term that drawing borrows from sculpture to signify any graphic strategy that develops the appearance of the third dimension. Varying line width and weight, exploring tonal contrasts, cast shadows, linear cross-sections, and atmospheric perspective are some of the ways that the draughtsman responds to the visual phenomena of the three-dimensional world. Building on the investigations of line in the early weeks of the semester, we move on to a juncture where the boundary between this most abstract of elements begins to blur into another element – value, or tone – in all of its orchestral richness.

Figure drawing: Basic Pose and Construction 1. Introduction This method is to help you draw the human form. It is by no means the best way or even a fast way. Instead, this method is aimed at thinking and setting up the human form in a threedimensional space. How to Draw 3D Shapes with Shading Home » How to Draw 3D Shapes » with Shading In this lesson we will cover how you can draw 3D shapes with shading. It is all about pressing the pencil down on the paper with different strength, so that the color is stronger or lighter. If you spread these different values correctly, you get an awesome 3D effect. Shading is time consuming.

Hong Chun Zhang: Hairy Art 30 Jul Click to enlarge Chinese artist Hong Chun Zhang, now living and working in Kansas, has found a balance between her Chinese and American artistic educations and cultures. Her painting and drawing foundation from China was very rigorous, but her content choices are now less restricted due to her US exposure. Much of her work revolves around hair, something she identifies with, and characterizes her to some degree through her own long hair, in addition to being something Zhang finds both beautiful and at times repulsive. She has charcoal drawings on larger-than-life scrolls to emphasize the length, and very realistic oil paintings on the subject matter as well.

Drawing Nature and Landscapes : How to Draw Nature Outdoors with Drawing Lessons Step by Step Techniques for Cartoons How to Begin Your Sketch In doing this sketch, doubtless great difficulty will be experienced in getting the drawing at all correct. Much assistance to this end can be obtained from a slight knowledge of Perspective This will form the subject of the next chapter. Artist Uses Dance Movements To Create Stunning Charcoal Drawings EmailEmail New Orleans-based contemporary performance artist Heather Hansen’s work is the perfect union of dance and drawing. Her whole body moves in light and fluid dance-like motions and, just with little pieces of charcoal, she draws stunning one-of-a-kind symmetrical patterns and abstract forms on large sheets of paper. The resulting drawings are beautiful, resembling the perfect geometrical forms we see in nature, but the creation process is what moves us the most.

Watercolour Pencils Would ya look at that? I'm blogging at night. That's weird. Usually, I like to get-my-blog-on in the morning. BUT. I finally got my crack in gear and did the Watercolour Pencil Tiplet. INSTALLATIONS Pre-Nostalgic is a 24 channel audio/visual installation of animated sound, sculpture ​ and drawing. It was created to exist as an installation and as a choreographed exhibition of moving sound and image, giving the audience a sense of full immersion and connectedness with their surroundings. Pre-Nostalgic premiered as a featured exhibition in Boundary Crossings, An Institute in Contemporary Animated Arts held in Portland, OR 2011.

Zentangle® Hi All, I know this isn't watercolor, although I do combine it with watercolors sometimes, but I'm answering the question that was raised in this morning's "WASH" as to what zentangle® is. I've become a Certified Zentangle Teacher, or CZT, since I used to hang around here in WC and I just wanted to post this somewhere where those who asked the question as to what zentangle® is would see the answer. (My making anywhere near beginning of the "Daily Wash" thread is a rarity.) I imagine this would normally be posted in a "Mixed Media" forum. at the boundaries between contemporary art, photography and fashion » Charcoal Drawings by Anouk Griffioen Anouk Griffioen is a Dutch artist whose charcoal drawings bridge the worlds of fashion photography and art. In a way she brings together the best of both worlds, maintaining a level of detail that respects the real subject, but with an overall aesthetic that seems to bring across emotion more powerfully than a photograph would. From certain angles it seems that the subject of the portrait is a carrier of the artists own personality – almost a self portrait within an alternate vehicle. Her portraits focus on the model’s form and expressions, and the textures and shapes formed by the clothing take an important role in the mood and composition. Ironically, at one point in her career she decided to reduce the fashion component in her drawings in order to gain wider acceptance within the art world. She found that the result was a surprising increase in the role of fashion in her work.

How to make an awesome pencil sketch of any photograph To start with, you will need to go to your local art store to get the items that you don't already have. I am going to assume that you are like most people and don't have a single item except maybe a number 2 pencil. Oh, and you will need scissors and scotch tape in a few steps, but I assume that you have that stuff. Here is a list of what i recommend you get in order to successfully complete this instructable:

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