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Bones6.pdf. PN Review Online Poetry Literary Magazine - About Us. Launched as Poetry Nation, a twice-yearly hardback, in 1973, PN Review in A4 paperback format began quarterly publication in 1976 and has appeared six times a year since PN Review 21 in 1981. Each issue includes an editorial, letters, news and notes, articles, interviews, features, poems, translations, and a substantial book review section. Poetry Nation was founded by Michael Schmidt and Professor Brian Cox at the Victoria University of Manchester. Cox and Schmidt were joined on the editorial board by Professor Donald Davie and C.H. Sisson. Through all its twists and turns, responding to social, technological and cultural change, PN Review has stayed the course. 'It has [...] attempted to take poetry out of the backwaters of intellectual life and to find in it again the crucial index of cultural health.

What other editors have said: '...probably the most informative and entertaining poetry journal in the English-speaking world.' 'Your magazine is excellent.' January/February 2015. 2015 Pushcart Prize Ranking of Literary Magazines — Poetry | Clifford Garstang. <LoisPrize> Prize: $300 cash prize. Winner and all finalists will receive a one-volume subscription to CALYX Journal and publication on CALYX’s website. All entrants will receive contest results and U.S. entrants will receive a complimentary issue of CALYX Journal. Dates: March 1 - May 31, 2015, postmarked Final Judge: Willa Schneberg Please submit up to three unpublished poems (six pages maximum). Simultaneous submissions are discouraged. For postal submissions: Please send up to three unpublished poems (six pages maximum), cover letter with name and contact information, and $15 reading fee (checks payable to CALYX, Inc.).

Send materials to: CALYX, Inc. Lois Cranston Memorial Poetry Prize PO Box B Corvallis, OR 97339 For online submissions: Please upload three unpublished poems (six pages maximum) in a single .doc, .docx, .rtf, or .pdx file to our online submission manager. To submit online, please visit: About the contest: About the judge: Lois Cranston. Buffalo Magic by Darrell Hartman. Plains Indians, Painted Hides, and the De-Wilding of the American West Robe (detail), by Central Plains artists, c. 1800-1830. Native tanned leather, pigment, porcupine quills, 58 x 88 in. Paris (France), Musée du Quai Branly, gift of Chaplain-Duparc, 71.1886.17.1. Courtesy of Rizzoli. Wheels and wheels and wheels spin by In the spring that still is sweet. —from “The Flower-Fed Buffaloes,” by Vachel Lindsay Leather tunics, stone pipe bowls, fringed bags, beaded vests and gauntlets, painted parfleche envelopes, and rawhide drums; a bear-claw necklace and a war club carved in the shape of a deer’s leg, with an iron fang extending ominously from the head; dresses embellished with colored porcupine quills, and an upright feathered headdress, long and segmented and reminiscent of the skeletal remains of some magnificent bygone vertebrate.

Objects such as these comprise The Plains Indians: Artists of Earth and Sky, which runs through May 10 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Buffalo Culture. Poetry News | Smartish Pace (a poetry review) March 9th, 2015 First Prize: Fables from the Petrified Forest—Dawn Manning Second Prize: Crabbing at Pips, the Old Launch off Hopedale Hwy—Laura Ruffino Third Prize: Planned Obsolescence—Manissa McCleave MaharawalFinalists: Crime Times—Laura KolbeA Mother and Child and Four Studies of Her Right Hand—Cynthia Grier LotzeAfter the Funeral—Carrie MeadowsThe Heat in the Belly—Rachel NelsonIn Autumn, When Things Were Dying—Amy Woschek SchmidtAll poems will be published in Smartish Pace, Issue 22. Beullah Rose Poetry Prize Winners 2013: Amie Whittemore2012: Leah Falk2011: Jeanne Wagner2010: Marguerite Thoburn Watkins2009: Miriam Bird Greenberg2008: Anne-Marie Thompson2007: Katy Didden2006: Claire Keyes2005: Carry McHugh2004: Dawn Lonsinger Prize JudgesClare BanksTraci O’Dea March 1st, 2015 1st PrizeJoshua Bennett: Fresh lfreSHl 2nd PrizeLisa Summe: Morning After We Hook Up 3rd PrizeR.M.

All poems will be published in Smartish Pace, Issue 22. Erskine J. Prize JudgeStephen Reichert February 10th, 2015. Classifieds. Contest. ​​We will read submissions for the second annual Jane Lumley Prize between September 1 and November 30, 2015. Jane Lumley was primarily a translator, and was the first writer to translate Euripedes into English. At the same time, she was also a prolific writer, and authored over 120 poems in her lifetime. However, these never found publication due to the societal inhibitions placed on women in the sixteenth century English society. The Jane Lumley Prize is awarded annually to a writer who has yet not published a full length book of poetry or prose. The prize alternates each year between prose and poetry. ​ The winner, selected by the editor-in-chief, will receive a prize of $300 and will be featured in the journal.

Publication will also be awarded to the first two semi-finalists. The Jane Lumley Prize will only be awarded to writers who have not published a full length book. ​ You may submit a maximum of six pieces for consideration in a single word document. ​ (September 1-November 30) About. AGNI Online: Submit. Book Prize | Prairie Schooner. Submissions to the 2015 Prairie Schooner Book Prize Contest are open annually, from January 15 through March 15. Full guidelines are below. Prizes Winners will receive $3000 and publication through the University of Nebraska Press.

Eligibility The Prairie Schooner Book Prize Series welcomes manuscripts from all living writers, including non-US citizens, writing in English. Both unpublished and published writers are welcome to submit manuscripts. When to Send Manuscripts will be accepted between January 15 and March 15, 2016. Manuscript We prefer that fiction manuscripts be at least 150 pages long and poetry manuscripts at least 50 pages long.

Hard Copy Submissions The author’s name should not appear on the manuscript. For hard copy submissions, photocopies are acceptable. Electronic Submissions The author’s name should not appear anywhere on the manuscript. Entry Fee A $25 processing fee must accompany each submission, payable to Prairie Schooner. Notification Address Manuscript Selection Process. Writing Without Paper. Your Daily Poem - Online & Interesting. Inklings • Index page. About: Facts | The Cortland Review. The Cortland Review has twice been distinguished with a Forbes "Best of the Web" citation for a literary journal. Work in TCR has also been selected to be included in Best American Poetry. 1997.

In Cortland, New York. Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: @CortlandReview Publishes Issues Quarterly: February, May, August, & November Publishes Features: April & December For the month of April, 2011: – 700,000 hits – 93,000 visitors – 19,000 audio files streamed Only original/previously unpublished work is accepted. Audio is provided for most poetry and fiction in RealAudio format in Issues through Issue 33 and for Features through the Sonnet Feature, December 2006. Beginning with Issue 34 and the April 2007 Feature, Audio is provided via a Flash-based player. Full text and audio is currently online for all issues since Issue 3, and all features since March 1998.

CURRENT ISSUE — SPLIT ROCK REVIEW. 2015 Pushcart Prize Ranking of Literary Magazines — Poetry | Clifford Garstang. The Poetry Loft | Jupiter Artland. Jupiter Artland invites you to submit original prose and poetry inspired by the artwork here at Jupiter. A selection of the best entries will be published online, with a group of winners invited to a public reading of their work at Jupiter Artland in November 2015. Nicky Wilson, Director or Jupiter Artland, and Marjorie Lotfi Gill, our Poet in Residence, will each choose their favourite poem and piece of prose from the submissions as the overall winners.

For inspiration why not read the blog of our Poet in Residence, Marjorie Lotfi Gill, who specialises in writing inspired by artwork. Details: Send one piece of flash fiction of no more than 1000 words, or up to four poems (up to 42 lines) in text format (.doc, .docx, .pdf files) to with the words “Inspired to Write Competition” in the subject line. Three Poems by Peter Sears - A Journal of the Built + Natural Environments.