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Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware

Tufted Headboard (DIY) I’ve made a couple of diamond-tufted headboards now (Joanna’s was only my second though) and I feel like I have a pretty good sense of the easiest DIY approach now. For another tufted headboard tutorial I did, check out this post. I would say any upholstery job involving tufting is sort of an advanced DIY, but is this project definitely doable (maybe even fun?). Gone are the days when I spend hours mapping out and drilling holes in plywood! I’ve been using pegboard and it is PERFECT for these headboard projects. Cheap, lightweight and sturdy enough.

15 Cool And Creative Umbrellas Umbrella is one of those things you probably wouldn’t like to use very often. However, the tough reality is that it’s sometimes inevitable when you have to leave your cave (office or home). In order to make this experience less unpleasant, we’ve picked 15 cool and creative umbrellas to fight the evil rain. Although umbrella might seem like a common, everyday item that has been there for ages, the very first working and folding umbrella was made only in 1969 by Bradford E. Phillips.

Surface Workshop: Projects Projects Custom Furniture from Surface Workshop This gallery features a sampling of the many projects we have completed over the last decade and a half. Please follow us on Facebook for more up-to date project images. Fabric Headboard (DIY) In my master bedroom, I wanted an extra large headboard that would make a statement.Here are my instructions on how to make a fabric headboard…not just any fabric’ll see. Step 1: Find fabric that you love! I found this fabric at my favorite fabric store called Home Fabrics and Rugs. It cost 5.99 a yard, and I bought 10 yards.

Lifestyle We will never tire of the positive effects of nature. Its calming, soothing and inspiring influence will never go out of style. The more we rush, the more time we spend indoors staring at our screens and devices, the more urban our lifestyles become, the more we crave and need time away from it all. FieldCandy Tents Designed To Stand Out FieldCandy tents do not give you camouflage protection in the natural setting, nor do they help you blend in with the rest of the crowd at the campsite. FieldCandy tents are designed to stand out. When we saw the first images of these limited-edition designer tents with their cool flysheets, we had to really stop and think. Is it true that no-one else has manufactured these types of tents for sale before?

Treelife We are excited to announce that our first offline event, TreeLife by TCH, will be unveiled in a major city in 2013. This event will showcase innovative and creative sustainable architecture, and illustrate that green can co-exist with urban city life. The world's first major public exhibition of 'green design' treehouses, TreeLife will bring the biggest names in international architecture, design and art into the one public place for the first time, showcasing cutting edge green and sustainable design. Life in the trees Treehouses have become creative eco-statements in the design world. They allow people to literally be "in" nature and peace above the stressful street level of life. The Cool Hunter will invite top local and international architects, artists and designers to design for the event a modern treehouse, created from sustainable and recycled materials

The 50 Most Liked Articles in 2011 During this specific time of the year, I scan my mind in order to remember all the memories that have been saved since the beginning of 2011 to bid them farewell and welcome new memories which await! Most precisely, those related with are the following : > In 2011, Yatzer was listed as one of the top FIVE International sites for design amongst Designboom, Dezeen, The Selby and The New Yooxer by the prominent Italian magazine INTERNI PANORAMA. A Wilting Dreamscape That You Can Walk Inside Most sensible people know that there are big changes going on in our world--changes in the climate, in the economy, in society at large and how it’s structured--but it can be hard to really internalize those changes when you’re just reading about them in a newspaper. Sometimes, things need to be experienced--to be felt--to be understood. Which means that sometimes, you just have to let people walk into a big melty room and let them figure out what it means for themselves. That’s one way to understand Le Cercle Fermé, an installation by artists Martine Feipel and Jean Bechameil that served as Luxembourg’s entry in last year’s Venice Biennale. The artists took a sort of blandly familiar space--wood floors, white walls with some nice molding--and turned it into a drooping, dripping dreamscape, equal parts Dali and Escher.

designjunction 2012 at London Design Festival Dezeen promotion: designjunction 2012 will take place at the Sorting Office, 21-31 New Oxford Street, London WC1 from 19 to 23 September during the London Design Festival and registration for free visitor passes is now open. The design showcase will feature over 100 brands exhibiting in the industrial 1960s former postal sorting office - click here for the full exhibitor line-up. A retail area housed in a dedicated structure will feature a range of pop-up shops including our own Dezeen Watch Store pop-up. Canteen restaurant and Transport for London will create a dining space referencing London Transport's old canteens (above). Pecha Kucha talks will be held on 21 September and the line-up of speakers is to be announced soon.