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Couteau de table suisse. The 14 Best Desk Lamps to Buy in 2018. Apart from a desk, a decent chair and a computer to work on, the home workspace doesn’t need much else, but there are few stranger sights than a desk without a lamp.

The 14 Best Desk Lamps to Buy in 2018

Romanticized from their affiliation with architects, sketch artists and other creative people whose jobs probably no longer require a lamp, the desk lamp is something of a reference point for a person’s taste. Top your desk with a banker’s lamp and it’s apparent you have an affinity for a time gone by (or have seen it in any movie ever). Clamp the design classic Luxo L-1 to the edge of your desk and everyone will know you once had dreams of being an architect yourself, or are just a really big fan of Pixar.

That said, there are loads of styles and brands to choose from, so we cut it down to the 14 best you can buy online at every price point. Ikea Forsa. Wohnpark - Binzen (Meubles) Homepage - Northern. Modern Scandinavian Design - Muuto. Scandinavian design heritage and bold Norwegian flavor. Alan Williams Metal Artist gallery - Alan Williams ​Metal Artist. Save Water and Cash with the Stylish Nebia Shower. So, there’s a new, luxurious shower system that is designed to save you water and money, all while giving you a relaxing bathing experience.

Save Water and Cash with the Stylish Nebia Shower

Yes, the Nebia shower is getting rave reviews from testers. (If you’re going to be in San Francisco, you might be able to stop by Nebia HQ for a test shower yourself.) Its currently on preorder after smashing its crowdfunding goal and marching straight into production. What makes this shower better than its traditional cousins? Let’s start with the way the water spreads out and covers more of you. The designers say this gives you the best of a powerful shower crossed with the experience of a steam room, refreshing you as well as doing its practical job of, you know, cleaning you.

They achieved this all-around shower experience by using computational fluid dynamics software to study fluid mechanics and thermal properties of the water as it traveled to and through the nozzles. But really, there’s no need to bother yourself with the details. Home Fragrance Guide. FOR MORE FRAGRANCE STORIES: 5 New Small-Batch Colognes | Our Summer Fragrance Picks | Fall Fragrance Guide Aomori Hiba Distilled Water Spray Renowned for its ability to repel moisture and mold, Aomori Hiba is considered to be one of three precious woods in Japan (alongside Kiso hinoki and Akita-sugi), often used as a building material in traditional Shinto temples.

Home Fragrance Guide

Endemic to Japan’s mountainous regions, this conifer’s essence is often included in room sprays to deodorize and clean living spaces without the need of chemical additives, and is also said to be effective against eczema, insect infestations, and depression. Shop Home Office Desk Chairs. Designer LED Bulbs Illuminate Your Space In High Style.


Ribbon coat rack. John Procario - Sculpture Portfolio - Artist - New York. GPT / Woods Bagot. Architects: Woods Bagot Location: Sydney, Australia Project Team: Alissandra Johnston, Tessa Melick Project Manager: Buildcorp Group Area: 3,700 sqm Year: 2011 Photographs: Tyrone Branigan Interior Designer: Amanda Stanaway Client: GPT Group Spurred by a vision to design a workplace that is more business lounge than office, Woods Bagot transformed three floors within Sydney’s iconic Seidler-designed MLC building into an innovative environment for GPT, providing a flexible platform for business reinvigoration.

GPT / Woods Bagot

Adorable Pig Lamp Single-Handedly Justifies the Existence of CFL Bulbs. Creature Cup Set par creaturecups. This Beautifully Engineered Bamboo Table Holds Itself Together With Ingenuity. Une lampe qui éclaire autrement. Un jeune studio de design a récemment conçu une lampe en bois polyvalente.

Une lampe qui éclaire autrement

Dénommé Elagone, le type de luminaire diffuse une lumière latente et chaude à la fois. La lampe Elagone est à priori, un accessoire moderne qui pourrait illuminer un bureau à sa manière. Jonglant entre la discrétion et l’esthétique, elle est faite en chêne massif et intègre en son cœur, un éclairage LED ultra-fin. Ainsi la chaleur de la lumière se reflète sur la teinte du bois et apporte une note de couleur douce.

Pratique et fonctionnelle, la lampe peut être posée horizontalement et verticalement selon l’effet voulu. Disponible en deux tailles, on doit le concept au studio Elomax Agency. Eames® Lounge and Ottoman. Lineær, une horloge originale et linéaire. Pour ceux et celles qui désirent installer une horloge originale dans une pièce au décor moderne, le concept Lineær est à découvrir.

Lineær, une horloge originale et linéaire

Simpliste et représentative, elle sort un peu du schéma habituel. Tout d’abord, il faut savoir que Lineær n’est pas une horloge numérique affichant l’heure de manière originale. Bien qu’elle soit relativement low-tech, tout un mécanisme se loge derrière cet air anodin. Un mécanisme silencieux fort heureusement. This Desk-Shelf Hybrid Harmoniously Combines Form and Function. Un crâne fait à partir de pièces de machine à écrire. Bien que nous attachons tous (en tant que Geek) beaucoup, voire énormément d’importances aux gadgets high-tech, force est de constater que nous délaissons également rapidement ceux-ci au profit d’appareils toujours plus performant.

Un crâne fait à partir de pièces de machine à écrire

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