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The Best interior design blogs posts & ideas for a luxury house. Inspirational decoration ideas for home & outdoor, Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and backyard.

35 Modern Living Room Designs For 2017 - Decoration Y. The Living Room Design is one of the most vital rooms in the house; the living room is considered the main room in the house because it is a place that combines all the family at all times. Where they are spending all most of their time in the living room between watching TV and reading books, magazines, and newspapers. As well as family members talk and often deals with all the family meals in the living room where some people prefer to watch TV while eating. Therefore, the living room becomes an essential place in the house, where all the family members spend most of their time from children to adults. you can explore first this family room design It will help make you inspired by choosing the most beautiful family room designs. Therefore, we must review the efficiency in the selection of the living room design to make it consistent with the function of this room and not a defect in the design lead to a weak choice happens.

Living Room Design Ideas How To Choose Living Room Furniture. 35 L-Shaped Kitchen Designs & Ideas - Decoration Y. If you are seeking for the best L-Shaped Kitchen Designs & Layout, Follow these inspiration ideas & tips help make the best L-shaped kitchens. You can find the latest design trends for (L shaped kitchen with island, layout, cabinets, rugs, table, and L-shaped kitchen/diner). Find the most popular l-shaped kitchen designs for 2016/2017, smart design ideas & suggestions to add a luxury to your kitchen interior design. Using L-shaped kitchen allows you to have a large working space to make cooking easier and you can invite guests into the cooking area without the annoying of the narrow spaces in traditional kitchens. Also, it will be perfect for kitchen/diner with island and modern tables. L Shaped Kitchen Designs & Layout Ideas Take a look at the best designs & practical layout ideas for any L-shaped kitchen you are seeking, Modern designs for small l-shaped kitchen designs, ideas, kitchen with island, and L-shaped kitchen cabinets.

L-shaped Kitchen Layout Ideas L-shaped kitchen with island. 15 Indoor Christmas Decorations 2016/2017 - Decoration Y. If you want to spend a good time with your family and friends celebrating with Christmas, you can start spreading the Christmas spirit by embellishing home with the best indoor Christmas decorations. Find out several home decorating ideas for Christmas but always use the most traditional things in a new way and add your own touch to Christmas trees, wreaths, lights and Christmas ornaments. Christmas Decorations Ideas Yes, you are using the same Christmas decorations every year, but this year you will use different patterns and colors to make your home stylish in the holiday. We collected for you inspiration Christmas decoration ideas to celebrate the season in elegant style.

Indoor Christmas Tree Decorations You can have a lot of options to use real or artificial Christmas tree, We will give you a collection of ideas for decorating the centerpiece of your home in the holiday. Christmas Wreaths & Garland Christmas socks Christmas Throw Pillows (Visited 112 times, 1 visits today) DIY Christmas Decorations - Homemade Ornaments - Decoration Y. It’s time to deck the halls again, and cherished family ornaments are finding their way to mantelpieces and pine branches so they can shine on December 25th. Many crafty people take Christmas as a chance to get creative with decorations and ornaments, and in this post, we’ll share some inventive DIY Christmas decorations and homemade ornaments! Read on and get inspired with this holiday decor ideas! DIY Homemade Christmas Decorations Start making beautiful crafts at home and maybe with your family members to spend a good time, DIY Christmas Decorations can be so easy after reading our article below; It`s sure that you will get inspired by the most beautiful homemade Christmas ornaments and simple DIY Christmas Decorations & Ideas.

Pendant Homemade Ornaments Photo Credit: These glass pendant ornaments are an extremely versatile holiday decoration – and they can be emptied out and reused! DIY Glitter Lettering Photo Credit: Envelope Advent Calendar. Perfect Kitchen Pantry Cabinet Ideas for More Efficient Storage - Decoration Y. There is no substitute for any kitchen only to be tidy and clean, the existence of chaos in the kitchen gives the House as all negative impression and make women feel uncomfortable and alienated from entering.

And choose the kitchen cabinets design and how to store all your kitchen purposes has a significant impact on obtaining elegant and distinctive kitchen. Today we give you smart solutions and storage ideas for practical and smart ,and modern kitchen pantry cabinet for enjoying the perfect kitchen design. When you plan your kitchen it is important to think about the best way to make the space more functional. In fact, many accessories that have been invented for you to get an easier life in your kitchen! We will deal with various accessories and kitchen pantry cabinet storage system in some groups: There are several types of kitchen pantry cabinet. Regarding the upper kitchen cabinets, there are also several types of accessories to simplify things.

Corner drawer design ideas. Unique Bookshelf Designs Will Inspire You - Decoration Y. Although computer and The Internet have become the main source of information flow to our minds, but I don’t think these sources and electronic ways excels on the importance of reading and books in our lives. The first knowledge source books for everyone and will continue the good book is the best companion for you. I cannot imagine a home without small library contains a number of books. With the big importance of the book becomes home library where books will be especially important too, so today on our blog ” DecorationY”we show you 10 Unique Bookshelf Ideas You’ll Want For Your Home: Many old items can be used as materials for building bookshelf. such as old guitar, the old piano ,old wooden stairs, and more ideas Whether you love a simple and inexpensive DIY projects or love an expensive and modern décor, you can choose one of the designs bookcases photos below.

I liked the idea of this library on simplicity. (Visited 436 times, 3 visits today) 10 Best wall colors & Ideas for 2017 - Decoration Y. Wall colors play a vital role in the home interior design, each color has a specific effect on mood, mental state, and the house energy. Using modern wall color ideas can increase the feel of relaxing and comfy or it can cause disturbances and tension.

Changing the wall colors one of the cheap tricks and play that great role in renewing the house decorations significantly! Choose the color of the walls is a sensitive process be undertaken carefully not only for aesthetics but also taking into mind the nature of the color and effect in the place and nature of the room. To help you in choosing the right wall color we list this bright wall color ideas for 2016/2017 and painting colors trends.

Wall colors ideas Red is the color of power and authority but must be more cautious, exaggerating that color will probably encourage anger and agitation. Turquoise promotes calmness and harmonizes the soul. Yellow and orange color: nature, Sun and transmit heat and energy. In one word? 15 Fun Small Garden Ideas For Kids - Decoration Y. The small Garden has many and varied design ideas which can be used to transform the garden into a unique place in the home. Can turn into a relaxation area with lounge chairs, use a small table for taking a cup of coffee or read a book or a beautiful story after long and hard work day for rest and recreation. You can also put a small swimming pool to spend quality time you and your family.

One of the Garden Ideas also creates an area to grill meat and organize weekly barbecues for entertainment on the weekends. Also, can be converted into a sports area for playing football or volleyball or ping pong. All these House Garden ideas an excellent, but today, in this article we propose garden ideas for kids to play, fun and more entertainment, follow us… Are you interested in owning a stylish House Garden ideas but the House space is insufficient for building a large garden?

There are many ideas and things you can do in your garden for enjoyment and recreation. 15 Top Simple kitchen cabinets design - Decoration Y. For modern kitchens you will see that if you use more simple designs for cabinets you will have a contemporary kitchen, Simple kitchen cabinets design below will show you some tips & inspirational ideas about kitchen designs, cabinets, ceiling, small kitchen tips .etc., All the designs the latest trends for modern kitchens 2016 / 2017.

Simple Kitchen cabinets design Simple cabinets don’t mean fewer storage spaces; you will find creative ideas for kitchen cabinets designs & modern kitchen islands. Explore this collection of the latest kitchen cabinets design ideas 2016 / 2017. You can start planning for decorating your kitchen. If you want to make your cabinets more luxury and stylish fit your modern kitchen color , using the right color will make a difference in selecting the best cabinets design, so try not to pay attention to the color of cabinets that are trendy and would be consistent with the other colors you use in your kitchen. Modern & Simple Black kitchen cabinets Previous Next. 16 Modern Desks for Small Spaces - Decoration Y. Interior designers Make it easy to make a workspace desks for small spaces, Learn how you can do that with these tips, tricks, and luxury small desks design. We will show you collection of the latest inspirational work-area ideas for small apartment, It`s not only about using small desks, but you need to do it the right way to make the result is having a luxurious desk space in your home, it`s not only for small apartment, but you may include desks for small spaces in places you never think of.

In Back to school season, you most used furniture piece in your home will be the desk by kids or even you for work as always, you will need affordable ideas for desks for more space-saving and luxury design, Follow these inspirational ideas about desks for small spaces: Desks with Shelves Under Stairs Desk Small Corner Desk Wall-mounted Desk Fold Out Desk Browse this collection of the latest small desks design ideas that fit any size or room design. (Visited 226 times, 5 visits today)

Tips and Stylish Apartment Decorating Ideas - Decoration Y. Apartment design requires focus. If you are about to renew your apartment or you are a couple about to marry and choose apartment decorating style, this article for you surely. we will review the most important tips that you should follow the design of the apartment plus modern apartment decorating ideas through pictures that collected carefully from various Internet websites to come for you the best apartment decor ideas and pictures. follow … There are basic rules to follow when embarking on choosing the apartment decorating ideas and interior design: 1. hired a professional architect to help you to choose the interior design of the apartment.

And do not choose the design of the apartment by yourself , if you are not familiar enough to qualify you for doing it. 2. 3. If the apartment is hired may not be able to install closet and even large storage units it may be high cost. you can be able to use small shelves that are placed on top of each other with beautiful design. 35 L-Shaped Kitchen Designs & Ideas - Decoration Y. How to Style a Coffee Table. Living Room. Decor ⇧ How to Style a Coffee Table. 10 Best wall colors & Ideas for 2017 - Decoration Y. Top 10 Best Furniture Brands List - Decoration Y. Choose the suitable furniture one of the reasons for your home elegance.

Always seek when choosing furniture for our House to be solid furniture and stylish at the same time, in order to achieve this equation “reliable + stylish” you must choose your furniture from the best furniture brands to ensure quality and unique designs that make your home more elegant and luxury. There are a lot of brands, and global best furniture companies that are the most reliable and unique designs that you can buy furniture for your home is one of them.

Today we have compiled 10 of the best furniture brands and international furniture manufacturers such as Aspen Home Furniture, Hooker Furniture Corporation, Stickley and other furniture brands. These companies manufacturing the best furniture such as chairs, sofas, coffee tables, cabinets, beds and anything that you need in your living room and bedrooms, dining rooms and children rooms. 1- Aspen Home Furniture 2-Hooker Furniture Corporation 5- Bernhardt. Coffee table designs 2016 - Decoration Y. It`s not easy to choose the coffee table design that fits your room and your budget too, especially that will depend on how & for what you will use it. Here are the best 8 coffee tables 2016 designs for a modern living room interior design with consistent with various designs of furniture. You can find the latest trends for coffee tables that make your living room awesome and decorative. we decide to choose modern & fresh wood and marble coffee tables.

For a contemporary interior design in any room, you have to choose consistent colors, so as you see here the wood coffee table is the same color of the sofa that makes the living room stylish and that`s how you can choose the coffee tables color. via Domino The wood & glass coffee table is amazing for luxury interior designs, but it`s not recommended if you have kids and the best thing in it that it can be cleaned easily and looks perfect with low cost 179$ only. Via Marina Says I hope you enjoy this collection. 2016 Color Trends - Interior Designer Paint Color Predictions for 2016. Interior Design Trends 2016 - Home Decor Ideas Photos. 25 Design Trends Coming to Homes Near You in 2016.

Design Forecast: 10 Trends to Watch for in 2016. As we close the door on 2015, lets take a look at what the design industry experts are saying about the coming year. As modern life gets busier and more pressured, our homes have become our sanctuaries. Centered around simplicity, serenity and seamlessness, the 2016 interior reflects our need to switch off and detox. Warm but calming colors are complimented by natural textures and soft shapes while furniture is becoming ever more tailored and intuitive, both at home and in the office. Rose Quartz and Serenity Aurora wallpaper by Calico Studios. Global color authority Pantone surprised the design community by naming not one but two colors for the 2016 edition of its Color of the Year forecast.

Chiming with Pantone’s prediction, British wallpaper brand Graham & Brown’s 2016 forecast was full of dusty pinks and pale blues enlivened with warm metallic accents. Design Detox "Comfort Zone" by Valspar. Warm Metals Arik Levy's Bowl collection for Inbani. Rough Luxe Customized Interior Retro Tech. Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid | POPSUGAR Home. Home Decor Trends 2016 - Interior Design Trends 2016. 35 Modern Living Room Designs For 2017 - Decoration Y.

18 Scary Halloween Table Decorations - Decoration Y. Whether you host a Halloween party in your home or just planning to celebrate with your family, You will need to consider the age of your guests to choose the right Halloween decoration ideas that you will use to make Halloween spirit in your party and have fun with your family & friends. The first thing you have to consider in choosing decor is choosing scary Halloween table decorations like Dracula or Zombies themes which are trending recently.

Use the suitable size for table decorations, Don’t make your table crowded. Sometimes simple Halloween decor works fine. Elegantly subtle Halloween table decorations, pumpkin, centerpieces, candles tablecloth and table settings. Find Halloween table decoration ideas. Halloween Food Ideas Creative Halloween food ideas you can use to make the party more fun also, this idea is great if you want to reduce the cost.and the best thing that you can Do-it-yourself. Table Centerpiece DIY Table decorations on budget Scary Candles Halloween Tablecloth.

20+ Modern Bedroom Decoration Ideas for 2016/2017 - Decoration Y. Renovations, Home Improvement & Interior Design websites. A Wall-Mounted Modular Shelving System. Interior Design. Best 15 Modern Bathroom Design Trends 2016 - Decoration Y. Bathroom remodel ideas before and after. Bathroom color schemes 2017. Living Room Color Ideas & Trends 2016/2017.