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Interior Design

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Deko-Objekte - Schale ♥Holz♥ Schale aus Keramik - ein Designerstück von beckkeramik bei DaWanda. Brettchen Brotzeitbrett Jausenbrett chopping board cutting - Holz Frank. Awesome Rooms. The House of Smiths - Home DIY Blog - Interior Decorating Blog - Decorating on a Budget Blog. Okay folks, are you ready for the Faux Barn Wood Painting tutorial!?...

The House of Smiths - Home DIY Blog - Interior Decorating Blog - Decorating on a Budget Blog

Weekend Project: Make a Backsplash from Pebbles, Shells or Leftover Hardware. My favorite DIY projects leave lots of room for improvisation and creativity—and this one is spacious.

Weekend Project: Make a Backsplash from Pebbles, Shells or Leftover Hardware

Former Natural Home & Garden art director Susan Wasinger taught me this trick for using found objects—pebbles, seashells, buttons, sea glass, pennies and even galvanized steel hardware—to liven up a bathroom backsplash. (Here’s what you can do with all those leftover steel washers that rattle around in the bottom of the toolbox.) If you’ve never set tile before, you can learn about tools, materials, and techniques at or check out the video below.

Glass globs (also called glass flats, nuggets, pebbles, gems, or half-marbles) are available in a dazzling array of colors and finishes from frosty tumbled textures to pearly iridescent. Find them at craft stores, florist shops, or online at Glass nuggets can look like a sea of bubbles. When the rounded side faces out, the nuggets appear to be bubbling right out of the wall. Massivholz Bett Unikat Old Teak Brandon. Map it / The wallpaper is a custom printed historic map of Paris. Designermöbel. Home Architecture Design, Interior Design Ideas, Exterior Design Ideas, Ashley Furniture, Patio Furniture. Small apartment interior design ideas luxury bathroom modrn bathroom. Dramatic Bathroom Design Ideas. Dramatic bathrooms can be incredibly beautiful and even theatrical and the best part is that the bathroom doesn’t have to be that homey.

Dramatic Bathroom Design Ideas

A bathroom can make for a personal retreat within a home so it is a good idea to express one’s true style and taste in bathroom design and decor. Decorated Sink An eye catchy decorated sink is all you need to add a bit of drama to the bathroom design. But if you want to increase the impression invest in a mirror or a vanity that fits well with the sink style. An unsuaul decorative shower curtain and curtain rod will help tie the dramatic sink and the rest of the bathroom together. Unconventional Bathtub An unconventional bathtub make a greater impression. Richter Furniertechnik Stone-Veneer Steinfurnier Furnierschichten Steinschichten Möbelbau Fahrzeugbau Schiffsbau Messebau. Acoustic Lightboard.

Richter Furniertechnik Stone-Veneer Steinfurnier Furnierschichten Steinschichten Möbelbau Fahrzeugbau Schiffsbau Messebau

Wandgestaltung mit Wandpaneelen in Steinoptik und 3D Paneelen. Individuelle Wandverkleidungen. Wandverkleidung Steinoptik - Naturstein Sandstein, Beton und Schiefer Tapete. Handgefertigte Wandbeläge in Sandstein Optik: Die folgenden Naturstein Wandverkleidungen können Sie bei uns kaufen: > Stein Tapeten 5 Wandverkleidung in Steinoptik nennen wir die Wandlösung, die Echtstein oder mit mineralischen Füllstoffen reproduzierte Steine flexibel und von Rolle nutzbar macht.Es handelt sich um Echtsteintapeten, die in ausgewählten Steinbrüchen Bahn für Bahn im Spezialverfahren hauchdünn abgebaut und auf ein Trägermaterial aufgebracht werden.

Wandverkleidung Steinoptik - Naturstein Sandstein, Beton und Schiefer Tapete

UK: For Sale: Luxury handcrafted barge, Boats for sale, used boats, new boat sales, free photo ads - Apollo Duck. Products – Flexiteek boat flooring. Quick links:Features →Flexiteek colors →Plank sizes →Specifications →Trims →Downloads →ISITEEK → Flexiteek is a synthetic teak panel and it is made of composite materials, 100% recyclable to other products and its non–slip quality is superb and nobody yet on first viewing or touching think it is anything other than real teak.

Products – Flexiteek boat flooring

Motor Yacht - Mikymar - Canados - Completed Superyachts on Superyacht Times .com. The external lines Mikymar are unmistakably Canados: slender bow, rounded deck structure sloping towards the bow, where the resin-reinforced fibreglass seems to play with the spacious glass surfaces in a succession of opaque-shiny and dark-light that emphasises the spirit of the craft.

Motor Yacht - Mikymar - Canados - Completed Superyachts on Superyacht Times .com

The shipyard’s technical office also took great care to make the bulkheads aesthetically pleasing, placing numerous circular portholes horizontally to complement the surfaces of the 34 metre yacht, and designing them in harmony with the interior to allow natural light to filter through from bulkhead to bulkhead. But it is the Mikymar’s interior that leaves even the most sophisticated connoisseurs of innovative style breathless. Made in collaboration with the Salvagni Architects of Rome, the interior has been designed to be flexible, with transparent walls and sliding electrical doors dividing up the areas without creating closed and completely separate environments. Canados' Mikimar wins World Yachts Trophies Award - Other Events. Thanks to her original interior design, the Canados Mikimar has won the “World Yachts Trophies Award” as best yacht over 24 meters in the Interior Design category.

Canados' Mikimar wins World Yachts Trophies Award - Other Events

The ceremony took place at the gala evening organized by the LuxMedia Group during the Cannes Boat Show. Mikimar won the award, thanks to her sophisticated and harmonious interior design. The interior was designed in collaboration with Salvagni Architetti of Rome, who are characterized by flexibility, continuity, and the skilful use of lighting. “We are very pleased to receive this important award for a yacht that is an excellent example of the level of customization offered, by Canados’ yard, to its customers”, stated Maurizio Baldoni, who leads the Roman shipyard since April 2007. “This prize means a lot for the yard and for the people who work at Canados and it shows the company real potential.

Modern Small Apartment With Delightul Details. Advertisement Looking planning solutions for tight spaces?

Modern Small Apartment With Delightul Details

Development of a small apartment with a modest surface is always a challenge for anyone. The experience and professionalism of designers, but also the original concept, creativity and imagination put their stamp on the work done over time. 100 Ideas & Inspirations: Small Spaces. Intelligent and Hi-Tech Small Apartment With Mind-blowing Features [Video] Get ready for a crib that will blow your mind !

Intelligent and Hi-Tech Small Apartment With Mind-blowing Features [Video]

Closet House was designed by Portuguese company Consexto and is an intelligent and sophisticated solution for living large in a 44 square meter (474 square foot) apartment. At a first glance, one might think this is just a tasteful contemporary small home with a few unusual decorating ideas. In fact, this unique crib is composed out of five different living areas, two of which can transform at a touch of a button. Because everything in this hi-tech apartment is automated, it is easy to move walls around and change the overall look of a room in no time. Tasteful Design German Architecture White Modern Home - HomeInCast.Com. Tasteful design german architecture white modern home determine prosperous underline involve color dispersal, component connection, design fusion association and design plan insight, which the all feature merge in a group to compose extraordinary architecture modern home.

Current architecture modern home design overview unanimously was present extraordinary atmosphere to environment bordering which is twisted with sophisticated design. Design focal point to be marked about this fabulous architecture modern home is comfortable character alongside unprocessed design theme and substance range. This eye catching tasteful design german architecture white modern home we think successfully mixing smart architecture modern home design plan, impressive design appear, component alternative, powerful representation of pattern decoration and design issue coordination. 2013 Modern Living Room In The Loft Delightful Design Modern White Interior Of Baby Room. 3 trendige Ideen für Küchen Design von Armani Casa  Posted On Friday, 31 Aug 2012 By Violeta+.

Small Attic Loft Apartment In Prague. The design of this modern loft conversion located in Prague, Czech Republic uses natural materials such as stone, brick and wood to enhance the flat and angular surfaces. Designed by architect Dalibor Hlavacek, the two-storey attic loft makes good use of limited floor space. The living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom are on the lower floor. The upper gallery, accessible via staircase and a steel footbridge, creates an intimate space for the study, which can also be used as a second bedroom. Via: ArchDaily. Design, Architecture, Interiors and industrial design at the Middle East and North Africa. Hotel bruidssuite bruidsuite huwelijksnacht bijzondere exclusieve hotels overnachting kasteel hotels luxe hotel suite arrangement romantische weekend romantisch weekendje nederland NL - Luxe Hotel Suites - Flugzeug-Suite.

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