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Interior Design

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Wall Mural Installations. We hang wall murals on the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Wall Mural Installations

They have become very popular due to the huge range in variety and the many different manufacturers offering all sorts of designs. Wall murals have instant effect when installed. Grasscloth Wallpaper Installation Gold Coast. Grasscloth wallpaper installation is the new decorating trend taking the Gold Coast by storm.

Grasscloth Wallpaper Installation Gold Coast

We have seen a huge increase in the use of this natural and stylish wallcovering. Thanks to renovating shows such as The Block and others people have been introduced to wallpaper over the last few years. Most recently we have seen the use of grasscloth or grassweave wallpapers being used in high end properties to add a touch of luxury. These wallcoverings also add an natural element to your interior which is what people seem to be after. Many people are happy to create neutral interiors but want to add texture to add interest and define areas. Brick Wallpaper Installation - The Grange, Brisbane. Our client has a beautiful Queenslander character home that includes a modern industrial styled area downstairs that was once home to an art studio and incorporates polished concrete floors, large timber sliding doors and white painted walls and partition walls.

Brick Wallpaper Installation - The Grange, Brisbane

The area is completely self contained with it’s own small kitchen, living area, bedroom, bathroom and toilet. We would describe it as having a modern industrial warehouse feel. The owners wanted to add a warmth to the area while still keeping with the modern industrial look. To create the warm warehouse feel they chose a wonderful brick wallpaper form Kemra Wallpapers. It’s called Camden Factory Bricks and was the perfect choice to add the “wow factor” to the space.

The wall to be wallpapered was quite large and 7.6metres in length. Tropical Wallpaper. Tropical palm leaf wallpaper is back!

Tropical Wallpaper

Yes that’s right big bold palm tree and tropical designs are the next big thing. This trend was highlighted at New York fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2015. Any design trend that pops up at Fashion week ends up in home decor and interior design. The tropical theme is a clean fresh look that can easily be achieved by using tropical inspired wallpapers and adding large comfy sofas, maybe some cane and of course lots of lush greenery. Getting that jungle vibe happening all adds to a lush relaxed tropical theme. Anaglypta Wallpaper On Ceilings.

We have used Anaglypta wallpaper or paintable wallpaper to cover an ugly ceiling a few times now.

Anaglypta Wallpaper On Ceilings

The results are always amazing and completely transform ugly ceilings into a fresh clean looking ceiling. Once Anaglypta is installed it can either be left in it’s natural white colour or painted. Wow Wallpaper Hanging Customer Reviews On WOMO - Wow Wallpaper Hanging. Powder Room Wallpaper. Wallpaper Installation On The Sunshine Coast – We Love It! « Wow Wallpaper Hanging. Wallpaper Installation On The Sunshine Coast – We Love It!

Wallpaper Installation On The Sunshine Coast – We Love It! « Wow Wallpaper Hanging

Posted on Installing wallpaper for homes and businesses around the Sunshine Coast is very satisfying. Queensland Homes Blog » The Shed: This striking Sunshine Coast hinterland property began life as a basic storage shed - Queensland Homes Blog. As featured in Queensland Homes Autumn 2013 p 74WORDS Ann Rickard PHOTOGRAPHY Kylie Hood It’s an industrial shed cum luxurious retreat cum country getaway.

Queensland Homes Blog » The Shed: This striking Sunshine Coast hinterland property began life as a basic storage shed - Queensland Homes Blog

This striking Sunshine Coast hinterland property, which began life as a basic storage shed, has had a speedy yet thorough makeover by Warren Naylor, Noosa interior designer, and builder Bruce Wyndrum. It now sits lofty and beautiful on the ridge of 48 acres of glorious countryside. The Right Line: The striking roof line of what was once a shed is an ideal prelude to what has been achieved through the imagination and skill of the interior designer and builder. The north facing panorama is spectacular: undulating green, tranquil dams, native trees, moody mountains, endless sky. If Bruce Wyndrum was daunted by the growing list of the owners’ requirements when he first walked around the empty shed with Warren Naylor, he didn’t show it. Wow Wallpaper Hanging — Wallpaper Installation Sunshine Coast - Qld.

Grasscloth Wallpaper Used By Darren And Dee On The Block Triple Threat. Natural textured wallpaper is very on trend right now.

Grasscloth Wallpaper Used By Darren And Dee On The Block Triple Threat

You would only have to listen to the designers on “The Block” and one of the contestants Dee to know that. Darren Palmer is a big fan of grasscloth wallpaper, he couldn’t stop himself from touching it saying it’s ‘one of his favourite things in all of existence’! So what is all the fuss about? This Wooden Box Can Turn A Simple Room Into An Architectural Masterpiece. U.S.

This Wooden Box Can Turn A Simple Room Into An Architectural Masterpiece

-based artist Anila Quayyum Agha has created a stunningly intricate piece of installation art that can make even the simplest room look like an architectural masterpiece. Her installation work, entitled “Intersections,” consists of a large suspended cube made of wooden panels laser-cut with intricate geometric patterns. A lightbulb in the center illuminates the structure from within and casts its shadows on the walls around it. Agha, who was born and raised in Pakistan, says that the patterns on the wooden panels emulate the patterns found found at Alhambra, a palace and fortress in southern Spain that traded hands many times between the Spanish and the Moors.

She characterized the Alhambra as a place “at the intersection of history, culture and art and [...] a place where Islamic and Western discourses met and co-existed in harmony and served as a testament to the symbiosis of difference.” Source: | | Facebook | (via: twistedsifter) Interior Wallpaper Trends For 2014. Hotel Design Using Wallpaper.

Hotel design is big business.

Hotel Design Using Wallpaper

To have a thriving and successful hotel you want the interiors to be inviting and a place where weary travelers can lay down their bags, gaze around and say, “wow”! Whether it is chic contemporary style or a more traditional classic style the one thing that can really make a difference is the right wallpaper. No one does design and fashion like the Europeans. When it comes to hotel design they are ahead of the game. Wallpaper has always been used throughout Europe to create elegant, glamorous and up to the minute interiors. The absolute pinnacle of luxury and style would have to be European hotels. HOTEL LA BELLECHASSESaint Germain – Paris – France Fashion Designer Christian Lacroix is famous for his amazing haute couture.

Le Bellechasse is located in the luxurious and trendy Left Bank neighborhood of Saint-Germain. Wallpaper has been instrumental in implementing Christian’s unique vision. Entrance and Lobby – Hotel Le Bellechasse – Paris. Small Spaces. Good Design For Living in Small ApartmentsAs people migrate to smaller spaces, good design helps a lot. This is something they figured out in Europe long ago, that if you don't have a lot of horizontal room you can go vertical. Tumidei in Italy makes some of the nicest stuff, like this unit with lots of storage under the bed. This unit just raises the floor high enough for beds to slide under. This one looks a bit clinical, but has two single beds plus a pull-out double bed in between. When you read in the New York Times that professional couples with children are moving into small one-bedroom apartments in Manhattan and sleeping in closets, perhaps this stuff could be useful.

Secret Passage Bookshelves. If there’s one dream that unites all bookish folks (aside from, you know, universal literacy) it’s the dream of having a secret passageway hidden behind a bookcase. Ok, maybe it just unites some of us- but there’s no denying that there’s something super-nifty about having a bookcase that moves to reveal a space only you know about. You and your builder. Anywoot! Here’s a roundup of ten of my favorite bookish secret passageways from around the interwebs: Nothing says old money like a piano and a room hidden behind warm wood floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. Welcome to Sweet Home Style.