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I have featured the work of Barcelona based interior studio INTSIGHT before but have you seen their latest project? They have designed the beautiful Tramuntana Hotel. This hotel with only eleven rooms is located in the old town of Cadaqués. It is small but there is lots of charm and a friendly atmosphere. Cadaqués (part of the Costa Brava) is an old fishing town by the Mediterranean, which has preserved its charm intact throughout time. Its bohemian atmosphere and cosmopolitan spirit have embraced great painters, artists and writers, who have been attracted and inspired by the light, the color and the beauty of this special spot.

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Famille Summerbelle The last couple of weeks my youngest sister Charlotte came to work with me on some FS projects at my new studio in De Pijp area in Amsterdam. Charlotte is finishing her 4th year at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. Our ritual was to meet every morning at 8h30 in our local coffee shop on Van Woustraat. We would slowly wake up with a latte chatting about design ideas and she'd introduced me to the work of several amazing dutch designers. One of them is Bertjan Pot, most famous his Random Light edited by Moooi.

Recipes for Milk and Lime Paint This long-tested recipe is easy and inexpensive, yet creates a durable, beautiful paint for projects large and small. It is generally considered an interior paint unless properly coated with a suitable exterior topcoat. The amounts given will make approximately 1¾ quarts of paint, to cover approximately 90 to 100 square feet. Interior Alchemy Nº. 1 of 52 Interior Alchemy Bohemian and vintage-inspired spaces See my personal tumblr at Under The Ivy March 19, 2012 with 3,725 notes tags: house. houses. gothic. gatehouse. (via beautiful-portals) Get a Load of This Office's Winding, 1,100-Foot 'Superdesk' - Office Spaces Monday, February 17, 2014, by Spencer Peterson Photo via My Modern Met In the new Manhattan office of the Barbarian Group, an interactive marketing firm founded in 2001, all 125 of the agency's NYC-based employees share a single desk, and no, it isn't due to some Kafkaesque cost-cutting move or a perverse, competition-inducing game of musical chairs. The place has a fun-looking layout made possible by 'Superdesk,' Clive Wilkinson Architects' latest attempt at redefining workplace design, an 1,100-foot surface that snakes its way around the space in a long unbroken loop, with seven archways that create semi-private nooks for meetings and collaborative projects. It's been a long road to open-office Shambhala, not without head-scratching moments and potential pitfalls, and the view sure is fine.

Perennial Vegetables: Grow More Food With Less Work - Organic Gardening Related Content Easiest Vegetables to Grow Ready to start your first garden? To guarantee success with your first garden, stick with Barbara Pl... Plant Edible Ground Cover You can sneak a few attractive, low maintenance food plants onto your lawn, and your neighbors will ... An Architecture Student Bought a Bus and Turned It Into This Beautiful Creation. Wow. Hank Butitta is an architecture student who needed a project for his thesis. So he came up with the idea to buy and convert a bus into a home. The goal was to strike a balance between being affordable, livable and mobile. After construction, he took it for a spin on a 5,000 mile road trip, showing people it’s possible to live in a smaller footprint and use space efficiently. Like Us on Facebook

Organizing Tasks for a New Home I am a few weeks in to being the very proud new owner of my first home, and along with that has come a task list a mile long. Since I am prone to keeping it all running in my head and then getting overwhelmed, I am to really trying to do things a little differently than usual.I am head over heels with my 1919 Craftsman home but she needs a little love and updating to bring her up to speed and be able to make it through another century. With all that I have on my hands and in my mind for the next few months I have to find a way to keep sane and organized throughout the process.

living in: atonement No movie in recent memory has captured English wartime romance quite as well as Atonement. A dreamy wisp of florals and wildflowers in the years preceding World War II, the film follows the scandal and intrigue that rock a proper countryside manse. Pattern on pattern, privileged parties, feminine swags and fantastic party dresses — if it weren’t for the impending war, I’d say sign me up. — Amy Merrick weekly wrap up + pretty pegs Sometimes when I see a new product, I smile at the screen and yell, “It’s about time!” back at my email. For as long as Ikea has existed, those of us who obsess about design have been lamenting the ugly, chunky legs that come with Ikea furniture. While I’m happy to DIY, update and makeover just about any piece from that store, you’re always stuck with these thick block legs that, for me, ruin the lines of some pretty decent furniture.

Real Life Lessons from a First-Time Painter I have a confession: I'm a design writer who, until recently, had never actually painted a room. I've spent countless hours staring at fan decks, and I've memorized more shade names that I care to admit, but as someone who has hopped from rental to rental, rarely staying put for more than a year at a time, painting never quite seemed worth it. But as of this month, I'm proud to say that my neophyte status is no more. ttage Garden Flowers Cottage Garden Flowers Cottage Garden Flowers When we think of romantic country gardens, a garden full of Cottage Garden Plants comes to mind. Many do not realize that many of these plants are also herbs and help each other grow and thrive. Cottage Garden Plants and companion herbs are synonymous.

Tips For Packing a Healthy and Satisfying Vegan Lunchbox The salad you see on the left in the photo above is the radicchio, endive, orange, and walnut salad I shared yesterday. In that post, I mentioned I’d have at least one serving idea for you, and I do: this is how I packed up some of the leftovers in my take-to-work lunchbox on Monday. It’s a goal of mine to share more of my packable lunches this year and next, and that goal has only been strengthened by diving into nutrition work again. Many of my clients report that it’s easy enough for them to plan a healthy meal at home, but when they have to start planning meals to tote to work or school day in and day out, it becomes harder to meet nutrient needs while also pleasing the tastebuds. So, let’s chat about packing up a healthy, convenient, and satisfying vegan lunch.

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