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Home. Masonry project designed by TMD... - Gardens by Griffin. About Us. Todd’s interest in plants and design started years before following this path.

About Us

It took a few career changes and an additional degree to get him where he is today. Todd’s grandmother, Joy Magruder, was an avid gardener with a wealth of plant knowledge based on years of experience. Most every plant in her yard had a story behind it. When Todd worked in her garden, she would often share those stories with him. Her encouragement and tutelage through the years developed a spark in Todd. Growing up in Mountain Brook and Mobile, he currently resides in Vestavia. Todd has had several publications and awards. Hide the Ugly! (How to Hide Outdoor Eyesores) Home design and decorating ideas to get inspired and get expert tips.

Take Charge of Your Home Renovation - Susan Boyle Hillstrom - Google Books. A Beginner’s Guide to Managing a Remodel. Remodelista.

Bathroom/ Design & Fittings

Contractors & Contracts. Decorators. Doors/ Windows. Home Care. ️Insurance Claim. Kitchen. K and BR Cabinets & Countertops. Paint. Organizing. Roof, Attic, Basement. The Only Portable Air Purifier Worth Buying. 52 Dry Heat Home Sauna Designs (Photos) Massive gallery of 52 home sauna designs.

52 Dry Heat Home Sauna Designs (Photos)

Our gallery focuses on dry heat saunas instead of infrared. Interior and exterior pictures. I’d be remiss if I did not extensively cover home sauna designs because I spend an inordinate amount of time each week in a sauna. While I don’t have a home sauna, I expect to get one some day because there is no better way to end the workday than a few rounds in the sauna. Saunas are the perfect addition and companion to the home gym. Because of my passion for using saunas, this article, which is image-rich (typical of this site) also contains more text than usual as well as relevant videos… it’s our go-to sauna page for anyone interested or thinking about a home sauna.

Disclaimer: Please consult a physician or health care professional before using a sauna. Table of Contents Health Benefits of Saunas Infrared vs. Sauna Buying Tips Pictures of Saunas Health Benefits of Dry Heat Saunas Source: Are Saunas the Next Big Performance-Enhancing “Drug”? What else? Sauna Kit, Sauna Heater, Sauna, Modular Sauna - Finlandia Sauna, Saunas, Sauna Accessories. Baltic Leisure – a leader in home saunas, custom saunas, pre-built saunas, sauna heaters and accessories. Porcelain vs. Ceramic Tile: A 5-Scenario Showdown. A Better Closet - Calera, AL, US 35040. Cozy book nook. Pinspiration - 100 Gorgeous Master Bedrooms. FireRock Building Materials. FireRock is the leading provider of timeless, authentic building materials, including fireplaces, wood flooring and pavers with an expanding line of products.

FireRock Building Materials

Each product we offer is reviewed and approved by a renowned group of the nation’s leading architects. Our materials come from some of America’s best suppliers or are produced by artisans based in Birmingham, Alabama. As a company based in the American South, we are proud to support our country’s architectural history as we work to bring you the finest American-made or sourced building materials. We feel that to bring back the great American home, we must support our local artisans, suppliers and building traditions as we strive to make the best materials available to a wide audience. Our Promise to You We strive to provide you with the best, most authentic building materials possible.

Made in the U.S.A. Adorne USB Outlet. Home furnishings, kitchens, appliances, sofas, beds, mattresses. WocaDirect Natural Oil Finish. Your Guide to Window Treatments. Céragrès - CORTEN. Previous Next tiles Share Color :Night - SpSize :24" x 24" Porcelain Natural movement.

Céragrès - CORTEN

Inspiration Color Size Color / Size Price / Packaging specifications You might also like... Mill Valley Classic. 13 Ways to Create the Illusion of Room Height. Your Guide to Common Light Fixtures — and How to Use Them. 10 Ways to Dress Up the Stoop. The Key to Designer-Look Window Treatments. How to Remodel Your Fireplace. Hafele. Livex Lighting 2681-07 Brighton Outdoor Wall Light In Bronze Finish - Transitional - Outdoor Wall Lights And Sconces - by Mylightingsource. Cornerstone Shaker Heights Coach Lantern in Hazelnut Bronze - Traditional - Outdoor Wall Lights And Sconces - by ELK Group International. A Ranch Redo. I’m serving up a ranch B&A today.

A Ranch Redo

I have a soft spot for mid-century ranch houses. When we were househunting three years ago, I was one tough customer. Picky, snobby, hard to please. Yes, a dream client for a realtor. But then I found this ranch that seemed to have all the important criteria we were looking for…except, uh, exterior beauty. The after! We broke the project down into small bite-size pieces and decided on improvements that would give the most architectural bang for the buck.

I hated the carport. I prefer not to have a garage in front of the house, but since we do, we’re making the best of it with a new trellis and decorative doors. The posts on the entry echo the design on the garage trellis. We swapped out the iron flower window basket for a bolder white box and added beefier shutters. Do you see the window ledge there under the bank of three windows? Click here for the paint colors we used on the exterior redo.