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#1 Educational Site for Pre-K through 5

#1 Educational Site for Pre-K through 5

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Function Worksheets Domain and Range of a Function Worksheets The domain and range of a function worksheets provide ample practice in determining the input and output values with exercises involving ordered pairs, tables, mapping diagrams, graphs and more. Identifying Functions Worksheets Which of the relations are functions? Try to spot functions from ordered pairs, mapping diagrams, input-output tables, graphs and equations with this unit of pdf worksheets Function Table Worksheets EnglishLink.Com 100% Free English Lessons No timetables, no fees. Improve your English grammar, speaking, pronunciation, vocabulary, reading, listening and writing. Start learning English now Try our 30-minute example English lesson See how we teach English. Dinosaur Quiz - Question #1 ZOOM DINOSAURS QUIZ The following is an on-line dinosaur quiz covering basic dinosaur facts. For each question, just click on the right answer. See if you can do all 10 questions!

Great Game-based Learning Tools and Apps for Teachers May 9, 2014 Immersive environments can be good learning vehicles if constructed and used correctly. Here are a set of virtual worlds that use the latest in game mechanics to deliver instruction in fun and interactive ways. Consider them as a supplement to a classroom or for use with students that respond well to such immersion. Dora's Great Big World

UNIT 1: DISCOVER ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRIES - English with Rose In this unit we'll carry out four different activities in order to learn such general facts of the English Speaking country you're working on as: - Its location in the world map.- Its flag.- Its official language.- Its currency.- Its total area.- Its President or Prime Minister (amongst other data) ESL Games for young learners Grab Use Lego. Spread out the Lego and call out "(Five!)". The students should take five blocks, join them together to make a pattern and hold them up. Introduction to English-speaking Countries (Lesson Outlines) Foreign teachers at Chinese universities are sometimes asked to teach a course with a name such as "A General Survey of English-speaking Countries", or "An Introduction to English-speaking Countries", or similar. I taught this course for a semester in 2003, and found the lesson preparation quite overwhelming. This was especially the case since I was given very little guidance and no clear objectives. In the hope that it might be of some assistance to other teachers who find themselves in a similar situation, I have collected together some notes on how I ran the course, and the Microsoft Powerpoint presentations which I used during the lectures.

I Love My Classroom: Mystery Hero I know this picture has been floating around on Pinterest for a while now, and it's been on my Classroom Management page too... but I wanted to give it the importance that it deserved - front and center. This activity was simple, but it really helped my students to feel cared about. They grew in responsibility from it.

I have never seen this website but looking through it, I found some of the best resources for a classroom. It contains many higher level thinking resources that can be used in the classroom. by esteban_cole Jul 15

Provides a wealth of information. Includes simple, fun worksheets for reading comprehension that are sorted by grade level. by lois1955 Nov 11

in Redwood City -- check it out. by lizditz Jun 25

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