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Made by Teachers, For Teachers. Thinking Toys. Sensational Kids Child Development And Learning Shop. EducateTogether: Learn Together Resource Bank. Natural Beach Living - educating children with hands on activities. #1 Educational Site for Pre-K through 5. StoryBots. Bouncy Balls – Manage classroom noise with bouncing balls! Dice Roller. Discover Primary Science & Maths- teacher training, classroom resources, primary science education, science awards. The RSPB. Treeture Treasure. Science for Kids - Fun Experiments, Cool Facts, Online Games, Activities, Projects, Ideas, Technology. Classroom Activities. Nature of Science Teaching Activities / Nature of science. The Nature of Science strand is described in the science learning area as the overarching and unifying strand.

Nature of Science Teaching Activities / Nature of science

How might this influence our teaching and our choice of teaching activities? What teaching activities will help us teach the nature of science? The teaching activities in this section provide examples for how we might adapt other activities to meet the aims of the Nature of Science strand. The Nature of Science strand has four achievement aims which are summarised as: Understanding about science, Investigating in science, Communicating in science, Participating and contributing.

Rather than teaching these separately, most teaching activities are likely to involve students in more than one of these aspects. 37 activities. Return to top. Science Poems and Songs for Fun and Learning! Nature Detectives. Kids' Games, Animals, Photos, Stories, and More. Rader's GEOGRAPHY 4 KIDS.COM - Earth Science Basics for Everyone!

World Geography quizzes < Triviaplaza the Trivia Quiz site. Time Zone Map. World Geography quizzes < Triviaplaza the Trivia Quiz site.

Google Earth. 100 Objects. The history of the European Union. EU Pioneers The following visionary leaders inspired the creation of the European Union we live in today.

The history of the European Union

Without their energy and motivation, we would not be living in the sphere of peace and stability that we take for granted. From resistance fighters to lawyers and parliamentarians, the EU pioneers were a diverse group of people who held the same ideals: a peaceful, united and prosperous Europe. Beyond the pioneers described below, many others have worked tirelessly towards and inspired the European project. This section on the EU’s pioneers is therefore a work in progress. A peaceful Europe – the beginnings of cooperation The European Union is set up with the aim of ending the frequent and bloody wars between neighbours, which culminated in the Second World War.

A period of economic growth The 1960s is a good period for the economy, helped by the fact that EU countries stop charging custom duties when they trade with each other. A growing Community – the first enlargement 2020 – today. ENFO Kids. Teachers' Corner - EUROPA. Hooda Math Games. Sumdog - Engaging evidence-based learning.

Transum Mathematics. Ict games. Free Board Games - MathSphere. Hundreds of tangram puzzles to solve - Providing teachers and pupils with tangram activities. NRICH. Maths and English Practice. Math Games Help To Motivate Students And Make Learning Fun. Capture and Turn. Random Fun Games - Logic Games - Sliding Block Game.

Number Games for Kids Online - SplashLearn. Frequently Asked Questions: Q1: How do I teach my kindergartener to recognize numbers?

Number Games for Kids Online - SplashLearn

Ans: You can use objects, pictures, counters or abacus to make your kindergarten learn and recognise numbers. These objects can be kept in a group and child can identify how many are they using numbers. Q2: How do we identify even and odd numbers? Ans: Even numbers are those numbers which can be paired in groups completely and odd numbers can't be paired in groups. Q3: What are number games? Ans: There are many number games to test a child's knowledge on counting, place value and comparing numbers. Q4: How do we teach comparing numbers to kids? Ans: To compare smaller numbers within 10 kids can use matching or counting objects strategy. Q5: How do you teach expanded form and word form of numbers? Ans: We can expand numbers using their place value. Q6: How do we round off the numbers?

Ans: We can round off numbers using their place values to the nearest ones, tens, hundreds and so on. What are numbers? 1. 2. The Mathematics Shed - Mathematics Shed. TRTÉ » news2day. Home. Free lesson ideas, plans, activities and resources for use in the primary classroom. Woodlands Primary School - Home. Home - Scoilnet. Ducksters: Education Site. Hamilton Trust Homepage. Buzzle. Topmarks Education: teaching resources, interactive resources, worksheets, homework, exam and revision help. Primary Teaching Resources: Activities for KS1 and KS2.

Teacher Lesson Plans, Printables & Worksheets by Grade or Subject. Brain Games:Tower of Hanoi. Studyladder, online english literacy & mathematics. Kids activity games, worksheets and lesson plans. Primary Resources - Free teaching resources, lesson plans, teaching ideas & worksheets for primary and elementary teachers. Welcome to Crickweb. The Primary Education Hub. Sheppard Software: Fun free online learning games and activities for kids. Everyschool. Category - Free Printables Page 1. BrainPOP. Pssihomepage. Spelling Games - Word Scramble. Starfall: Learn to Read with Phonics, Learn Mathematics. Do2Learn: Educational Resources for Special Needs.

Reading Bear: free phonics & vocabulary...learn to read for free! Storyberries - Fairy Tales, Bedtime Stories and Kids Poems! Free sheet music on Northern Ireland Curriculum > Irish Medium. Primary Languages » Northern Ireland Curriculum. - Geata chun na Gaeilge.