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Who knows how long we as schools will need to adapt to online instruction. These are resources I have collected that have usefulness for particular needs.

Learn to think. Knowt. Homeschool Hours by Grade Chart. The pressure to homeschool is at a fever pitch, particularly as more and more states are announcing sweeping school closures until the fall.

Homeschool Hours by Grade Chart

And with such polarizing guidance, it's easy for parents to look at a typical seven-hour school day and assume that they simply aren't doing enough. In late March, the Illinois State Board of Education released "remote learning recommendations" in order to provide clarification to districts, schools, teachers, students, and parents as to what virtual education should look like during the "COVID-19 emergency.

" And within this 60-page document, perhaps the most helpful section was a small chart outlining the "suggested minimum and maximum times of engagement by each student in remote learning activities. " Broken down by grade level, it gives parents achievable benchmarks for how much time should be spent doing remote learning each day: Free Online Learning Due to Coronavirus (Updated Continuously) In response to the pandemic and isolation measures put in place in most countries, course providers are offering learning content for free or at a heavily discounted price.

Free Online Learning Due to Coronavirus (Updated Continuously)

On this page, Class Central keeps track of these offers. We’ll be updating the list as new ones appear. If you know about more offers, please let us know in the comments. And if you don’t find what you need here, have a look at Class Central’s catalog of over 15,000 online courses. When to Teach Online Classes Live and When to Let Students Learn on Demand.

When Elizabeth Self starts teaching her 11 a.m. class via Zoom, she has to remember that it isn’t 11 a.m. for all of her students.

When to Teach Online Classes Live and When to Let Students Learn on Demand

She’s in Tennessee—where she is an assistant professor at Vanderbilt University—but some of the students she’s teaching are now taking the class from California, where it’s only 8 a.m. And a couple of students are back home in China, where it’s midnight. Even when students are all in the same time zone—such as for most K-12 schools and community colleges—getting to a live online class on time can be challenging for those who live in households where there aren’t enough computers or tablets for every learner, or where the internet connection isn’t robust enough. But the benefits of being online together, when it works, are huge, Self said in a recent episode of the EdSurge Podcast. Algebra Practice for Virtual Learning – Make Math Not Suck. Wow, what a crazy time!

Algebra Practice for Virtual Learning – Make Math Not Suck

Covid-19 has turned our world upside down. I saw a post today commending other teachers for providing their resources for free during this time. It shouldn’t take a pandemic for us to take care of each other. I have always provided everything for free. Online Learning Ideas – Helping educators make sense of online learning. Video Puppet.

Free Typing Tutor - How to Teach Students Effective Learning in an Online Classroom. Project Wayfinder. 200 Free Kids Educational Resources: Lessons, Apps, Books, Websites... This collection provides a list of free educational resources for K-12 students (kindergarten through high school students) and their parents and teachers.

200 Free Kids Educational Resources: Lessons, Apps, Books, Websites...

This page is being updated and cleaned up during the COVID-19 crisis. Please tell us if we’re missing something valuable. Below you will find free video lessons/tutorials; free mobile apps; free audiobooks, ebooks and textbooks; quality YouTube channels; free foreign language lessons; test prep materials; and free web resources in academic subjects like literature, history, science and computing.

Home Schooling Resources During COVID-19 Amazing Educational Resources: A spreadsheet of 300+ education companies offering free subscriptions due to school closings. Free Audio Books, eBooks and Textbooks Free Audio Books: Our collection of 450 free audio books includes many children’s classics. Foreign Languages Open Culture Foreign Language Collection: This list created by Open Culture offers free lessons in 40 different languages.

Monster Phonics - the Programme for Schools that Improves Results & Engagement. 3D Printing Software.


Free, Online Math Games. Online Textbooks. Educational games that are fun. Free Screen & Video Recording Software. NewsCurrents, Current Events for Kids, Classroom Current Events. Kialo Edu - The tool to teach critical thinking and rational debate. Download Kast. Kaizena - Fast, Personal Feedback on Student Work. Home - GoNoodle. Glose Education. Teachers2Teachers Global. Live Quiz Learning Game. Overview. #1 Educational Site for Pre-K through 5. Classwork Zoom. COVID 19 Response. Sticking to your LMS vs. using Top Hat Your LMS may already support many of these features.

COVID 19 Response

We encourage you to contact your Center for Teaching and Learning as an important first step. However, many professors prefer to have all content (readings, assessments, lecture content) in one place to guide students through the process of learning independently—which is where Top Hat comes in. Stay Connected. 75 Digital Tools and Apps Teachers Can Use to Support Formative Assessment in the Classroom.

There is no shortage of formative assessment strategies, techniques, and tools available to teachers who use formative instructional practice in their classrooms. Here is an extensive list of 75 digital tools, apps, and platforms that can help you and your students use formative assessment to elicit evidence of learning. We didn’t just add any old tool to this list. At Home Learning Resources. Helping Schools with Coronavirus Pandemic. Viral, Pandemic, Contagious are all scary words for educators and families.

Helping Schools with Coronavirus Pandemic

Add a friendly helping hand to your emergency plans with a platform that keeps students and parents informed and engaged during these uncertain times. Don’t Let Coronavirus Affect Your School Communication Always Make a Plan to Communicate with Parents, Students & Staff. Here is how Bloomz can help... Use the alerts feature to keep parents informed of health alerts Use volunteers to request for necessary items like hand sanitizer, wipes, etc. Use behavior to reward students for healthy habits - washing hands, cleaning up their desks, etc Stay in contact with parents sending weekly lessons, assignments, etc. How to Collect and Organize Images in Google Classroom.

CEC + eLuma Webinar: Teaching Special Education Online During COVID-19 - Google Slides. Resources to Support School Closures. Tips to Use Google Applied Digital Skills for Remote Learning. Free Reading Passages and Literacy Resources. TeenChangers. BrainPOP ELL. Resources for Teachers. Teach from Home. Now that schoolwork is happening at home, students are spending more time than ever online.

Teach from Home

Here are tips and tools to help families manage and support children's use of technology. How can I learn about the technology my child is using for school?