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Background and Border Designs Simply select a background or border design image for your Chatwing or insert your own image. Create Chat Custom URL Links Access your Chatwing by create your personal URL Chat Link Customize Chatwing Size to fit any Web Page - Grab Chatwing HTML Code Customize Width and Height to your desired Size.


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The ultimate web presentation tool Drop in great online & offline content Add your comments & insights Educate your customers step by step Interviews Nightclub Doorman Confesses Nightlife Secrets City Never Sleeps gets a few doormen to confess the secrets of the nightlife. For confidential reasons we can not disclose their names or workplace. We wouldn’t want them to get fired now, would we? Read Full Story Chatwing A Free Hosted Live Chat Widget An amazing collection of Photo Album Template is waiting for you. You just Guy scroll down and get 25 interesting and inspiring Photo Album Template. You catch you memorable moments into camera and then OracleVoice: 10 Tech Trends That Will Transform Your Industry I have bad news for companies that are struggling to improve their customer engagement—it’s only going to get more difficult. Social-savvy, smartphone-carrying consumers will switch allegiances faster than you can say “customer relationship management.” “Customers are going to get harder to deal with, not easier—less loyal, more picky,” says Oracle Oracle President Mark Hurd. Hurd was speaking at Oracle Industry Connect in Boston, where more than 1,500 business and technology executives from the communications, financial services, health sciences, retail, and utilities industries, and those from project-intensive industries such as construction and manufacturing, came together to delve deeply into what’s happening in their sectors. They also shared ideas and best practices where there’s common ground. “People want to learn, borrow, and understand what other industries are doing to solve similar problems,” said Bob Weiler, Executive Vice President of Oracle’s Global Business Units.

Smokin' and Bloggin' Producer/rapper Hit-boy releases a new track Grindin’ My Whole Life featuring, B. Carr, Big Hit, Audio Push, Bmactthequeen, and Kent M$ney. This cut will appear on the HS87 compilation project We The Plug, due out this year. Read More Chatwing Chat Software as an Effective Website Update Provider There is no doubt that any website can benefit from a clear-cut, accurate, and informative updating system. Since all visitors have different preferences when it comes to getting website updates, it is best to explore options. If you want to create a competitive website that can help you penetrate a desired niche, you must remember the importance of a thorough update. Worry not—now, you can use a very simple and straightforward application that can help you deliver the latest news about your website. This application is in the form of a website chatroom provided by Chatwing’s free chat box takes up a small portion of the website.

10 Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Needs a Mobile Site (infographic) On my post “Nonprofit Websites & Responsive Design,” I talked about designing websites having mobile users in mind. The reason behind it is that people are increasingly accessing the Web and conducting transactions, such as making donations, on their smartphone, tablets and other mobile devices. A few days ago, I ran across this well-done infographic by AD:60. It lists 10 reasons why you need a mobile site. Although some reasons are directed to the for-profit sector, let’s keep in mind that nonprofits also collect donations online, sell event tickets online and run online auctions… just to mention a few.

Chatwing: Preparing the Blogging Ground for 2013 The year 2013 is coming, and the hype of 2012 doomsday hoax is rapidly going to an end. No matter how many hoaxes arrive, the Internet will remain as the fastest information superhighway. Through websites and blogs, people will always get their daily dose of data—from the smallest novelty item creation, to the most important stock market tip. In other words, the Internet is supreme. Now that the door to 2013 is ready to open, the blogging industry is sure to have upcoming trends. While conducting a thorough blogging search, I stumbled upon a simple chatroom application that can be a part of the blogging ground of 2013.

The Main Hustler Rule is - Don’t Blow Your Cool: Searching for the roots of rap Riverhorse Media’s Michael Todd talks about making a film on the seminal 1973 album Hustlers Convention. In his search for the roots of rap, he discovers that not only is this journey important, but exactly why that is. My journey started nearly twenty years ago. I was an exchange student at Berkeley in California. Back in the UK the Acid Jazz scene was thriving. Superlative Hip Hop Items - Superlative Magazine Search Folge uns! Superlative Magazine ist ein Online Lifestyle Magazin über Streetwear, Design, Places, Food, Streetart, Skateboarding & Hamburg. Superlative Magazine ist die große Schwester des Blogs Superlative Hamburg bekommeSoftly Superlative MagazineSuperlative Skateboarding

F.TAPE Fashion Directory in The Model Wall In just six months Andreas Lindquist has shot the cover of 10 Men, walked exclusively for Burberry and took part in his debut show season! in Model News Florian van Bael keeps cool in the summer sun modelling all-white ensembles for the new issue of Fantastic Man. in Magazines & Editorial Witches, seductive temptresses and youth ready to rebel.

THE VERSASTYLE: July 2013 Sorry for the mini hiatus! Last week was July Fourth and I totally let the holiday/four-day weekend get the best of me. It was kinda magical to have more than two days to do whatever I wanted - which consisted eating, BBQ-ing, visiting wine bars, eating ice cream before dinner, massages, getting my hair trimmed (I know you can't tell but its a lot cleaner on the edges) and lots of movies. It's just what I needed before the month gets uber busy.