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Online Chat Software - Envolve

B2B Social Media Marketing Success Stories Take a moment to think about, and count, the number of B2C social media success stories that pop into your head. I’ll venture to guess that you could immediately name five to 10, if not many more. From Ford to Dell to Zappos to Best Buy, B2C social media winners – those organizations that caught on early and created a cult following of brand cheerleaders via the social web – are hard to miss. But how about the B2B social media winners? And yet, there are just as many B2B organizations successfully conquering social media. 1. Since 2007, AMEX OPEN has relied on its OPEN Forum to provide business advice and insight. The social site has been extremely successful, increasing unique visitors 525% over the past year – from 160,000 in December 2008 to nearly 1 million in December 2009. 2. It’s evident that the HSBC Business Network truly thrives on its members. The site’s homepage is populated with content from users: the most popular recent blog post, forum post and user profile. 3. 4. 5.

About Bitcoin | WinPoker What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a digital currency that enables instant payments anywhere in the world. It uses peer-to-peer technology to operate; money is issued and transactions are managed collectively by the network, meaning there is no central authority. You can learn more about Bitcoin at How does it work? The first step is to download a Bitcoin e-wallet to your computer or mobile device. Is it secure? Absoutely. Where can I get a Bitcoin e-wallet? We recommend wallets with two-factor authentication from any of the following sites: Where can I purchase Bitcoin? Online exchanges include: How do I make a deposit? Visit the cashier on our website or in our poker client and follow the instructions. What happens when I make a deposit? Are there any processing fees? No, all Bitcoin payments are processed free of charge. Why should I choose WinPoker rather than another Bitcoin poker room? Yes.

Nurph Analogue - free pictures via Wylio wxAUI: Advanced User Interface for wxWidgets Advanced User Interface Library for wxWidgets Important Note: As of July 5, 2006, the wxAUI library has been integrated into the wxWidgets cross-platform framework. To obtain this library, please download the latest version of wxWidgets. wxAUI is an Advanced User Interface library for the wxWidgets toolkit that allows developers to create high-quality, cross-platform user interfaces quickly and easily. The wxAUI Project website is the central location for all things pertaining to wxAUI, such as learning about the design principles, downloading a sample application, viewing screenshots and finding documentation. Watch a 90-second demonstration For a quick look at wxAUI using a real-world use case, please watch the video below: If you have any questions, comments or patches for wxAUI, please feel free to post them at the wxAUI Forums. Créer et animer avec succès une FanPage sur Facebook Le mérite de cette conférence de Ruben Quinonès est d'expliquer simplement comment aller explorer toutes les possibilités de Facebook, possibilités que nous négligeons parfois... Le résumé (en anglais), de cette conférence est expliqué dans la suite de note. Tout le monde a l'impression de savoir mais oublie de remplir des champs ou d'utiliser des fonctionnalités intéressantes de Facebook. Ci-dessous, quelques exemples : Provide a practical lecture on implementing and growing Facebook fan pages. Writing good descriptions with search optimization in mind when users search for a service on Facebook.Architecture of a fan page – well thought out tabs on the Fan page. Part two of this session will touch on the elements of growing and sustaining a fan page: Engagement on Facebook: What is it? Part three of this session will involve growing your fan base: Running contests to increase your fan page views and or base.

wxWebConnect: Advanced Web Browser Library for wxWidgets Web Browser Control Library for wxWidgets wxWebConnect is a Web Browser Control library for wxWidgets that enables developers to quickly integrate advanced Web browser capabilities into their own applications. To achieve these capabilities, wxWebConnect wraps functionality exposed by the Mozilla Foundation's Gecko engine (XULRunner) into a set of user-friendly classes, allowing developers to easily embed browser controls, search web content, print web pages, interact with the DOM, implement custom content handling for different MIME types, issue POST calls using the browser content state, and perform other advanced operations. This website is the central location for all things pertaining to wxWebConnect, such as learning about its capabilities, downloading a sample application, viewing screenshots and finding documentation. Watch a 90-second demonstration For a quick look at wxWebConnect using a real-world use case, please watch the video below: Thanks for visiting.

wxDesigner - dialog editor, RAD tool, IDE for wxWidgets, wxPython, wxPerl and wx.NET Browser Memory Efficiency Usage 64-bit or 32-bit 2013