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Best Mac Tools Task Coach Colloquy: IRC, SILC & ICB Client GrandPerspective Vim is hard, I just want to click around More than a year ago, I wrote about switching to Vim. I was quite happy with how it all worked, but I found myself switching back to Textmate after a while. I read through a lot of dotfiles to “steal” some configuration options from others, took some time to go through vimtutor, read some blogposts and after a while, I was quite happy with how it all worked. My new, full screen Janus-powered MacVim editor, with sexy drawer But after some time, I started switching back to Textmate. Sometimes, I just want to click around, especially when looking for and opening files. MacVim It turns out I wasn’t the only one running into problems like this. I got a new hard drive, which was a great excuse to do a clean install and set up a better work environment. The one thing I didn’t really like was the new native Lion fullscreen mode, which newer versions of MacVim use by default. Luckily, that’s pretty easy to achieve. $ defaults write org.vim.MacVim MMNativeFullScreen 0 Janus skip_vim_plugin "nerdtree"

#Transmedia on IRC - Deus Ex Machinatio - Deus Ex Machinatio A few days ago I posted asking when would be a good time for a Transmedia Definition Forum on IRC. The result is in, and the best-for-most-people answer seems to be: Sunday, June 5, at 1pm EST/10am PST/6pm GMT. Let's get together on the server, in the #transmedia channel. If you've never used IRC before, you'll need to use a program to access it like Colloquy or Adium (for Mac) or mIRC or Trillian (for PC). If you have trouble connecting, you're welcome to ping me on Twitter or email, and I'll see what I can do to help you out. A few additional caveats: First, I am not considering myself the boss of this IRC channel or discussion; I am merely selfishly organizing this thing because it happens to be the most convenient venue for me. Second, I am personally NOT planning on posting a log of this discussion when it peters out on IRC. So yeah.

Disk Inventory X Textmate to VIM | Jack Kinsella When I switched from Textmate to VIM I felt like a tourist lost on a Japanese subway without a guide, translator or hope. I was unable to find in VIM the features I’d come to love and rely on in Textmate. I yearned for ⌘ + T to summon my models, a project drawer to manage my files, and snippets to save my fingers. Instead of accommodating my needs, VIM sat firm and unresponsive, save for a judgemental beep. With time I learned to mimic nearly every Textmate feature in VIM, and then some. This guide makes a few assumptions: You are using a Mac. This guide may only be reproduced with the express permission of Jack Kinsella – Rails Developer, London Some Preliminary Notes (Do Not Skip) In general the keyboard shortcuts in Textmate require you to press the keys at the same time. Opening, Closing and Creating Files Saving Files Undo / Redo File Renaming Project Drawer/ NERDTree Clipboard Tabs Moving Around A File Selecting Text Deleting Text Moving Text Around Searching Files Ruby On Rails Indentation Other

Trillian Lemmings - Freeware Close x Important Information for Downloads Not yet registered? Registered users have access to the quickest possible download speeds and can also access additional community features such as our "Download Alert", which automatically notifies you when a new version of this software is available. Register Now Download Software Now Save the Lemmings from impending doom! In this free MacOS version of Lemmings you control a crowd of tiny Lemmings that will keep walking straight and will need your help in order to get to the next level. provides safe and secure software. Publisher's Website: Psygnosis Current User Rating Unfortunately there are no Reviews currently available for this download.

10 outils indispensables pour mieux écrire sous Mac OS X Bonsoir à toutes et à tous © ® ™. Vous ne le savez peut-être pas, mais j’adore écrire. Je blogue, bien évidemment, j’écris des nouvelles, des romans (très mauvais), de la documentation technique… Je me suis même essayé à la poésie, avant que ma femme n’attribue mes œuvres à mon fils de 5 ans. Parce que tous ces types d’écriture sont très différents, j’ai été amené à tester un très grand nombre d’outils, à la recherche vaine et un peu naïve d’une solution logicielle unique qui me permettrait de combiner rédaction, organisation de et au sein de mes différents projets, mise en forme et gestion des versions. Écrire pour le Web Je vais vous faire un aveu : je déteste profondément écrire dans mon navigateur, même quand il s’agit de rédiger des commentaires sur un blog. Textmate Textmate, est à l’éditeur de textes ce que Mutt est à l’e-mail : simple, léger et incroyablement extensible. Textmate, par Macromates, 44€85, version d’évaluation gratuite 30 jours. Gollum Writeroom Iawriter Write Or Die

Microsoft office 2011 beta 5 build 100709 download links are here MICROSOFT OFFICE 2011 BETA 6 v14.0.BUILD.100802 FOR MAC : Download Office 2011 beta 6 v 14.0 Build 100802 for Mac OSX from here : Download the zip file unzip it and it contains the links to download MS office 2011 beta 6 for Mac OSX and it also contains the serial numbers and how to Activate this build. for older build sroll below this topicPlease remember never use the direct links in a forum or your website just use the zip file which contains the LINKS to download the files. doing this will keep the links not detected and can be used longer to download so always use the zip file which contains the download links !! the SERAIL is inside and every product ahs got its own serial.Changes in beta 6: 1- there are many changes in this beta built the main change that comes in this beta is the stability of this build 2- The Windows Live Sky Drive is working you can now login to your 25GB !