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10 Google Products You (Probably) Never Knew Existed

10 Google Products You (Probably) Never Knew Existed
I don’t know about you, but it feels like Google launches a new product every time I turn my laptop on. And these new products tend to fit into two distinct categories: Incredibly usefulIncredibly bizarre Fortunately, most of these products are free so we’re really not in a position to complain! After some lengthy research, I was surprised by how many tools Google has either developed or acquired over the years. So much so, that I thought it was a good idea to compile a list of the secrets of the Google product empire. Google Takeout – No, this is not Google’s food delivery service (although that’d be handy), this is a tool which allows you to download an archive of your data from things like your +1′s, Google+ Circles, Contacts and Picasa Web albums.Google Mars – While you’re probably familiar with Google Earth, Google Mars is a little less well known. So, how many of those did you know about? Also read: olly via shutterstock Related:  Google productsOnline tools

10 Great Free Google Forms Every Teacher Should Be Using Today's post is about a great work that has been done by our colleague Tom Barret. He has created awesome example forms for different topics. He has also made all these forms available for us to download and use with our students. To download any of the forms below, make sure to visit Tom's original post. 1- Get to Know your Class Use this form to collect information about your students such as their likes, dislikes, club affiliations, and many more. 2- Emotion Graph This is a form ideal for use by students when studying linear narrative both written or visual. 3- Spelling Test As its name suggests , this form is great for use inside the classroom to test students spelling. 4- Comprehension Questions This is a form that test students understanding of a text or anything thing else you want to test. 5- Weekly Reading Record This is a form where students can provide data about their reading. 6- Maths Data Handling 7- Guided Reading Record 8- Prior Learning Assessment 9- Library Book Review

The big list of 100 tools, tips and tricks to work more efficiently online | The Buffer blog: productivity, life hacks, writing, user experience, customer happiness and business. 7.2K Flares 7.2K Flares × What does it take to be productive? It’s a question I often ask myself and to be honest I don’t have a great answer for it yet. One key discovery I’ve made over the past year or so is that I need to have great habits in place. That’s why I’m working on a solid running routine and on a set wake-up time and sleep time. One other realization I had is that, as I now spend so much of my day working online, there are a heap of new apps being created all the time to help us all become more productive. That’s why I thought of compiling a full list of 100 tools, tips and tricks for you to reflect a bit on your own productivity. Of course, a sure fire way to fail might be to try and use all 100, which Joel pointed out to me when we discussed this post! 10 awesome music sites to get into your zone When Leo recently wrote about Multitasking, one of the most interesting aspects was that music doesn’t actually contribute to us being distracted when we work. 1. 4.

Bilan de cette première année sous le règne de Larry Page Cet article, paru en anglais sur le site du magasine américain Wired, dresse un bilan de cette première année sous le règne de Larry Page, nommé au poste de PDG de Google l’année dernière. L’auteur, Steven Levy, a également publié plusieurs livres consacrés à Google, le dernier étant « In the Plex ». En janvier 2011, avant même que j’ai eu à envoyer les brouillons de mon livre « In the Plex« , nous avons appris que Larry Page reprendrait les rênes de Google en tant que PDG. Cette transition aurait lieu le 4 avril de cette année. Maintenant que Page assume son rôle de PDG depuis un an, tout le monde en a conscience. Le règne de Page a été caractérisé par le recentrage des activités. Google est désormais la société de Larry. Sans dénigrer Sergey Brin, qui a été un partenaire à part entière dans la création de l’entreprise et lors de ces 13 dernières années. Une menace plus grande encore ? « Google », a-t-il répondu. Page a réussi à calmer cette anxiété. Comme si votre vie en dépendait

50 Little-Known Ways Google Docs Can Help In Education 5 Ways To Be A Better Public Speaker 7.16K Views 0 Likes If you've been asked to speak at a conference or host a seminar, you may be shaking in your boots. Not only is the thought of speaking in public nerve-wracking, but being in charge of a seminar that no one wants to at... My 10 Favorite Learnist Boards Of The Year 2.66K Views 0 Likes I wanted to take a moment and share my favorite Learnist boards from the past year. 14 fantastic scrolling websites that tell a story In the past year or so there has been a trend in web design towards the use of scrolling, which can help to engage visitors and provides a feeling of movement and animation. These web pages are entirely static, and rely on the visitor to interact in order to generate the ‘movement’. Back in the day if you asked for this a developer would reach for Flash, but nowadays HTML5 (which has a <ParallaxScroll> tag), CSS3 and JQuery are usually employed to achieve scrolling effects. I’ve collected a bunch of scrolling websites that are built with the arrow keys in mind. I’m not yet convinced that scrolling is something that e-commerce companies should be embracing en masse, but it can certainly be used to support brand and product campaigns, given that the best examples are inherently narrative. Scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, keep those websites scrolling… Volkswagen’s amazing non-animated animation The VW Beetle website invites you to scroll down a very long page. Smart USA Activate Drinks Bagigia

450+ new ways to make your Google presentations pop Good design is an important part of getting your point across in a presentation. Over time we’ve added a bunch of features to help you bring a little something extra to your decks, like slide transitions and animations, thousands of free stock photos, and a growing collection of templates. Today, creating eye-catching presentations gets even easier, with more than 450 new fonts to choose from. (flip through the presentation below to see them in action) To browse and select new fonts, click on Add fonts from the bottom of the fonts dropdown in the toolbar. Any fonts that you select will get automatically added to your fonts list so it’s easy to find them later. Plus, fonts that you’ve already added to Google documents will automatically appear in your presentations font list too. So next time you're working on a presentation, jazz it up with some Calligrafitti, Indie Flower, Short Stack, or hundreds of other new choices.

Productive Web Apps | Web Apps to help you at work and play Matt Cutts explique le fonctionnement de Google Abondance > Actualités > Matt Cutts explique le fonctionnement de Google Dans une nouvelle et longue vidéo (7'45"), Matt Cutts (tee-shirt gris) répond à une question sur le fonctionnement du moteur de recherche Google. Il dissèque donc, dans cette vidéo, les différentes phases de traitement des données par un moteur de recherche, en s'attardant sur le crawl et ses différentes évolutions (notamment la mise à jour "Fritz" en 2003, qui a amené un crawl plus rapide des sites souvent mis à jour), le "supplemental index" mis en place à cette époque, l'index inversé qui permet de retrouver rapidement les pages contenant plusieurs mots clés et (plus rapidement, hélas ) l'algorithme de ranking... Bref, si vous ne savez pas vraiment comment fonctionne un moteur de recherche, cette vidéo de vulgarisation est faite pour vous... Les autres, experts du domaine, passez votre chemin...

How to Use Google Drive on the iPad There’s no Google Drive iPad app available from Google, and the mobile version of the Google Drive service fails to load on the iPad more often than not. There are a number of ways to use Google Drive on the iPad while we wait for an official Google Drive iPad app. GoodReader for iPad is a $5 app that connects to web storage services on the iPad, including Google Drive. GoodReader allows users to download and use a wide array of file types from music and movies to photos, documents and spreadsheets. Productivity minded users will love that GoodReader allows them to open files from Google Drive in iPad apps like Pages, Numbers, iBooks, SignMyPad, and many more. How to Use Google Drive on the iPad 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Now it is possible to download and use most files from Google Drive on the iPad. I have been able to download and use PDF files, video files, documents and spreadsheets on the ad without any issues.

La com’ de Danone et Nestlé envahit Facebook Pour les géants de l'agroalimentaire, Facebook est le média idéal. Ils y créent des vrais faux comptes d'admirateurs de leurs marques. Et y animent, officieusement, des fan pages à la gloire de leurs produits. Pour l’agroalimentaire, le média le plus séduisant du moment, qui peut être modelé à souhait, c’est Facebook. 10% des budgets pub Conséquence, Danone, Nestlé, Orangina entre autres prennent en main leur présence sur Facebook par l’entremise de fan pages dédiées à leurs produits industriels, animées par des agences ou des services de com’ qui, la plupart du temps, n’apparaissent pas es-qualité. Louis Naugès, blogueur chez ZDNet, raconte dans un article publié suite au Sommet mondial du numérique qui a eu lieu à Paris le 13 avril : Danone étant avec sa page Danette et Marine De Danette, sa community manager dédiée une des entreprises les plus présentes sur Facebook (et l’une des rares à être identifiée comme travaillant pour Danone). Fails des fan pages Faux comptes

10 Things Every Teacher Should Know How To Do With Google Docs Google Docs is a powerful word processing tool that many schools have adopted. As it’s similar to Microsoft Word and other word processing tools, most of its features are intuitive to use. However, in addition to completing many of the functions of a traditional word processor, Google Docs provides even more capabilities that can be invaluable to educators. Here are ten tricks that can make your life easier with Google Docs: Share & Collaborate with Google Docs One of the most powerful features of Google Docs is that you can share and collaborate on documents with others. Sharing with individuals is relatively easy. Comments And Suggested Edits Sometimes, you don’t want to make changes on a document. Others can reply to your comments when they make changes or ask for clarification. Revision History One of my favorite tools in Google Docs is “Revision History.” Add-Ons Recently, Google released a suite of “Add-ons.” Leave Voice Comments Sometimes written comments are not enough. Image Editing

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