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Good Eggs

Good Eggs
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Things to do with locals| Vayable Shop for Local and Organic Groceries - Online! First Growth Venture Network start-up incubator information | First Growth Venture Network First Growth Venture Network runs a yearly program. Over the course of a session, participating entrepreneurs hone their business plans, work with advisors on product market fit, pacing and development milestones, customer acquisition, and recruitment and retention strategies. In addition, our entrepreneurs will discuss business strategy and share lessons with some of the best in the business while really ramping their networks and occasionally tipping back a glass of Chateauneuf, Napa Cabernet or Riesling. The Network The cornerstone of First Growth is the network of individuals involved. Classes We realize that successful mentoring programs are more than just networking events – they need to be places of learning. The sessions will include substantive teaching from VCs, angels and successful entrepreneurs who’ve obtained funding and exited. Each session will include ample networking time with First Growth advisors, as well as the members of the Executive Committee of First Growth.

Getaround - Peer-to-peer car sharing and local car rental Nutrino: Smart Nutrition | Nutrino How Tech Is Bringing Creativity Back To The Kitchen The rise in food culture over the past few years has not only led to a flood of foodstagrams and unique restaurants, but also an increased interest in cooking at home. Taking the time to select fresh ingredients and try adventurous recipes has become a leisure activity for young urbanites looking to slow down and escape the always-on work/lifestyle demanded by today’s economy. At the same time, new devices are pushing the eating experience into new dimensions. Recently we’ve covered more experimental gadgets that play with smell as a food enhancer. While these are great fun, they don’t address the fundamental, creative culinary drive consumers exhibit when they try to adopt fancy cooking techniques like sous vide (meaning ‘under vacuum’ in French). PSFK had the opportunity to test the Nomiku, an immersion circulator that answers the consumer call for more culinary freedom. What is sous vide cooking, and what makes it special? What barriers prevent people from making amazing food at home?

Arapyaú O Instituto Arapyaú é uma fundação privada que tem como proposta articular organizações e lideranças, conhecimentos e ações que promovem a transformação da sociedade. Fazemos isso por meio do aporte de recursos financeiros, de conhecimento e de relações a parceiros que trabalham na linha de frente da promoção da sustentabilidade. O Arapyaú atua em três áreas estratégicas – conhecimento, mobilização e lideranças – em nível local (sul da Bahia), nacional e global. A palavra arapyaú (da tradição tupi-guarani) significa “tempo-espaço novo” e representa o mundo mais próspero e sustentável que buscamos construir. Visão Um Brasil próspero e responsável Missão Contribuir para articular a transição para uma sociedade mais justa, solidária e sustentável Valores Inovação e criatividade Empreendedorismo e ousadia Interdependência e solidariedade Conselho de Governança Guilherme Leal Fundador Júlio Moura Presidente Claudio Padua Felipe Leal Jorge Forteza Oded Grajew Pedro Villares Ricardo Leal Equipe

Bar Power Is A Nightlife App To Help You Be Less Of A Jerk At Bars Once you’ve had a few drinks at a bar it’s easy to let loose and blow off steam. Unfortunately, while you’re having fun, you could end up annoying others around you, namely the staff at the venue you’re at. By acting like a fool, you’re jeopardizing your future visits, since bartenders tend to remember who was a jerk and who was a great customer. A project at our Disrupt Hackathon called “Bar Power” is an app that will remind you to “not be a douchebag.” The really interesting part of the app comes into play when you’ve done something wrong. I chatted with the team who built it, Patricia Ju and Chris Baily, and they discussed their reasons for creating Bar Power, mostly stemming from Baily’s professional experience in the bar scene. Once you’re in the app, you select the bar that you’re at and then start doing the nice things that it tells you to do.

Executive Committee | First Growth Venture Network We may be biased but we think our team is what makes us great. We are pleased to have the following individuals caring for the crop at First Growth Venture Network. Our Executive Committee and Founding Growers: Ed Zimmerman, FGVN Executive Committee Chair, Founder/Chair Tech Group at Lowenstein Sandler and, Adjunct Professor of Venture Capital at Columbia Business SchoolJeff Bussgang, General Partner, Flybridge Capital Partners (Boston, MA)Matt Witheiler, Principal, Flybridge Capital Partners (Boston, MA)Kathi A. Rawnsley, FGVN COO, Founding Partner Lowenstein Sandler Silicon Valley; former Regional Counsel for the US/Canada for Intel CapitalJohn Eley, CEO PivotDayna B. Our Administrative Team Karen Ernst, Lowenstein Sandler Betsy Hatfield, Lowenstein Sandler First Growth Venture Network would not be complete without our amazing group of mentors, check them out at the Advisors page.

How to open new doors by closing your office Virtually no one who has leased office space has enjoyed writing that rent check every month. It might have been satisfying at first, when the firm or company was young and having an office was a sign of progress, but watching money go into a landlord’s pocket inevitably gets old. Still, the reality was that for most multiemployee businesses, the brick-and-mortar office was foundational to the organization’s existence. Physical presence announced reliability and permanence to current and prospective clients. That mindset is beginning to change. In the public accounting space, many new practices start completely virtual, and many sole practitioners have operated out of their homes for years. Business Management Resource Group (BMRG) and Blumer & Associates are a pair of firms that closed brick-and-mortar offices last year and moved to fully virtual setups. Is going virtual a realistic option for your firm or business? Carolyn Sechler, CPA (at left), is a pioneer in virtual offices.

HealthyOut Is Like A Personal Nutritionist For Healthy Food Deliveries New York-based startup HealthyOut already has a popular iPhone and Android app for quickly finding nearby restaurants and dishes that users can order and have delivered. Today at Disrupt NY 2013, HealthyOut is unveiling a new service, which will provide users with personalized menus of food delivered to help them lose weight or just eat better overall. Launching first in New York City, HealthyOut’s delivery service is designed to provide users with healthy options two times a day, five days a week. Now, there’s no shortage of food delivery services out there. HealthyOut is designed to be “your own personal concierge and nutritionist planning out your meals,” co-founder Wendy Nguyen told me. “Everyone knows go-to meals around a given spot,” Nguyen told me. Users can personalize those deliveries based on dietary preferences or requirements. Customers can cancel or put a meal on hold if they plan to eat out somewhere else or *gasp* cook something themselves. Judge Q&A

To Help Small Farmers Meet City's Demand, Online Startup Directly Connects Local Farms to Buyers March 27, 2013 | Melonie Magruder Farmers Web is an 18-month-old start-up that aims to link local farms with local buyers through a wholesale “management tool,” and vibrant online marketplace that allows you to “shop and sell local online, anytime.” The brainchild of co-founder and CEO, Jennifer Goggin, Farmers Web was born in downtown Manhattan from decidedly non-bucolic roots. “I went into finance after college (Columbia University – political science), but my heart just wasn’t in it,” Goggin said. What Farmers Web (Goggin and two colleagues who were long time friends) aims to do is connect small to mid-size farmers within 300 miles of New York City directly with buyers, obviating the need for a middleman wholesaler. Suppliers outside of the city cannot always deal directly with the multitude of restaurants, institutions and small grocers that usually make their purchases from a wholesale market in lower Manhattan. Jennifer Goggin, founder of Farmers Web. Need some purple kohlrabi?