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Empowering innovative companies to recruit and retain diverse talent Joelle Emerson Founder & CEO As the Founder and CEO of Paradigm, Joelle partners with leaders of some of the world's most exciting and innovative companies to develop and execute effective diversity strategies. Joelle is an expert on diversity, inclusion, and unconscious bias, and has written on these subjects for USA Today, TechCrunch, and Cosmopolitan. » Capturing Motion with Photogrammetry and PhotoModeler Posted on Friday, October 11th, 2013 In this post I highlight the practical uses of PhotoModeler Motion (PMM), and feature two example projects. PhotoModeler Motion / PMM is the top of the PhotoModeler product line. It brings the time dimension into your measurement and modeling projects. PMM includes all features of PhotoModeler and PhotoModeler Scanner, and adds modeling of a dynamic object or scene over time – a PMM project encapsulates a series of mini projects – one per ‘epoch’, based on the frame rate of your photography or video. Some uses of PMM are a) measuring the effect of a load on a material over time, b) modeling the change in shape of an object or scene due to erosion or human action, or c) measuring the distance key points move over time.

Top 10 business ideas & opportunities for 2016 Just like the Nerdalize servers, the best innovations look to solve more than one problem at once. Tackling the dual problems of derelict housing lots and a lack of affordable housing in Amsterdam, Heijmans ONE are complete, self-contained two storey living units. They cost around EUR 700 per month to rent and come equipped with all the basic required facilities, including kitchen, bathroom, separate bedroom, living room and outside patio space. The units can be installed in derelict lots in less than a day, breathing life into neglected areas. When building work is set to start in those areas, the units can be removed as easily as they were installed, and transferred to a new site.

Meet Project Jacquard, Google's Plan To Turn Your Clothes Into A Touch Screen It’s one thing to say you want a culture of innovation. It’s another to actually get everyone truly innovating. We hear it all the time from the executive suite—take more risks, embrace uncertainty, learn from failure. 5 Design Jobs That Won't Exist In The Future Organ designers, chief drone experience designers, cybernetic director. Those are some of the fanciful new roles that could be created by the global design industry in the next few years. But what about current design roles? How will they favor over the next 15 years? Will every company by 2030 have a chief design officer, or will they all go extinct? Should a generation of creatives who grew up worshipping Apple's Jonathan Ive put all their eggs in the industrial design basket?

Live Out Your Superhero Fantasies with Advanced 3D-Imaging xxArray's 3D capture kit—now on a North American tour—takes the human body to super-being proportions Rolling around in toxic waste is no longer the best way to turn yourself into a super-being, thanks to detailed 3D-scanning and digital avatar tech from xxArray. Having assumed (correctly) that we’ve all been dreaming of a way to turn ourselves into interactive, souped-up avatars, the team is currently on its 14-city xxArray 3D Capture Tour and promoting its gear via Kickstarter, thereby bringing access to its 3D avatar development kit to the masses.

Open Your Ears To The News Project Manager Gabi’s hopped around the media industry, turning her hand to any number of mediums and roles. After her Journalism BA in Sydney she set off for Amsterdam, where she helped run Amsterdam’s best known music radio station, Red Light Radio. When she got wind of an audio news app that was going revolutionize the industry, it was something she knew she had to be part of. Editor in Chief and Co-founder Specialty? Too old to start a new venture? Take a look at these famous entrepreneurs All the current 20-something CEOs are ruining it for people who may facing a mid-life crisis. These infographics prove why it’s never to late to start your own venture. Check it out below. Did you know? McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc sold paper cups and milkshake mixers till he was 52Harry Potter author J.K.Rowling was a single mom on welfare till she was 31Harrison Ford was a carpenter till his 30sZara founder Amancio Ortega was a shirt shop helper till he was 30Evan Williams co-founded Twitter at the age of 35Niklas Zennstromm was 37 when he created SkypeArianna Huffington started Huffington Post at the age of 54

Plastic to Oil Fantastic This video brief about the invention of a plastic-to-oil converting machine went viral and exceeded 3.7 million views on YouTube. This is evidence that concern over “the plastic problem” is certainly not going away, despite encouraging bans on and decreases in the use of plastic shopping bags. Here on Our World, on the video’s YouTube page and those of re-posters too, as well as on the hot Reddit Science link, the topic has generated much interest and debate amongst commenters. Many think that this type of recycling is not a solution, but that instead the world should be seriously focused on the first “R” — which is reduce. We should shun single-use plastic (such as your average PET bottle or disposable container) altogether, they argue. The world’s oil resources are diminishing; does technology like this enable our denial of that fact, or is it a hopeful and constructive step in the right direction?

This large-scale building kit helps kids learn about engineering, architecture, and design through play The Rigamajig is a 263-piece large-scale building kit for children, which comes with no instructions or directions, but instead encourages kids to follow their own curiosity to learn about engineering, design, architecture, art, and science, through playing. Sometimes kids learn best through free play, curiosity, and collaboration, and their imaginations can be sparked by just giving them the materials and free reign to create whatever they want. And now, thanks to a new kind of large-scale building kit, kids can get plenty of hands-on experience creating their own structures, machines, and inventions, learning about design and architecture and engineering at the same time. Cas Holman, an industrial designer at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), was asked to design 'play opportunities' for Manhattan's High Line park in 2011, and her solution, described as a "popup playground" was realized in 2011 as the High Line Children's Workyard Kit. © Rigamajig

ecoLogicStudio's BIO-URBAN Design Lab in the Sonoran desert, Arizona Abandoned mining infrastructure in the Copper Corridor, Arizona. © BIO Urban Design LAB – UCL. Arcosanti Foundation, view of the pottery workshop, Arizona. © BIO Urban Design LAB – UCL. The BIO-URBAN Design Lab, led by Marco Poletto and Claudia Pasquero – founders of ecoLogicStudio and leaders of the BIO- Urban Design Research Cluster of the MArch Urban Design programme at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL – embarked in a research trip to the Sonoran desert in Arizona in March 2014. Microclimate morphologies relates to craters: NIDUS team: microclimatic morphologies – projected scenario of emerging biotopes. © BIO Urban Design LAB – UCL. Cosanti Foundation – earth cast concrete vault – Scottsdale, Arizona.© BIO Urban Design LAB – UCL.

The Rise of Interactive Quizzes Interactive quizzes involving muppets, home places and House of Cards characters have suddenly become some of the most popular content formats on the web. We look at the share figures. Speaking at the news:rewired conference in London this morning, BuzzFeed’s Editorial Director Jack Shepherd said that the site now treat the quiz as a legitimate story format. Their recent ‘What State Do You Actually Belong In?‘ quiz has just become their most-shared post ever, a week after it was first published. Meanwhile, The New York Times’ most popular piece of content in 2013 was also an interactive quiz (which was designed by a then intern), which attempted to parse readers’ US state of origin through a number of entertaining steps (it seems as though identity quizzes have the most resonance on social media).