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Keyport Store - Slides, Blades and Accessories

Keyport Store - Slides, Blades and Accessories
Keyport products are proudly designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA. Keys have been around for centuries and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Keychains however, are a thing of the past. Each Slide has a unique serial number. We offer a Lost & Found program to reunite you with your beloved Slide. Learn More

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Monkey Light Pro turns bicycle wheels into colorful, animated displays There are plenty of interesting ways to deck out your bicycle, but MonkeyLectric may have come up with the ultimate way to make it stand out on the road. The company's new Monkey Light Pro is a set of LED bars that attach to a bicycle wheel and can be programmed to play colorful animations. This isn't the first light-up bicycle wheel system we've seen, and MonkeyLectric itself has produced other models in the past, but none have been as elaborate as this. Over the last two years, the company has been hand-making prototypes of the newer system for special events and projects.

LapTouch: a conceptual laptop for creative minds The LapTouch concept is targeted at the creative community (Image: Amir Labidi) Image Gallery (8 images) Einstein famously maintained that a cluttered desk is a sign of a brilliant mind. Design Probes - Bio-light {*style:<b>How we could use it </b>*}Bioluminescence produces low-intensity light, more suitable for tracing, warning, ambience and indication than functional illumination. Its speed of generation, being dependent on chemical reaction, is slower than most conventional light sources and the life form itself must be kept alive. But it needs no wires and is independent of the electricity grid. The living nature of the material provides interesting possibilities for changing, unpredictable, environmentally responsible ambient effects. {*style:<b>Some possible uses might include

I used Google Glass: the future, but with monthly updates The frosted-glass doors on the 11th floor of Google’s NYC headquarters part and a woman steps forward to greet me. This is an otherwise normal specimen of humanity. Normal height, slender build; her eyes are bright, inquisitive. She leans in to shake my hand and at that moment I become acutely aware of the device she’s wearing in the place you would expect eyeglasses: a thin strip of aluminum and plastic with a strange, prismatic lens just below her brow. Multi-Touch Keyboard and Mouse by Jason Giddings What are Multi-Touch peripheralsMulti-Touch keyboards and mice are the next generation in computer peripherals. These elegant well made devices are composed of quality tempered glass, a solid metal base, and the finest components. They are designed using simple existing technology and have no moving parts. They have rechargeable Lithium Polymer batteries and are completely wireless. The tactile sounds and lighting can be turned on or off per the users' preference plus they are coffee and doughnut resistant!

PYRO Fireshooter by Adam Wilber This is not a toy. This is a "badass" professional device that allows you to launch fireballs from your open palm. Fire. Since the dawn of time it has been the reward at the end of man's quest. Both creator and destroyer, it has historically been the element hardest to control. Until now. iPhone 4S Transparent Rear Glass Panel My Problem The problem with my iPhone 4s was that i had no idea the battery was swollen. I would charge it to 100% and right after it would die. The only way my phone would stay on would be at a constant charge.

Montblanc E-Strap: A Smartwatch That Hides Behind a Real Watch January 4th, 2015 by Stirling Matheson If you like watches, you probably have strong feelings about smartwatches. On one hand, you’re probably in favor of watches that do as much as possible, even if it’s not something you’d use (what lunar phase is it?), but on the other hand, an electronic device is so far divorced from most of the elements of horology that you love. Solid Gray - White body / Black details protective hardshell design backpack Place bid Review and confirm your bid Bid confirmation d h