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Funny T-Shirts

Funny T-Shirts

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Smile Cooking Toaster by Xu Yan Xiang Put A Smile On Your Toast Does your toast smile at you in the morning or is it a grumpy old man? Quirky as it may sound, I think small nuances (or gimmicks) like this can really make a difference in your day. Bring out your shiny smile for the Smile Cooking Toaster! Think hair straightening iron for a moment, similar to that clasp design is this appliance. Difference lies in the electric-heating nano-membrane and different smiley faces you can use to singe on the bread.

Is hell exothermic? I do not know who originally wrote this but it is a classic. A thermodynamics professor had written a take home exam for his graduate students. It had one question: "Is Hell exothermic (gives off heat) or endothermic (absorbs heat)? Support your answer with a proof." Victorinox SSD official: up to 1TB of high-speed storage crammed in a Swiss Army Knife Brand Redefines Portable Secure Storage with Launch of Victorinox SSD and Slim USB 3.0 Las Vegas (Jan. 9, 2012)-Today at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show, iconic brand Victorinox Swiss Army (VSA), the exclusive marketer of Victorinox USB Flash Memory devices, announced the launch of two new portable storage additions-the Victorinox SSD and Victorinox Slim 3.0. VSA brings more than 125 years of trusted precision, quality, function and versatility to its newest consumer electronics innovations, which is a burgeoning product category for the brand. - New & Cool Graphic Art T-Shirts every 72 hours! By cmdixon2 $15.00 By Randyotter $15.00 By againstbound $10.00 By smoking $15.00 Green Wheel - Electricity Producing Exercise Equipment by Nadim Inaty Human Hampster Wheel for Energy Green Wheel by is an exercise machine that transforms kinetic energy produced by the human body into electricity. Multiple machines are connected to a central energy storage unit where electricity can then be supplemented to road lights and traffic lights. Designer Nadim Inaty imagines that units could be placed in public spaces, and that users could donate some of their jogging time in exchange for a place to run. If you’re running anyway- why not?! Designer: Nadim Inaty Sweden recognises new file-sharing religion Kopimism 5 January 2012Last updated at 08:49 ET File-sharing is a religious ceremony according to the church leader A "church" whose central tenet is the right to file-share has been formally recognised by the Swedish government. The Church of Kopimism claims that "kopyacting" - sharing information through copying - is akin to a religious service. The "spiritual leader" of the church said recognition was a "large step".

Wake Up with Wake-Up Light Half-hour before you need to wake up, Philips Wake-Up Light emits light whose intensity increases gradually, simulating the sunrise. Unlike unnatural and shocking effect of alarm devices such as mobile phones, this period of constant exposure to light prepares the body for revival in a delicate manner, reducing the state of confusion when you wake up. The results are indicative, more than 1 in 8 users of Philips Wake-up Light believe this method to wake up from sleep is preferable to previous methods. For the awakening experience to be more pleasant, Philips Wake-Up Light sounds natural, soft, which will make you to wake up easily, such as birds chirping or the chimes created by the wind noise; also Philips Wake-Up Light is equipped with radio. To awaken on music, the new Philips Wake-up Light with iPod port can play music from your iPod or iPhone in the morning, so you can wake up on songs that will calm down.

Shark Attack Mug Shark Attack Mug Drink your coffee then BAM! The jaws of the Shark Attack Mug rises out of the dark sea of coffee to surprise you. 25 Old Ads That Couldn’t Be Published Today 25 Old Ads That Couldn’t Be Published Today Jon December 29, 2010 2 Meanwhile In Japan – How To Pack Like A Pro – Steven Funniest Signs – Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera has us seeing spherical potential Each time there is a new way to capture media, especially when that means is inexpensive, the world goes nuts trying to see how they can show off their life and times with it. That's what's about to happen with this ball camera, the Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera, that is, a project that's currently Patent Pending and has been in the works, apparently, since back in 2010. The project has progressed to the point here in late 2011 where the designers feel it strong enough to present to the public - just toss it up in the air and at it's peak - SNAP - you've got a complete 360 degree view of the environment the ball is in. How's that for a new way of seeing things? This is more than a panoramic view, it's a whole new experience. Can you imagine bringing this ball with you everywhere you went?

Cheeseburger in a can: bought, cooked, and eaten! THIS IS SO AWESOME. One curious individual over at the Something Awful forums has gone and bought himself a cheeseburger in a can. Just the other day, I posted about the German website that was selling the cheeseburger in a can for about $6. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it, but now here’s proof in pictures. Yes, it is real! 7 Sign In or Create Account Follow Zee Captain: Become a Patreon $13,000 Will Buy You Extreme Awesomeness 07Mar So if your got a little of ten thousand dollars to spare you could be the proud owner of this amazing machine. The hovercraft was built by New Zealander Rudy Heeman (@ThisIsGenius on Twitter). You start from the water and once you reach speeds of around 45 MPH you can begin to lift off.

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