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Exercise on English Adjectives

Exercise on English Adjectives
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English tests - Learn English - Online grammar tests, dictation tests, vocabulary tests, memory tests, daily test, and reading and comprehension tests Learn English Free Test Your English How To Use This Page Here you will find English tests online to test your listening, memory, vocabulary, reading and comprehension, spelling and grammar skills. Business English | Confusing words | Dictation | Gap Fill | Grammar | Memory Placement | Reading and Comprehension | Sorting and Matching | Spelling Tests | Vocabulary English Quizzes | English Games These tests have been developed to work best using Chrome, Firefox or IE. Business English Business English abbreviations test - How much do you know about abbreviations used in business? Job Titles - Do you know who does what in a company? Which department - Can you name the departments in a company? Confusing words Any vs Some Been vs Gone Borrow vs Lend By vs Until Check vs Control He's vs His Human | Man | People| Person | Persons I / Me / My Say / Tell / Ask There / Their / They're To / Too / Two Where / Were / Wear / We're Who / Whose / Whom Check out the common English mistakes page for explanations. ! Memory

Comparatives (long and short) Comparing people... Compare the following people: Bob Homer Alice 28 years old 39 years old 9 years old 55 kilos 80 kilos 33 kilos 1.50 mt 1.55 mt 1.20 mt Bob is (YOUNG) than Homer.Homer is (OLD) than Alice.Alice is (SLIM) than Bob.Bob is (SHORT) than Homer.Homer is (FAT) than Bob.Alice is (SHORT) than Homer.Homer is (UGLY) than Alice. Homer is (SLOW) than Bob.Bob is (TIDY) than Homer.Alice is (BEAUTIFUL) than Bob.Alice has got (LONG) hair than Bob.Homer can play the guitar (GOOD) than Alice.Alice can run (FAST) than Homer.Alice draws (BAD) than Bob. Bob is (INTELLIGENT) than Homer. Homer is a (INTERESTING) person than Bob. Now, compare the following people: Harry Garfield Sponge Bob 32 years old 10 years old 6 years old 75 kilos 60 kilos 3 kilos 1.90 mt 0.57 mt 0.20 mt ex: Harry is older than Garfield. © CynWilkinson 2009

Los Angeles :: Default Los Angeles, also known as L.A., is the second largest city in the United States (after New York). Most (Einwanderer) immigrants to the United States arrive in Los Angeles and many of them stay here. The city is also famous for its two Olympic Games (1932 and 1984). Hollywood Hollywood is a district of Los Angeles and for a long time it was (nichts weiter als) nothing more but the name of a ranch. On the Walk of Fame (along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street) more than 2,000 (Prominente) celebrities are honored with a star. Disneyland (Anaheim, California) Disneyland is situated in Anaheim, just a little south of the City of Los Angeles. Adventureland Critter Country Fantasyland Frontierland Main Street U.S.A. Comparison of Adjectives Adjectives are compared with -er/-est or with more/most.

Irregular verbs straightforward - Games to learn English | Games to learn English I have already tried teaching irregular verbs in many ways. I have tried irregular verbs associative method, irregular verbs listening drill, irregular verbs in context and many others. However, the results were not very good. Only about half of the students know the verbs. That is why in my next four posts I would like to present 100 irregular verbs straightforward. First, watch the video and repeat the words. The second half of the verbs is presented in the following video: Irregular verbs – worksheets The first worksheet contains all the verbs in a table. Irregular verbs 01_all Then there are two worksheets containing activities to practice the irregular verbs from the two videos. Irregular verbs_worksheetIrregular verbs_worksheet_key The activities for the second video are over here:Irregular verbs 2 _worksheetIrregular verbs 2_worksheet_key Irregular verbs – quizzes The first two quizzes test the knowledge of the first thirteen verbs presented in the first video. Irregular verbs – Penalty

Exercise 1 1. Apples are than chips. (healthy) 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.French is than English. 15. 16. 17. is than money. 19. 20. Comlete the chart: Example: short - shorter - the shortest Comparative-Superlative Quiz Interactive exercices Look at the picture. Compare the Donkey, Shrek, Princess and Prince in the chart. Przymiotniki angielskie Przymiotniki odpowiadają na pytania jaki? jaka? jakie? Dostarczają nam dodatkowych informacji o rzeczowniku, określają cechy osób lub rzeczy. W języku polskim przymiotnik odmienia się przez rodzaje (męski, żeński, nijaki), przypadki i liczbę: W angielskim to po prostu zawsze interesting. Przymiotniki rozpoznamypo charakterystycznych końcówkach. -ful -less -ible, -able -al -ous -en -y -ly Przymiotniki tworzymy także przez dodanie przedrostka, najczęściej tworzą one znaczenie negatywne lub przeciwne: un- in- dis- ir- im- Często rzeczownik dodany przed inny rzeczownik pełni funkcję przymiotnika: dużo jest także przymiotników złożonych Kolejność przymiotników Hmmm.... Ogólna zasada jest taka: Tak więc wiemy już jak określamy cechy osób i rzeczy, intensywność tych cech różnicujemy za pomocą stopniowania.

ESL Fun Grammar Games,Past Simple Vs. Past Progressive Betting TV Game ESL Interactive Fun Games Here we have the games carefully laid out for you. Follow the links to browse the variety of games offered. Grammar Games & Interactive Exercises - Click Here! Games for Practising Grammar: Present simple/present progressive games, past tense games, present perfect games, comparative/Superlatives and more... Vocabulary Games & Interactive Exercises - Click Here! Games for practising English vocabulary: Lots of games by topics and game types Pronunciation Games & Interactive Exercises - Click Here! Games to practice English pronunciation, phonetics and phonics. Reading/Spelling Games & Interactive Exercises - Click Here! Games and exercises to practice reading, spelling and lexis

Superlatives with 'The' Exercise 1 Need more exercises? Try Perfect English Grammar Plus! Click here to learn more. Fill the gap with 'the' if it's necessary. If you can choose either, then use 'no article' (-). Go back to the main superlatives page.Go to superlatives exercise 2.Go to the main 'a' and 'the' page. Welcome toPerfect English Grammar! Welcome! Welcome to English Grammar Express Superlative and Comparative Adjectives Download this explanation in PDF here. To make the comparative form of adjectives (like 'bigger' or 'more expensive') and the superlative form (like 'biggest' or 'most expensive'), first we need to know how many syllables are in the adjective. Adjectives with one syllable Usually if an adjective has only one syllable, we add 'er' to make the comparative form. clean → cleaner / cleanestcold → colder / coldestsmall → smaller / smallestyoung → younger / youngesttall → taller / tallest There are some spelling changes. There are a few adjectives that we have to use 'more' or 'most' with, even though they only have one syllable. fun → more fun / most fun (NOT funner / funnest)real → more real / most real (NOT realer / realest)right → more right / most right (NOT righter / rightest)wrong → more wrong / most wrong (NOT wronger / wrongest)Adjectives with two syllables For adjectives with two syllables we generally use 'more' or 'most'. There are also some irregular adjectives.

daily routine Teacher of English Home About Me Didattica Art-craft Link Copyright © All right reserved by Magopedro How It Works - GrammarFlip GrammarFlip is a self-paced, instructional program that provides a unique sequence of engaging videos on grammar, mechanics, and usage. Topics and concepts such as parts of speech, parts of the sentence, punctuation, and usage are introduced in relation to each other. This scaffolds learning and solidifies student understanding as the program progresses. At their own pace, students watch instructional videos from home, having the ability to pause and review sections that remain unclear to them. Students then move on to a series of practice exercises which provide instant feedback to reinforce their learning. Through a reporting feature, teachers can quickly assess how students performed on their practice exercises in order to identify which students need further assistance.