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Breaking News English ESL Lesson Plans - Listening

Breaking News English ESL Lesson Plans - Listening
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Socialising 4: Active listening Perhaps the most important skill connected with socialising is to ‘shut up and listen’. In practice, it can be very difficult to resist the temptation to turn every conversation into a conversation about what we consider the most interesting thing in the world, i.e. ourselves. The most skilful active listeners include nurses, social workers, psychotherapists and counsellors, so this lesson focuses especially on the techniques studied and used by these professionals. Topic: Socialising and active listening Level: Intermediate (B2) and above Aims: To raise awareness of the importance of active listening skills, and some situations where they are especially important.To teach some language and techniques for active listening, including effective use of body language.To provide practice and feedback of the situation of actively listening to a friend or colleague talking about a difficult experience. Plan components Lesson plan: download Worksheets: download Copyright - please read

E-waste, recycling, and sustainability - Geography (9,10) - ABC Splash - A TV monitor lies amongst electronic trash. Playing on it are images of recycling trash being picked up by truck and sorted and processed in plants.TANYA HA, REPORTERRight now, you are watching trashy television and I mean that in the nicest possible way. But the way we sort the stuff we want from the stuff we don't all boils down to some beautiful simple physics in action, starting with size and weight.Rubbish passes over a vibrating conveyer belt, some of it falling off.TANYA HAThis incline of vibrating, spinning rubber discs acts like a giant sieve. The lightweight paper and cardboard moves up, heavier, more compact bottles and cans move down.Tanya Ha lowers a textbook. She stands before a white board with algebraic expressions written over it.TANYA HAIf you were paying attention in high school physics you'll know that some metals and their alloys, like iron and steel, are innately magnetic.

Listen to English and learn English with podcasts in English ► Level 1 For elementary and pre-intermediate students ► Level 2 For intermediate students ► Level 3 For upper intermediate students and above ► For teachers Lesson plans, teachers' information worksheets, how to find a podcast and much more! ► Pie plus Our monthly magazine with news, videos, information worksheets and our monthly competition. ► Extras Extra worksheet activities to support the podcasts ► Freebies Free sample worksheets for each of the three levels ► Travelogues Follow the pie team on their travels and learn English along the way Podcasts in English are not just listening activities for efl and esl students to improve their conversation. Many thanks to partnersinrhyme for the jingle on our podcasts and Philip Halling for the banner photo. Our partner sites: hire essay writers online at EssayPro Check your IELTS writing online - Boost your IELTS Band Score with IELTS Writing Pro, the most advanced IELTS writing checker. - best app that writes essays for you Did you know..?

Listen to English and learn English with podcasts in English Sweden elections: How do they work? National, regional, and local elections are taking place in Sweden on September 14th. Whether you're a first-time voter or a fresh armchair observer, The Local's beginners' guide will answer the key questions you were too afraid to ask. Why is Sweden holding elections now? There are elections in Sweden every four years. Can I have a say? You have to be a Swedish citizen aged 18 or over to vote in national elections. Where do I vote? If you're allowed to vote, you should get a voting card in the post, giving you the details of your nearest polling station. How do I vote? Sweden uses multi-coloured ballot papers. Once you've worked out what colour you need, you can then choose from three different types of ballot paper. Photo: Pontus Lundahl/TT How are the winners chosen? Like most of Europe, Sweden uses a system of proportional representation, which means the number of seats a party wins largely reflects the share of the vote it gets nationwide. How will we know which party has won?

Teach them English Stockholm's shocking take on Halloween American Bill Schacht missed the spooky outfits, family feasts and charity events he associated with Halloween when he moved to Sweden. So he did something about it. The Local meets the founder of the capital's annual Shockholm parade. Halloween is a relatively young tradition in Sweden, with few people celebrating it until the 1990s. But the festival is gradually becoming an annual event here as Swedes slowly embrace scary costumes, cobweb decorations and group get-togethers. "The potential for Halloween to grow in Sweden is huge but you can't compare it to how it's celebrated elsewhere just yet," American Bill Schacht tells The Local. Originally from New York, Schacht is a huge Halloween enthusiast who has experienced his home city's annual Village Halloween Parade many times over. Missing the autumn party atmosphere, Schacht started Shockholm in 2011 – the first Halloween parade around the Swedish capital, with residents invited to dress up and join the procession. Words by Mimmi Nilsson

The 10 Best Places to Find ELT Listening Materials If, like me, you find that one of the most commonly heard requests from your learners is to provide them with additional listening materials to study with outside of class, this post is definitely for you. I’ve trawled the internet and the result of my extensive labors is the list of ten great resources you see below… enjoy! 1) Link Eng Park This site doesn’t actually produce any of its own materials, but it’s as close as an encyclopedia of all ESL online listening materials as you’re ever likely to find. If you can’t find something here for your teaching context, you almost might as well stop searching! Link Eng Park is a great resource for ELT podcasts. Reasons why I use this site Free to use (as are all on this list unless otherwise stated)Organized according to various levelsMany if not all include scripts of the listeningMany video clips as well as regular audioUpdated regularlySimple and effective search function 2) British Council Learn English Teens 3) Elllo 4) Easy Listening for Kids

Tips on how to make a video news report Do you want to make a TV news report but have no idea where to start? Watch this video to see how a group of students, with help from the BBC's Sophie Long, go about it and read the advice below. How to make a video news report What's the story? Before starting any news report, the most important point to remember is: Keep it simple. Think about how can you tell the story in the most engaging way, without making it too complicated. Planning As with any story, you must plan how you want to start your report and how you want to end it. When planning your report, you will need to consider the five Ws. What - What is the story? Why - Why is the story important to your audience? Who - Who is involved? Where - Where is the story happening, and where is the best place to film? When - Has the story already happened, or is it about to happen? By planning each of these points in detail, you'll know exactly what you need to film, where and when. Filming A basic TV news report is made up of five parts:

Engelska åk 6 Bedömningsstöd, provlektioner m.fl. gratismaterial Kartläggning och bedömning Grundskola kampanj Kampanjer Liber Bedömningsstödet till Tummen upp! Engelska kartläggning åk 6 hjälper dig att göra en säkrare bedömning av elevernas kunskaper inför betygssättningen i årskurs 6. När man tydliggör vad målet är och vilka kunskapskrav som prövas, vad eleven kan för tillfället och hur eleven ska komma vidare i sin kunskapsutveckling synliggör man elevens lärande. Tummen upp! Genom att använda bedömningsstödet får du svar på vilken nivå av respektive kunskapskrav eleven uppnår genom att pröva: Hur eleven formulerar sig och kommunicerar i tal och skriftHur eleven lyssnar, läser och förstår texter för olika syftenHur eleven anpassar språket efter olika syften, mottagare och sammanhangHur eleven följer språkliga normer När du känner till elevens förmågor, eller kunskapskvaliteter, blir det tydligt vilka delar i det centrala innehållet som eleven behöver öva på – och vilka typer av uppgifter du ska rikta in undervisningen på. Bedömningsstöd (pdf) Komplement till hörövningarna Hörmanus (.pdf) och ljudfiler:

TV news report project | Miss Summer's Corner You are hired as a TV anchorman/ anchorwoman by the BBC. Present a TV news report! Carte des compétences et connaissances à maîtriser pour cette séquence projet: Utilisez votre souris pour naviguer sur la carte Évaluation de la tâche finale: Tache-finale-bareme (format docx) Your teacher’s advice 1. a short introduction of the various news items (if possible with illustrations)2 news items (international and local)a live commentary (interview, news commentary…)cultural news or sports newsweather forecast 2. who does what? 3. Write the script for each news item. ⇒You can watch TV news reports on the internet and write down expressions and sentences you can hear. 4. Microphone, prompters boards, slideshows*(=diaporama), and so on. 5. As much as you can because Practice makes perfect. ⇒Use your webcam to record your TV news presentation. make adjustments. ⇒Practice with your team. J'aime : J'aime chargement…

ESL Listening Comprehension Exercises: Movie clips to practice English | ELL/ELT REMEMBER: We post new listening comprehension exercises every week in the ad-free PREMIUM EDITION of our website. Here's what you do: Click on the video you want to watch below.Watch the video, and pay attention to it! Till The Hummingbird Project Silver Linings Playbook Away We Go Aftersun Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Emergency Licorice Pizza Adventureland End of the Tour SixPix #45 ESL Listening Game about Horses Hey, let's do the listening game. Which picture can you see? In the first picture, there's a man and a woman and they are sitting on a rail and they are talking to each other. You can only see a man and a woman. You can't see a horse. In the next picture, you can see a man, a woman and a horse and they are walking towards you. In this next picture, you can see the man, the woman and the horse, but you can't see their face. In the next picture. In this picture, we can see the man the woman and the horse, and the horse is turned sideways and we can't see the man or woman's face clearly, but the man and woman are not standing next to each other. In this last picture, all we can see is the woman and the horse and the horse has its head up and it is looking a little bit to the right. Could you get all the pictures.