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Audio Concentration/Memory Games for ESL Students (Flash 6)

Audio Concentration/Memory Games for ESL Students (Flash 6)
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American Stories in Easy English / American Stories in VOA Special English There are 57 fifteen-minute MP3 files. That is about 14 hours of listening. Bierce, Ambrose (1842-1914) Burroughs, Edgar Rice (1875-1950) Butler, Ellis Parker (1869-1937) Pigs Is Pigs (Ellis Parker Butler) Cather, Willa (1873-1947) Chopin, Kate (1850-1904) Crane, Stephen (1871-1900) The Open Boat (Stephen Crane) Folk Stories John Henry [Flash Listen and Read Along]Paul Bunyan (An American Tall Tale)Pecos Bill (An American Tall Tale) Garland, Hamlin (1860-1940) The Return of a Private (Hamlin Garland) [Listen and Read Along Machine] Harte, Bret (1836-1902) The Luck of Roaring Camp (Bret Harte) Hawthorne, Nathaniel (1804-1864) Henry, O. (1862-1910) Irving, Washington (1783-1859) Jewett, Sarah Orne (1849-1909) The White Heron (Sarah Orne Jewett) [Listen and Read Along Machine] London, Jack (1876-1916) Melville, Herman (1819-1891) O'Brien, Fitz-James (1828-1862) Poe, Edgar Allan (1809-1849) Porter, Eleanor H. (1868-1920) The Lady in Black (Eleanor H. Stockton, Frank R. (1834-1902) Twain, Mark (1835-1910) About

Listen and Write - Dictation ALIS - Easy Reading Job Profiles Do you want to learn more about different jobs? You can find out about 24 jobs here. You can find out what a person does in the job.You can read a story about someone who does this kind of work.You can learn about what you need to do the job.You can find out how much you can make per hour.You can learn more about other jobs like these. Would you like to read about one of the jobs? You can click on the name of that job. You can print the easy reading dictionary too. Educators, Counsellors and Career Development Professionals Use the Easy Reading Job Profiles to help clients with low literacy pursue their employment goals. Help for Career Advisors

ESL and Archie Comics English Listening Online Views: Biking in Cambodia Julia talks about cycing from Cambodia to Vietnam with her friends (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4). Mixers : Bad Hair Cut Six people talk about getting a bad haircut. Plus, be sure to check out all the re-edited mixers with new activities 1-25, 26-50, 51-75, 76-100. New Videos for Mixer Listen to over 20 new videos with new speakers from Chile, Argentina, Canada, the U.S. and more. Scenes: Erina in Vancouver Listen as the series ends with Erina starting her new job at Campus Pizza Scene #6 and Scene #7.

Sustainable Natural Resources - Environment Additional tools Resources are the backbone of every economy. In using resources and transforming them, capital stocks are built up which add to the wealth of present and future generations. Thematic Strategy on the Sustainable Use of Natural Resources On 21st December 2005 the European Commission proposed a Strategy on the Sustainable Use of Natural Resources used in Europe. This is the third Thematic Strategy that the Commission adopted following the provisions of the 6th Environmental Action programme (6 EAP). International Panel on Sustainable Resource Management This initiatives finds its origine in the strategy on the sustainable use of natural resources. For more information and the first report click here. Follow-up of the Thematic Strategy on the sustainable use of natural resources: Studies Background - Preparation of the Thematic Strategy

Best Advice:‚Äč How to Use the Complete Brain Natural Resources for Sustainable Development Natural Resources for Sustainable Development: The Fundamentals of Oil, Gas, and Mining Governance, a joint course by the Natural Resource Governance Institute, the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment, and the World Bank, gives students an understanding of the key challenges and opportunities that come with managing extractive industry investments for sustainable development. When managed prudently, oil, gas, and mining investments and the vast revenues they generate can sustain development efforts and make a lasting positive impact on the life of citizens. However, without proper policies, frameworks, and oversight, these same investments have the potential to destabilize public financial management systems, bring negative environmental and social impacts, and increase the risk of corruption. This course, which is offered twice a year, builds knowledge to make the most of oil, gas, and minerals, while mitigating the risks that these industries bring. Course Syllabus