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Talk about English - Insight plus

Talk about English - Insight plus
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English Listening Lesson Library Online BBC Learning English - Learning English How to use songs in the English language classroom What makes for a successful song-based lesson? Adam Simpson, second-time winner of the British Council’s Teaching English blog award for his post on conditionals (written with Paul Mains), explains. One of the big problems we all face, whether teaching English to children or adults, is maintaining learners’ interest throughout our lessons. Consequently, we often have to be very creative in the techniques we use. Planning for the use of songs in class The process of selecting a song is one of the most difficult aspects of using music in a lesson. Carefully examine what it is you want your class to learn in the lesson Is this going to be a lesson focusing on vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, or a particular topic? Think about the language level of your class The language level of your class will determine not only which songs you can use, but also what other activities – such as games or written exercises – you will use to develop the lesson. How old are your learners? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

The 10 Best Places to Find ELT Listening Materials If, like me, you find that one of the most commonly heard requests from your learners is to provide them with additional listening materials to study with outside of class, this post is definitely for you. I’ve trawled the internet and the result of my extensive labors is the list of ten great resources you see below… enjoy! 1) Link Eng Park This site doesn’t actually produce any of its own materials, but it’s as close as an encyclopedia of all ESL online listening materials as you’re ever likely to find. If you can’t find something here for your teaching context, you almost might as well stop searching! Link Eng Park is a great resource for ELT podcasts. Reasons why I use this site Free to use (as are all on this list unless otherwise stated)Organized according to various levelsMany if not all include scripts of the listeningMany video clips as well as regular audioUpdated regularlySimple and effective search function 2) British Council Learn English Teens 3) Elllo 4) Easy Listening for Kids

Board Games for ESL Vocabulary, Grammar, Teaching, Practice, Learning Actions nouns Practice Action Verbs and Noun Collocations with this ESL Vocabulary and Grammar Interactive Crocodile Board Game. Adjectives Practice Adjectives Antonyms (Opposites) with this ESL Vocabulary and Grammar Interactive Crocodile Board Game. Age Practice Using the “How old are you?” Bathroom Practice Bathroom Vocabulary with this ESL Vocabulary and Grammar Interactive Crocodile Board Game. Bedroom Practice Bedroom Vocabulary with this ESL Vocabulary and Grammar Interactive Crocodile Board Game. Body Practice Body Parts Vocabulary with this ESL Vocabulary and Grammar Interactive Crocodile Board Game. Clothes Practice Clothes and Colors Vocabulary with this ESL Vocabulary and Grammar Interactive Crocodile Board Game. Colors Practice Colors (Colours) Vocabulary with this ESL Vocabulary and Grammar Interactive Crocodile Board Game. Farm animals Practice Farm Animals Vocabulary with this ESL Vocabulary and Grammar Interactive Crocodile Board Game. Food Fruits Jobs Number 1 to 10 Numbers 11 to 100 Time

Commonly Used American Idioms - LinkEngPark Home » Series » Watch&Learn » L2: Commonly Used American Idioms American Idioms is a great video series with English subtitles for English learners. All of the explanations are in English, so it might be challenging for you, but just try to imagine the meanings in your head and study hard and soon you’ll be able to use these idioms in your conversations. American Idioms: Like A Rolling Stone Get Your Act Together Easy As Falling Off A Log Heart to Heart Deep SixAre You a Buff About Something? Diving Into a Sea of Terms Hair In the Red Computer TermsBaseball Terms Ideas About How to Live Take This Medicine Apple Pie Order Down to EarthFavorite Sayings eard It on the Grapevine Have a Heart To Buffalo BelittleHolding the Bag Touching All Bases Circus Baloney Famous SayingsHobson’s Choice Dog Talk Mouth Expressions I Made a Sweetheart Deal A Couch PotatoWhat Does the Average Joe Think? Choose Meaningful Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate or Advanced Series Source: YouTube

Listening Project - Accents and dialects Short description: Recordings in this collection can be played by anyone. Listen to conversations recorded by BBC Nations and Regions as part of The Listening Project which started in 2012. The Listening Project is an audio archive of conversations recorded by the BBC. Long description: The project was launched in March 2012 and is a partnership between the British Library, BBC Radio 4, BBC local and national radio stations. The Listening Project was inspired by StoryCorps, an initiative set up in the United States with the mission 'to provide Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share, and preserve the stories of our lives'.

Apps | LearnEnglish | British Council | LearnEnglish GREAT Videos Watch videos and improve English listening skills Watch natural and authentic conversations in English in this video app, with audioscripts to help you follow along. Each video features: an audioscript so you can read along while you listen a glossary to help you learn and remember words comprehension questions to help check your understanding pitch control to slow down the audio. Learn about UK Culture Watch 24 videos to learn more about life in the UK. How to use the app When learning English, practice makes perfect. Use the app in three stages to maximise progress. Watch the videos with the audioscript to follow along as you listen. Constant practice using the LearnEnglish GREAT Videos app will help you feel more confident listening to native speakers and improve your pronunciation. Learn English with the British Council We are the world’s English experts and we provide English language learning opportunities worldwide.

L1: Listen to English - ESL British Podcasts - LinkEngPark Home » Series » Listening Series » Listen&Read » L&R Series » L1: Listen to English – ESL British Podcasts Listen to English – ESL British Podcasts help you to improve your English vocabulary and pronunciation and your listening skills. They are quite short (5 or 6 minutes) and delivered in clearly spoken English. Many of them are linked to grammar and vocabulary notes, or to exercises or quizes. Listen to English – ESL British Podcasts Dogs must be carried on the escalatorMid-life CrisisThe King under the Car ParkSchool dinnersDull and BoringTitanicEngland’s Newest Tourist AttractionGoing to the DogsLord Lucan cannot copeSinging in the rainScott of the AntarcticThe New PandasThe Scariest Day of the YearGreyfriars BobbySwimming in the River ThamesI Go Without my BreakfastGood manners, bad mannersSpotting TigersDomesdayThe GrauniadA Nice Cup of TeaThe launchHow many of us are there? Choose Meaningful Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate or Advanced Series More Series for You:

20 SITES TO IMPROVE YOUR LISTENING | onlinelanguagecenterblog Listening is difficult for most learners. The first thing I hear from students who have traveled abroad is, “Americans talk so much faster than you do”. As teachers, we tend to talk a bit slower, with more enunciation and emphasis on intonation. But are we doing students a disservice with this habit? I know after teaching in Brazil for over 10 years, I speak much slower, so much so that when I call back to the states, people ask if I’m ok or worse, dying as they notice my rate of speed while talking is dramatically less rapid than before I left. Since building the Facebook group “English Students worldwide”, every day I receive a text or email from learners asking for help with their fluency. Surely, you as students should be doing more outside of class to improve. Podcasts and audio streams are far from new, but the best thing about them are the sheer numbers that exist on almost every subject. There are thousands of sites to get great podcasts. Like this: