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Vocabulary exercises for learners of English as a second language

Vocabulary exercises for learners of English as a second language

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Vocabulary I Links Vocabulary Practice for ESL Level 1 pp. 2-3 - ClassroomVocabulary Pronunciation - Listen and Match - Listen and Spell - p. 5 - SchoolVocabulary Pronunciation - Listen and Match - Listen and Spell - pp. 6-7 - StudyingVocabulary Pronunciation - p. 10 WeatherVocabulary Pronunciation Audio - Vocabulary Pronunciation Video - Drag and Drop Matching - DD sound.swf Picture Multiple Choice - picmc.htm Spelling Fill in the Blank -

5 Tools to Create and Administer Quizzes Online Other than attending staff meetings, writing and grading quizzes might be the least enjoyable part of teaching. Fortunately, there are some tools that can make the process a little bit easier. Here are five tools teachers can use to create and administer quizzes online. List of Menu Pages - List of Menu Pages Easy Things for Beginners Crosswords GrammarHearing Listening Sentences PatternsPodcastsPronunciationProverbsQuizzesReadingSlang & IdiomsSpellingTongue TwistersVOAVocabularyMobile and Tablet Compatibility Flash Games & Quizzes (Not Mobile Compatible)

Grammar - Intermediate: Present Perfect Continuous, Second Conditional Present Perfect Continuous Structure To make the present perfect continuous, we use the present perfect of the verb "to be" and then we use the main verb in the 'ing' form. She has been working here for almost a year now. Contextual Vocabulary Wordpandit Contextual Vocab is the study of words through the contexts they appear in. Words are used in certain ways and with an intended meaning. Through their implied contexts, we can learn their meaning: a method of reverse application. Everyday we shall select a word from the recent issues of various publications such as ‘The New York Times’ and ‘The Gaurdian’. Through an appropriate selection, we will help you learn the word by means of the context it appears in. Meanings of Depict: 1. to show an image of somebody or something in a picture 2. to describe …

KS1 Literacy Drag and drop the names of the classroom items on to the picture. The name box will turn green if correctly placed. Drag and drop the names of the animals on to the picture. The name box will turn green if correctly placed. Find and select the letters in the correct order to make the word. How to learn the vocabulary of foreign languages Once you have got to grips with the fundamentals of a language (pronunciation, orthography and basic grammar), you can concentrate on learning vocabulary. This is probably the most important and time-consuming part of learning a language. Associate the familiar with the unfamiliar Try to find word or phrases in your L1 which sound like and if possible have a similar meaning to words in your L2. Build mental images or draw pictures based on the connections. For example, the Spanish for "ice" is hielo (m), which sounds like yellow.

first lesson This getting to know each other activity is simple to set up and works well for most levels above Beginner. Sketch or print out this template, I usually use two sides (10 topics). At the top of each row is a space for a topic title. Think of some topics that might be of interest to the group and write one in each box. SAT Vocabulary Video Learning: ACT, SAT Vocab Words System - Vocab Videos About Our Videos The videos featured in our learning system stand apart in their educational and entertainment value. Be sure to watch the sample videos below! Hilarious professionally produced short videos illustrate the meanings of 500 essential SAT and high school vocabulary wordsOrganized into episodes of 20 words (approximately 10 minutes), forming 25 unforgettable miniseriesOutrageous plotlines and entertaining characters engage students and (dare we say) make learning fun!

Getting to know you Literacy: SLc/E1.3 Pre-entry: SLc/M8.2 ESOL: ESOL Sc/E1.3a Level: M8, E1 Resource type: Listening and/or speaking activity, Sort or match cards A set of question words that can be used in E1 ESOL classes at the start of the year. How to Build Your Vocabulary While Reading, and Without Retyping Words And How to Master SAT Vocabulary Lists (and Other Lists of Words) With Interactive Computer-Voice and Text This is part of Step 3 of our Free Reading Improvement Course Get live, 1-on- Proper Technique When Reading Note: This is for Mac desktops and laptops, where you are building a vocabulary list as you look up words. PC operation is similar. 1.Create (or open up) your vocabulary file, and then position it just outside the main document you are reading, so the two files overlap, so you can easily click back and forth between the two documents.

Methodology: absolute beginners By Scott Thornbury An article offering suggestions and advice on teaching absolute beginners. My organization is setting up a new classroom for pre-beginner, Adult ESL learners. We expect that most of our learners will speak no English, or very little English.