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How to teach … behaviour management The ability to manage the behaviour of your class effectively is one of the top skills that every teacher needs. Even the most meticulously planned lessons can go to pot if students misbehave. Many practitioners, including newly-qualified teachers, are always on the lookout useful class management techniques especially before the new school year begins, so we've collected a range of useful resources to help you get the best out of your pupils. Using Movies in the ESL/EFL Classroom Jump to: - CATESOL-- Lights, Camera, Action! - Footnotes on Web Design - Blockbuster Methodology (Learning and Acquisition) - The Affective Filter Meets the Monitor - Vocabulary, Vocabulary, Vocabulary - Blended Learning - ESL for the 21st Century - Movies Bring Language to Life - How to Choose a Great Movie - The Streamlined ESL Movie Lesson - Showtime in the Classroom - Copyrights - Why Whole-Movie Lessons cost (only) $1 USD - Conclusion Humble Beginnings In 1996, I became an ESL instructor at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), USA. By 1998, I had also become an ESL lecturer at California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in Pasadena. At UCLA, I soon began teaching the afternoon Movie Elective, a popular class which meets four hours per week.

Home The research dissemination efforts of the National Center for the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy (NCSALL) ended on March 31, 2007, with the end of the federal funding. The research publications, Focus on Basics, training and teaching resources, and other materials continue to be available for download from this Web site. These materials are no longer available in print. We hope that NCSALL's efforts improved practices and informed teaching in the educational programs that serve adults with limited literacy and English language skills, and those without a high school diploma, as well as increased the research base on adult learning and literacy. World Education was the dissemination partner for NSCALL, 1996 -2007.

Society for Education and Training REfLECT Classic is no longer available, members can now log into the updated version, REfLECT+. As a member of SET (Society for Education & Training) you will know that you have access to REfLECT+, an online personal learning space that enables you to plan, record and assess the impact of continuing professional development (CPD) in your practice. You may remember that in September 2013, we advised members that we would be updating the software to REfLECT+.

Why Teachers and Students Should Blog Blogs have the potential to expand student creativity, not to mention their writing skills. Language Arts and Reading specialists will love that, right? But how do I convince them that their students are thirsty for the knowledge they want to share but not the same way that they themselves obtained it? Effective Classroom Management and Managing Student Conduct Some degree of decoration will help add to the attractiveness of the room. *Teachers should identify expectations for student behavior and communicate those expectations to students periodically. * Rules and procedures are the most common explicit expectations.

Travel and Sightseeing: Directions Through Town (3) If you don't have a good map of the city you are visiting, you might have to ask a lot of questions to find yourself around. Look at the expressions below and be sure to understand the meaning of the places on the map before you begin the listening activity: Listen by pressing the "Play Audio" button. Then, choose TRUE or FALSE for each sentence, which may be missing one or more words. 3 Ways to Map Stories Creating mapped stories is one of my favorite activities to help history students see the significance of location in historical events. Most of the time I have students include dated placemarks on the mapped stories that they build. Here are three free tools that students can use to map stories. Course: OpenLearn Learner Guide for Social Partnerships Network - OLS_1 This course is intended for learning facilitators e.g. Union Learning Representatives (ULRs), tutors and other learning facilitators. It will provide you with the skills to both navigate OpenLearn yourself, as well as direct and advise other learners on specific, relevant topics related to their own needs. It will also offer you the chance to experience studying an OpenLearn course for yourself. This is a badged course, which will take no more than 10 hours and means that you can gain a digital badge compatible with Mozilla Open badges upon successful completion of the course. You can study the course in small chunks to fit in with your work/life commitments.

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