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2¢ Worth Listen A few weeks ago I worked and attended North Carolina's ISTE affiliate conference. I opened the NCTIES conference with a breakfast keynote address and Marc Prensky closed it with a luncheon keynote the next day. I would first offer some constructive criticism to NCTIES , and to all such ed-tech conferences across the nation and around the world. The only idea I can think of is to have one or two session rooms devoted to unconference topics. Now to the surprises It was in the student showcase, a part of most ed-tech conferences that I often miss, using it as an opportunity to visit the exhibitors or dash up to my room for something or other. She then began telling me what they were doing, describing some of the communication skills they were learning as well as social studies and character. “No software. After my hesitation, she continued, “..the game master.” “Today we do not need content specialists in our classrooms as much as we need context specialists.” And then, Is this true?

Dustin Bachrach Blog Flickpad 2: Every Photo. Every friend. Every day. Chad and I couldn’t be happier with the newest version of Flickpad. Flickpad is an immersive photo experience that pulls your friends photos from Facebook and Flickr. App Releases: The Now & Flickpad It’s been a long while since I’ve put out a post. XCode Feature Proposal: Linking NSLog to Code If you’ve ever used NSLogs to help in your debug process, this description probably fits your process. Inline SCM: A Proposal For A Better SVN or Git Recently, my team had to shift focus in development slightly. Hawaii for the College Student (or college-like budget) If you’re planning a trip to Hawaii, specifically O’ahu, then it can be a tough task to find which places to go (there are so many) and how to keep it affordable (most of those places cost a ton). Mashduo 1.0 Released After a great experience, I’m proud to release my new application, Mashduo. Making UUID’s in Cocoa Awful Experience Canceling Powweb Account Moved to MediaTemple

Using GoogleApps as a Free #LMS If you had fun with my discussion in this blog entry about Cobbling Together an LMS, you'll just love this next one. Paging through the new Google+ Communities, I noticed a group of college professors--working with adult learners, of course, like we are--who are using GoogleApps for Online Courses. Again, this is just something to help you look at PD from another angle. Video (20 minutes): Tells a story of how professors (Dr. The 12 Steps are written out here: There's also a Google+ Community--Using GoogleApps as a Free LMS--that discusses how to accomplish this and offers support - There's no shortage of alternatives to traditional learning management systems (LMSs) like Blackboard, Desire2Learn and Moodle. Everything posted on Miguel Guhlin's blogs/wikis are his personal opinion and do not necessarily represent the views of his employer(s) or its clients.

Cool Cat Teacher Blog Free Technology for Teachers The Strength of Weak Ties - David Jakes Tom Barrett ISTE 2013 Is this the next big ed tech innovation? You be the judge! Visit the new Ed Tech Start-up Pavilions in the Expo Hall to experience first-hand the innovative software and applications entrepreneurs have developed to help transform learning and teaching. Then attend the Ed Tech Start-up Pitch Fest to hear rapid-fire presentations by start-up companies. Start-up Pavilions in the Expo Hall Booth 9282 featuring 20 U.S. ed tech start-ups. U.S. Registered companies (max 20): Qupiron Technology Living Tree Worldview Software FortunaPix Gobstopper Jet Lag Learning Wizeparts Brain Parade Rourke Educational Media Citelighter Miss Humblebee's Academy Learnetic LearnSprout Woot Math Wanderful Interactive Storybooks Smart Science Education ParentSquare Tynker scrible Tutor Matching Service Booth 10282 featuring 20 U.K. start-ups. Booth 12205 featuring companies who are recipients of the National Science Foundation Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR) grants. Add Item to Planner

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