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Wall-Mounted Magnetic Spice Rack

Wall-Mounted Magnetic Spice Rack
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Build a Food Storage Shelf Preparation Instructions: Fill all holes with wood filler and let dry. Apply additional coats of wood filler as needed. When wood filler is completely dry, sand the project in the direction of the wood grain with 120 grit sandpaper. Vacuum sanded project to remove sanding residue. spraypainted wheat pillows as seen last week on are my wheat pillows and the easy steps on how to make them! you will need:spray paint ( i had ivy leaf, and brown)freezer paper.muslinscissorspencil first cut some muslin. next trace your own drawn pattern (or you can download my pdf here)make as many of your stencil as you need next you are going to cut out your wheat. and for the stalks you just cut long skinny strips of freezer paper. place your stalks onto your muslin...SHINY SIDE DOWN! iron on your freezer paper. next get your "wheat" part and place it on top of your stalk(shiny side down)...not overlapping too much. iron the wheat down. get your spray paint can. and evenly distribute the paint.repeat if you have any area that needs a little more not over paint! once you let your paint fully dry, peel off your freezer paper. now you are ready to trim down your fabric to desired measurement so you can make your pillow!

Whata Wata Fountain Update: If you've found this post via Pinterest or another site featuring DIY fountains, make sure to check out my new blog w/ a BRAND NEW fountain How-To! It's a bit more advanced, but turned out really cool :) -Jessica I've had this idea in my head for weeks now that I have to have a pond in my backyard. No, not a lets-get-a-bulldozer-and-dig-us-a-pond pond, but one of those little, trickling, miniponds you can buy kits for at Home Depot. Dan fixed up the flowerbeds and the yard so nice, I just felt like it would be the cherry on the top of a really nice backyard. I work next to an Ollie's Bargain Outlet (who's motto is, coincidentally, Good Stuff Cheap) and I often find myself perusing the aisles. I stuck a leftover wine cork in the drainage hole of the biggest pot and put Liquid Nails around the edge for a seal. I got a little ahead of myself and forgot to take pictures during the process of stacking the pots on top of one another. Success!

Rafraichir sans moteur salut, merci pour la bienvenue! dans la version prototypique décrite dans le rapport, il n'y a pas d'apport en électricité prévu. par contre, tout ne se fait pas automatiquement, et c'est plus un travail manuel qui est nécessaire, pour la valve par exemple. par contre, on peut envisager un peu d'automatisation, pour ouvrir/fermer la valve régulièrement par exemple, ou pour transvaser l'eau chaude/l'eau froide dans le ballon solaire pour faire plusieurs cycles de réfrigération par jour. (dans ce cas il faut aussi sortir les pains de glace du coffre, et les remplacer par des bacs d'eau) personnellement j'en ai pas fait, j'ai un sacré désavantage pour ça... j'habite dans le nord. (mais le reste du temps j'en suis fier! ). par contre, quand j'en aurais fini avec d'autres travaux, j'adapterai bien une solution (même plus rapide!)

Weblog Altered matchboxes are easy and fun to make! To view a step-by-step tutorial with photos for making these paper boxes, check out the Matchbox Valentines How Tuesday post on the Etsy Storque blog. These little boxes are approximately the size of standard, store-bought, 32-count matchboxes (1.5″ x 2″ x .5″). They make lovely mini gift boxes, and are also fun to swap! Here you can download the PDF template I created and use for creating these matchboxes from scratch using heavy card stock. (Make sure to download the full-size document using the link below. Download Rachel’s matchbox template. Instructions: Print out template on card stock at 100%. Optional: Want to include a little card or mini zine in your matchbox? Want even more matchbox fun?! Here is a newer Envelope-style matchbox template: The inner drawer of this matchbox is exactly the same as my original Matchbox Template above, but the outer wrap differs significantly. Download the Envelope-style Matchbox Template PDF here. Also…

How To Build A Small Wood Cabin On A Budget - Home Repairs Improvements and Remodeling Ideas August 22, 2013 Have you ever wanted to build yourself a small wood cabin or log cabin? Give yourself that sense of accomplishment and joy that you completed it. Well we found just the project for you. This cabin is actually quite simple to do and doesn’t require a lot of money as well. Sounds too good to be true? Small Cabin – Step 1: Floor Illustration Small Cabin – Step 2: Drilling and planting the posts Small Cabin – Step 3: Setting the center rafter board Small Cabin – Step 4: Making the angles for the top and bottom of the rafters Small Cabin – Step 5: Setting the rafters Small Cabin – Step 6: Adding on a 4 foot porch Small Cabin – Step 7: Side wall and purlin illustration Small Cabin – Step 8: Lag bolting the outer joist to the 4×4 poles Small Cabin – Step 9: Hurricane studs Small Cabin – Step 10: Floor joists and insulation and floor Small Cabin – Step 11: Rough sawn lumber for 8 inch board and batten siding Small Cabin – Step 12: Studding in the porch ceiling

20-foot U-Farm Unit Create “magic” folding wooden photo cubes Have you ever seen those little desktop photo cubes that fold and unfold to reveal more and more pictures on each side? If you’re not sure what I mean, check out the video below to see one in action. Pretty cool, right? They fascinate kids and adults alike (myself included), and make wonderful gifts for just about any occasion — birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, and more — and are especially nice for people who are hard to shop for. Besides that, they’re just plain fun! Want to see a photo cube in action? If you can’t see the video, try viewing it directly on YouTube. These photo cubes are not very difficult to make, as long as you know the steps to follow. Gather the supplies The first thing you’ll need to build this photo cube is 8 wooden cubes that measure 1.5″ on each side. Before you start, be sure to check the edges of your wood cubes and sand lightly, if needed (we like these flexible sanding sponges ) to get rid of any splinters. Choosing and printing photos Make a spacer

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Crop Nutrition and Fertilizer Requirements Essential plant nutrients | Types of fertilizers | Soil nutrient content and soil testing | Fertilizer recommendations | Plant tissue analysis Essential Plant Nutrients Proper nutrition is essential for satisfactory crop growth and production. The use of soil tests can help to determine the status of plant available nutrients to develop fertilizer recommendations to achieve optimum crop production. There are at least 16 elements known to be essential for plant growth. Macronutrients refer to those elements that are used in relatively large amounts, whereas micronutrients refer to those elements that are required in relatively small amounts (Table 1). Table 1. All 13 elements must be present in the soil for plant use, in varying degrees of availability, to ensure both the immediate and long term needs of the crop. Some of the commonly used terms to describe levels of nutrient elements in plants include: Types of Fertilizers Table 2. Soil Nutrient Content and Soil Testing 1. 1. 2. 3. 4. 1. 1.

Good idea. But, wouldn't you want the names of the spices to be on the bottom of the jar so you can read it while it is stuck to the board? by bpsarchitect Feb 10