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DIY Home Improvement Projects – Do It Yourself Home Repair Guides - Family H...

DIY Home Improvement Projects – Do It Yourself Home Repair Guides - Family H...

A Stunning DIY Rope Rug! & Curbly | DIY Design Community &... - StumbleUpon From 3D maze rugs to eco-friendly bathmats to room-sized chevron rugs, we've shared quite a few DIY flooring projects here on Curbly. But this rope and pompom rug definitely takes the cake when it comes to originality and, well, straight up pizazz! The original rug pictured was created as part of a window display for clothing brand Free People, but after heeding cries from fans and patrons, they decided to share a tutorial for making your own. a large piece of cardboardblack markerscissorsrope in various sizes and colorsneon twinepompoms Hit up the Free People blog when you're ready to tackle your own colorful rope rug! [via Ohdeeoh / via The Wool Acorn] Psst: Looking for instant gratification? Tagged : Craft, Inspiration, rugs, runners, textiles, accessories, decor, rope, pompoms, flooring, how to, tutorial, DIY

Easily print from your mobile gadget Have you ditched your computer for a tablet? More and more people all over the country are. They’re finding that tablets and smartphones can handle basic computer tasks – and then some. But one problem area is printing. It’s often more complicated than it has to be, and that’s why I’ve rounded up these apps to help you. When using these apps, it will help to have an Apple or Google cloud account set up. You will also need to know about AirPrint, Apple’s wireless printing platform. Cloud Print – (Free; Android) This Web-based app will let you print from your smartphone or tablet whether you’re in the same room as your printer or across the country. Print n Share – ($10, iOS) This app prints documents and converts PDFs so you can print to most wireless printers. PrintCentral ($5, iPhone; $8, iPad) – Print to virtually any printer using Wi-Fi, USB, Bluetooth or a network connection without additional software.

From Lumpy to Fabulous: A Bed Pillow Makeover and How-to! » Curbly | DIY Design Community « Keywords: Makeover-Mondays, DIY, thrift, Inspiration We all have them: old lumpy pillows that have seen better days but, for whatever reason, we can't bring ourselves to get rid of. They hide in chests or closets "just in case", waiting for an unsuspecting overnight guest or even, perhaps, the perfect DIY project. If you have a few of these forgotten pillows, we have the solution for transforming them into something better! Read on! Katy from KdBuggie Boutique and Designs offers up this clever bed pillow makeover idea and a tutorial to boot. All you need for this project is:

JULY wednes-diy a few of you have asked about the amazing rope swirl tapestries in our new store displays and you’re in luck because one of our display artists put together a tutorial on how to make them! it looks like such a fun rainy day project. what you need: a large piece of cardboard, black marker, scissors, rope in various sizes and colors, neon twine, pompoms. use a variety of different colors and textures to create a fun swirl – these purple and orange tassels are just another piece of string woven in with the others! once you’ve got it down, you can make a whole bunch in different sizes and colors, to create a whole wall tapestry just like the ones in our stores :) i can’t wait to try this! Be sure to check out our new DIY Projects category for more DIY Inspiration! Trending on Floral dresses, high waisted bikinis, bralettes, off the shoulder tops, party dresses, gladiator sandals, lace dresses

DIY Home Improvement | How to Videos and Articles | Danny Lipford 27 things :: adventures in art & craft I love making my own mailers! It adds a personal and stylish touch to all my orders and it's helped me stand out in the marketplace. A few months ago, I decided to open a second shop for my mailers and since then I've done several large custom orders. What have I learned from the experience? How to Make Handmade Bubble Mailers by 27things I make mailers in 2 sizes, 6" x 9" and 4" x 6". What You'll Need 1. cardstock (one 7.5" x 10.75" sheet)2. pretty paper (one 7.5" x 10.75" sheets)3. rubber cement4. bubble wrap (two 6" x 9" pieces)5. art knife (X-Acto knif)6. cutting mat7. scissors8. ruler9. a scoring tool or an old ballpoint pen that is out of ink Getting StartedStart by trimming everything to size. The bubble wrap should be trimmed to the inside dimension of your mailer, in this case 6" x 9". I like to allow for a decent seam around the edges and bottom of my mailers. I Love Rubber CementRubber cement is great in that it can be used for 2 types of adhesion: temporary and permanent. 1.

BLESSINGS Paper Flowers - Anyone Can Do That | Japanese Kusudama, this tutorial is featured on Craftuts Anyone can do that, I assure you. The proof: I can, just take a quick look at my result below. And, believe me, I am neither meticulous nor particularly patient. Below you can see my very first attempt to create paper flowers. What you will need to make your own Kusudama paper ball? 1. 3. 4. (optionally) I prefer torn paper instead of cut. You have to start with a single petal. Now you have to glue your 5 petals into a flower. Apply the glue to only one side of each petal, except for the last one, in this case cover both sides with glue. Your first flower is done. Don’t glue every petal right after you make it. When all 12 flowers are finished you have to glue them together. When two halves of Kusudama Flower Ball are ready you have to glue them together.