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Gridpak - The Responsive grid generator

Gridpak - The Responsive grid generator

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favico.js - Make use of your favicon Badges Animate your favicon with animated badges. You can customize type of animation, position, background color and text color. Slide animation Fade animation Pop animation 40 Examples of Brilliant Responsive Website Layouts Responsive web design become a very popular trend in 2011. It’s likely something we’ll see continuing well into 2012 as designers are beginning to support a myriad of mobile devices. Building layouts for the web can be tough, but inspiration is a huge factor. In this gallery I’ve collected 40+ amazing responsive website layouts. These designs are built to support a set of different resolutions and re-size accordingly. It’s tricky building this functionality in HTML5, even advanced web developers may not understand responsive design trends.

How to add an email opt-in to Mailchimp - Bloggers Bazaar In Mailchimp you can offer your subscribers an opt-in gift and set it up so they can automatically download it upon subscribing to your newsletter. In previous weeks, i have looked at how to set up your Mailchimp newsletter and RSS feed so head over and set that up first if you have not yet done so. Quick note – you do not need a paid Mailchimp account to offer an opt-in gift to subscribers. I have seen this question asked many times on forums; so don’t go signing up just yet. Follow these instructions to set it all up with your free Mailchimp account. Once you have set up your Mailchimp account and created a subscriber list, you can then move on to this step.

Create an adaptable website layout with CSS3 media queries Getting started Creating the default layout The first step of this tutorial is obviously to create a HTML page. I chose to make a simple HTML5 page with only a header image, a title, and some text. Animated Content Tabs with CSS3 About us You think water moves fast? You should see ice. Why you learned the grid layout system all wrong I mentioned the “Swiss School” and “the grid” layout in another article and while most comments were positive about the article, there were a number of people who asked if the grid was even still alive. I assure you the grid layout is alive, well, and used all the time. Those who never learned it just don’t realize the rules of the grid and how one can use or even bend, or break those rules for success in designing incredible layouts. Firstly, using a grid layout isn’t something assigned to print or digital exclusively.

My Favorite Handwritten Fonts Tons of new websites are being created everyday and it is noticable that if you want to be unique and stand out from the crowd you need to find creative ways of using type, pictures and other design elements in any kind of work you produce. For that reason I would suggest you give a try on handwritten fonts. Handwritten type are the perfect choice if you want to add some charm and personal touch to your work. With appropriate and well thought-out use of white space, handwritten fonts do bring your designs style and elegance. Nevertheless, you should avoid excessive use of handwritten fonts in your work because it can at times be hard to read.

The Most Epic MailChimp Tutorial Ever! If you’re a blogger, you know that with the start of 2015 comes the unfortunate reality that Facebook will be showing your posts to no one unless you pay. As experts like Neil Patel and others have reiterated over and over, email subscribers are the best and most efficient way to get and keep readers. So to start off the year right, I’m going to dive into MailChimp – an easy and free program for email newsletters and blog posts. Are you feeling lucky today? If yes, you came at the right place since I’m happy to introduce, a new WordPress-oriented service and partner with them to lauch a new giveaway. It’s been a long time that I haven’t published a list of fresh and super useful snippets and hacks to enhance your WordPress Theme or install. So today I’m happy to show you this nifty list of coding tips to make your WordPress blog even more powerful.

6 Useful Fallback Methods For CSS CSS is commonly known as cascading style sheets which can be defined as basically a style sheet language and it is used for describing the presentation semantics which in lay man’s language is the looks and formatting of a document that is initially written in markup language. CSS has to perform the basic purpose of separating the content that the document has from the presentation of the document presentation that includes elements such as colors layouts and fonts. If you are working with CSS , it is very important to have a good set of tools so that you can easily speed up the process and not only does it speed up the process but using these tools can also help simplify the work to a very great extent which is also of great help. A few days ago, we had covered some best resources/tools for css and this time we are going to share some best fallback methods for CSS. I hope developers and designers would love to use these code in their next project.

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