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Peplum T-shirt DIY Fashion

Peplum T-shirt DIY Fashion
seen with Kooba “Sabrina” bag, Guy & Eva necklace, Forever 21 Sunglasses and Rich & Skinny jeans ~ via flickr I have been DYING to make a cute peplum t-shirt for a few months now but just haven’t had a chance to. When I have an idea, if I don’t do it right away, it literally keeps bugging me until I do!! And I’ve had this idea since well before my floral print jeans DIY AND even before the Jeans & T outfit challenge. I actually wanted to be able to include it into the challenge, but alas, I just couldn’t fit it in. However, since this was my first weekend off since December {YAY!} There are a number of ways to create this cute little peplum tee… which is basically just one large ruffle at the waist of the shirt. What You’ll Need… * Two white t-shirts: one fitted and one large or extra large* Sewing machine or Serger* Pins/thread/scissors, etc. Steps… * Try on your fitted t-shirt and pin or mark where you want your peplum to begin. * Lying flat, cut your larger, men’s t-shirt. Voila! Have Fun!

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Tank Top DIY & How to Create a Snakeskin Print with Sharpie Stained Markers Fashion The people from Sharpie so kindly sent me their newest invention, the Sharpie Stained Fabric Marker and asked that I create something with it. I thought instead of drawing a picture of something specific, I would try to create a print using a stencil. Lace came to mind and when I did a test run with some leftover vintage lace from my ballet skirt DIY, I got a bit of a snakeskin print from it and was thrilled. I used the lace to create a repeating snakeskin grid across the entire tank. Here’s how… * White t-shirt* A favorite tank top* Lace* Sharpie Stained Fabric Marker{they have no scent at all, unlike regular Sharpies and have a great long, paintbrush type tip.* Scissors* A paper bag or cardboard summer tank DIY My apologies for the delay, but here is the DIY tutorial for the tank I wore in this outfit! It is so easy that even I did it, and am now tempted to turn a few more old tee's into summer tanks. Just make sure that you are putting the shirt back on & marking where you want to cut it at each step, so you don't end up with a super low neckline or really cropped shirt--unless that's what you want, I'm not here to judge. ;) If you make one of these, I'd love to see how you style it!

Lace T-shirt Refashion tutorial Well, hello fellow craft addicts! I’m thrilled to be visiting over here in Linda’s lovely space. I’m from over at the Crafty Cupboard, where I like to share my fun projects. I mostly sew, but I love simple, easy décor projects too. I have two little girls who make life that much more exciting, and one very supportive husband who has been fully trained on how long he needs to ooh and aah over something I’ve made. I have to say, I totally love what I’m sharing today.

Lace Ballet Skirt w/ Raw Edges DIY Fashion * 1 yard of lace fabric …unless you want it longer, then measure appropriately {I had an almost square piece of vintage ivory lace} * Matching thread * Ribbon {color & size & texture of your choice} * Scissors, pins, tape measure * This is a simple drawstring style skirt. * Cut edges off lace, and into a circle of sorts. My Laced Up Collar Sleeves. DIY Supplies: Old tshirt or jersey cotton. Eyelet Grommet Pliers Set or I've seen metal grommet trimming sold at most fabric stores in leather...(this is the best option). DIY. Crochet Trim Seam Cut side seams and sleeves off if you use a tshirt (here I used a tank). Sew front to back right sides together. Lay out and pin where you want the armhole to go. Top stitch new side seam leaving armhole open. I did this with fringe trim as well here.

Easy DIY Lace Sleeve Tank Top Fashion Years ago I used to make little lingerie/pajama sets of tanks and underwear with ruffles – you can see some of them here, along with a DIY for the ruffle boy shorts & bikinis… but I always used ribbed wife-beater style tank tops rather than spaghetti strap tanks. I’ve had this pretty vintage lace trim I found at a thrift shop lying around for ages. I pulled the $3 tag off just the other day as I was prepping for this DIY. I thought it would really be pretty with this blush tank and I love the turnout. This is a very simple DIY. What You’ll Need… Make DIY Bleach Shirts with Star Shapes If I had a nickel for every shirt that I’ve ruined with stains, well, let’s just say I could probably buy a few new shirts. And it’s always my favorite shirt that Henry wipes his dirty face on (am I a towel?) or Sam grabs with his blueberry-stained hands. And if you’ve ever ruined a shirt with a drop of bleach (I did this recently, grr!)

DIY Hanging Chains Headband While browsing Topshop last week, I came across this fun hanging chains headband and thought with Coachella right around the corner, an easy DIY for something similar would be fun. I used an old plastic zig zag stretchy comb headband I’ve had for years because it was the most logical choice to hang chains from but you can use an elastic band in a similar way. The chains disappear a little in my blonde hair but they would stand out really pretty agains brunette locks {it would also look great on a shorter cut as well}. If you’re super crafty, add a feather or bead/charm to the bottom of a few chains. What You’ll Need…

Drab to fab! 5 DIY ideas for t-shirt remakes Posted by on tisdag, juni 5, 2012 · 5 Comments With temperatures rising so is the annual epidemic of fashion fever, making many of us feverishly hit the high street (although our wardrobes are already stuffed full…). This post celebrates the power of re-invention of a wardrobe staple – old t-shirts. Infusing and old tee with some contemporary style means that fashion quick fix is waiting in the dusty corners of your wardrobe…When you’ve found yourself a remake candidate, get crafty asap! No-Sew DIY Double Strap Ribbed Tank Top The husband used to wear wife beaters under all of his shirts… and yes, I know that term sounds so horrifying now, but growing up wearing them, I never thought twice about the name! So from now on, I’ll refer to them as ribbed tanks… Anyway, he rarely wears them anymore and many of them have shrunk up so small, he’d never wear them anyway. That’s where I come in and snatch them all up and wear them myself.

Crochet in a chain #2/ Crochet en una cadena #2 You’ll need a 6 mm and a 3.5 mm crochet hook, 100% cotton yarn (sport weight) in 8 different shades, 2 of these colors will be used for joining only, 24.4″/ 62 cm of chain, 1 set of clasps, stitch markers and a tapestry needle.Necesitarás un gancho de 6 mm y un gancho de 3.5 mm, hilaza 100% algodón (grosor fino, sport) en 8 diferentes colores, 2 de ellos serán usados sólo para unir, 62 cm de cadena, 1 juego de broches de presión, marcadores de puntos y una aguja lanera. ©ChabeGS The first thing you need to do is find your chain and think of the size you want your necklace to be. Measure the chain directly on your neck to decide the length. Here are the measurements for my chain and the finished necklace.Lo primero que necesitas hacer es conseguir tu cadena y pensar en el tamaño que quieres para tu collar. Mide la cadena directamente sobre tu cuello para decidir el largo.

RIT Dye Tutorial It happens to me every year. The second spring hits, I’m standing in front of my closet going, I am so sick of all my clothes, if I see that shirt again I’ll throw up, but I don’t have any money for new stuff, I’M SO TIRED OF EVERYTHING I OWN. You know that feeling? Let’s kill it with instant-wardrobe-transformer (aka RIT dye). RIT is a brand of clothing dye that’s been around since the 1930s. It turns drab-colored clothes and accessories into bright works of art, and I am obsessed with it. Ruffled Tube Top DIY If one is good then two is better. Heres a girlied up version of my previous post T-Shirt into Summer Top DIY. This time around its so simple, in less than an hour you can have a cute Summer top with minimal sewing. To see the step by step instructions and photos click here. 1 L or XL T ShirtElasticPinsScissorsSafety pinMeasuring tape or rulerSewing machine Step 1 Turn your tee inside out.