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Xmas recycled arts and crafts

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Making Christmas Decorations - Easy 3D Stars, Baubles, and More. Welcome to my tutorials for making Christmas decorations!

Making Christmas Decorations - Easy 3D Stars, Baubles, and More

I’ll show you how to make 3D paper stars, plus loads other beautiful homemade ornaments like balls, wreaths, snowmen, and bunting. On this page I’ll show you how to make these beautiful paper stars: They’ll look lovely hanging on your Christmas tree or even just brightening your mantlepiece. They’re super easy to make, especially when you use my free downloadable templates. Want to make other decorations? This page is mostly about 3D stars, but if you’re interested in making Christmas decorations of other designs then check out my other Xmas ornament projects: Folding 5 Pointed Origami Star Christmas Ornaments. These 5 pointed origami stars are easy to fold and make beautiful Christmas decorations.

Folding 5 Pointed Origami Star Christmas Ornaments

You can make them from magazines, scrapbook papers or sheet music, whatever you happen to have lying around. We don’t have our tree up just yet so for now I’ve put these Christmas star decorations on our mantelpiece. One of the 5 pointed origami stars is folded from scan of a dictionary page and the others are made from vintage style scrapbook papers.

I went for vintage patterns but you could equally well use bright Christmas colors. I also tried hanging them on the mirror in our living room and I think they look quite nice there: Perhaps we’ll move them to our Christmas tree once it’s up :-) Credit for this design belongs to Shuzo Fujimoto, who created the design in the 70s. Cards on Pinterest. Stampingvideos: Origami Christmas Trees. Stampingvideos Learn to create works of art without leaving home Your email address:Powered by FeedBlitz About I love to stamp and love to teach others how easy it really is.

stampingvideos: Origami Christmas Trees

I am married to a wonderful man and we have 2 precious little girls along with 2 cats, 2 guinea pigs and 3 dogs. Email Me Archives. . . . . . How to Recycle: Christmas Ornaments from Toilet Paper Rolls. As we all know that after our toilet paper is over we usually throw away the remaining cardboard roll, but not anymore, we can create unending ideas and crafts for the coming holiday to make.

. . . . . How to Recycle: Christmas Ornaments from Toilet Paper Rolls

No shortage of rolls supplies needed to make these Christmas ornaments and decors. Some crafts below are easy to do with the kids and some are for older children and adults creativity. Recycled Christmas Card Garland. Turn your old christmas cards from last year or the new ones you receive this year into a fabulous Homemade Christmas decoration that the kids can make!

Recycled Christmas Card Garland

A Recycled Christmas Card Garland is an easy, inexpensive and creative way to bring the colours of Christmas and fun into your home this Christmas. What you will need? You will need some old Christmas cards, scissors, a ruler, string and some sticky tape. Recycled Fabric Napkin Rings from Saran Wrap Tubes. I made this fabric napkin rings recycled craft from an empty Saran Wrap tube.

Recycled Fabric Napkin Rings from Saran Wrap Tubes

A few months ago I was getting ready to throw away an empty Saran Wrap box and happened to notice how the cardboard tube inside was oh so strong and sturdy. What useful thing could I make with such a pretty?? It’s round. Advent calendar / Calendario navideño. I wanted my kids to count down the days until Christmas (and maybe stop asking me 10 times a day if Santa will come soon).

Advent calendar / Calendario navideño

So I keep on with the Christmas crafts, and made an advent calendar with toilet paper rolls. Quería que mis hijos pudieran descontar los días hasta Navidad (y tal vez dejar de preguntarme 10 veces al día si Santa vendrá pronto). Así que segui con las manualidades de Navidad, y hice un calendario con rollos de papel higiénico. Material: Toilet paper rolls, tissue paper or crepe paper, Christmas wrapping paper, ribbon and glue. I cut the roll into two or three pieces, but you can leave them whole, it depends of what you want to put inside. Material: rollos de papel higiénico, papel chino o papel crepé, papel de envoltura navideño, listón y pegamento. Corte los rollos en dos o tres piezas, pero los pueden dejar enteros, depende de lo que quiere poner adentro. 1001 Things To Do With Empty Toilet Paper Rolls on Pinterest. Make a Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Ornament. Dream Tree: Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Ornaments. Who would ever guess you could make a Christmas ornament look this elegant from empty toilet paper rolls??

Dream Tree: Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Ornaments

Well, you can! It is super easy and super CHEAP! It cost under a dollar to make this ornament. Michaels invited me to be a part of their Dream Tree Challenge. I decorated one of their Christmas tree’s using their store products and also created this ornament for my Dream Tree. This is what a Jeweled Forest Christmas Tree looks like. Supplies: empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls spray paint silver glitter – color will be dependent on the look you are going for spray adhesivehot glue gun jewels or embellishments from the jewelry aisle at Michaels Stores. Cut strips about 3/4 in wide from the toilet paper rolls. The scrolls were then added to the outside of the cardboard circle with hot glue. Spray paint cardboard. Once the spray paint is dry I sprayed the ornament with spray adhesive and then poured glitter over the entire ornament.

Here is is hanging on the tree. DIY Christmas crafts: CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS form paper toilet rolls - Innova Crafts. Toilet Paper Roll SANTA. We do love those paper rolls… and have long stopped throwing them away.

Toilet Paper Roll SANTA

Sometimes we start making one thing but get another… just as easy and amusing. Those little toys will surely be part of the Christmas bazaar at little Krokotak’s school. . You need a toilet paper roll, some red paper, some glue, a pair of scissors and a black marker. An A4 sheet of red paper will be enough for one roll. Fold one end of the paper roll as shown in picture 3. Fold out the two lower ends to make the boots.