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What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today ?

What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today ?

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D E S I G N L O V E F E S T » CAKE WITH EDIBLE FLOWERS this was one of the prettiest shoots i’ve worked on in a while. amy merrick & max wanger brought their talents to the studio last week and we collaborated on this gorgeous floral shoot. amy had been wanting to do a project with edible flowers and decided to adorn a white cake with them. the inspiration came from this dreamy watercolor dress shown above. (which is on sale here) this would be such a gorgeous wedding cake, don’t you think? Edible flowers used in the post- rose petals, geranium, dianthus, carnations, calendula, violets, pansies, violas, lilac, camomile and nasturtium leaves and blossoms. Local Milk Recipes springsummerwinterfalltravels sweetsavorylibationssnacksgatherings

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BLOG — LET IT BE COSY My health journey started in 2011 when I was diagnosed with a serious autoimmune disease. After three years of being medicated and feeling completely impotent before the idea of having to live with an illness for the rest of my life, I started to proactively learn and gain interest about health, how the body works and why I got sick in the first place. This led me to find nutrition and the amazing properties of natural food as a medicine or remedy for illness. Apricot seeds B17 fights Cancer Gov hides it from public.. - Medicinal Cannabis Forum Vitamin B17 is the alternative cancer solution! Vitamin B17 also know Amygdalin or Laetrile, is found in Raw Apricot seeds and many other raw Fruit seeds and, is know to cure cancer! edit DoobieDuck: Parts of this post are from:

Healthy dinners for less than $2/person If you’ve ever found yourself buying clothes just because they’re cheap, or if shopping itself has become a form of entertainment for you, I’ve got a proposal: The next time you buy something, spend a whole lot on it. Enough that it makes you sweat a little. The point is to make you pause and ask yourself, “How much do I really want this?” In the US and much of the industrialized world, cheap clothes are everywhere. Why we love fennel I started allowing my bulbing-type fennel to form flowers. That way I get the best of all worlds — flowers, beneficial insects, seeds, fronds, and those luscious bulbs as well. The bulbing fennel will perennialize here in L.A. — simply slice the stem just beneath the bulb and allow the deep roots to stay intact.

What to Eat When You Have No Food When You've Got Eggs... Hana Jakobs 16. ...and cheese. Make cheesy scrambled eggs or a cheesy omelet. 17. ...and parmesan cheese and noodles. 8 Fatty Foods for Weight Loss You are NOT what you eat. If we were what we ate, then people who ate lots of hot dogs and pork chops would be solid walls of muscle. People who ate lots of pasta would be stringy and fat-free. People who ate lots of pecan pie would be Zooey Deschanel (sweet, but nutty and flaky). And people who ate a lot of fat would be fat. What’s that, you say?

Lust for Life solar vortex via instagram The past few days in a nutshell: A Tuesday afternoon boat ride, sharing a toast with Gia Coppola, and a weekend retreat to the Colony Palms. insta outfits: swim week edition 20 Zero Calorie Foods to Help You Slim Down The theory behind zero calorie or negative calorie foods is that they contain such a scant amount of calories that the energy you expend eating them cancels out their calories. In essence the bottom line is that you don’t take on any excess calories, and in some instances you end up burning calories as you eat them. Whether or not this is an accurate statement, it’s clear that the following foods have such a slight caloric load they won’t put a dent in your daily total.

30 Min. Clean Thai Turkey Zucchini Meatballs Today is not a story day. Today is super awesome meatballs day! I got my new dishwasher that can even make Thai meatballs.:) In all seriousness, we have a deal: I make the meatballs and he does the dirty job. And he knows his job really well. Wordpress Web Design Fundamentals - Create Dynamic Web Apps Wordpress Fundamentals - Create a Dynamic Website Have you been looking for a web design course that will take you from beginner to professional in just 2 days? Are you struggling to find a course that teaches you how to code without knowing rocket science? If your answer to those questions is yes, then this is definitely the course for you. We have built this course from the ground up, so that beginners can start creating robust applications that do more than just static content like business websites.