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Crochet School

Crochet School
Sorry I've taken so long to post this very last post of the crochet school series. Would you believe me if I said I don't want it to end? haha That's not the real reason, although it is a little weird to be writing the last crochet school post (for now). I've just been busy designing new patterns and crocheting my butt off for the craft show I'm in next month, Deluxe. I was also waiting for all of you to have time to put in questions you want answered in this post. Let's cover those questions first: Carly asked "I think you mentioned that you can weave in ends with a hook. Hi carly, Since you're making a blanket, I would probably just try to find a bigger needle. Nia asked "I understand how to make the corners when seaming horizontally but what about vertically.. do we skip the corners and just seam the sides? Since you only do one corner from each side when seaming horizontally, you'll pick up those other two corners when you to the vertical stitches. Don't be afraid to ask for help!

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Before You Get Started... Ready to crochet? Get informed and equipped with this useful prep section, focusing on yarn and hook know-how. It’s quite amazing that such a simple tool can do so much, considering it has no moving parts. Let’s look at a crochet hook to get familiar with its five different sections. The tip and the throat (the hook) are used to make a stitch; the diameter of the shaft section determines the size of the hook; and the grip and the handle are used to hold the hook. Crochet hooks come in two classifications: yarn hooks and steel (or thread) hooks.

craft blog This is the photo tutorial for making a zippered lining for the Lucky Wristlet. The tutorial shows, step-by-step how to make a zippered lining for the Lucky Wristlet. Let me know if something isn't clear. I will be happy to help you! Welcome to the Craft Yarn Council People of all ages—more than 50 million—know how to knit, crochet and craft with yarn because its fun, relaxing and you can make great things, Whatever your reasons for wanting to learn, the Craft Yarn Council of America wants to help you get started today. On these pages, you will find all the basics. There's an explanation of the differences between knitting and crocheting, Illustrations and instruction about how to make the basic stitches, FAQs, a list of helpful resource materials and tips on reading project patterns. Once you feel that you are ready to begin a project, we have some pattern suggestions for you as well. As you begin your project, if you have questions, visit 911/FAQs at this site or find us on Facebook, where some of our favorite crocheters and knitters hangout.

Crochet Pattern Organization All things considered, I’m probably not the world’s most organized person. I put up a good search for our wedding photo album the other day with no success, yet Forrest’s basket of plastic Easter eggs seems to have found its permanent home on top of the fridge (logical). But one thing I really am careful to keep neat and organized is my crochet pattern collection. Free Crochet Patterns, Crochet Cowl Patterns, and Free Knit Patterns Last weekend (March 14 – 16th), I attended the 10th annual Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival in Cranberry, PA. I’d heard of the festival before, but was never in town to attend. The festival attracted over 70 different booths and some big name teachers. I talked to the coordinator, Barb, and she said there were well over 3,000 attendees. Not too shabby for a knitting festival! From my perspective, the festival was largely geared towards knitters, but I didn’t mind – it seems to be the preferred craft among fiber artists (don’t worry, crochet, you’ll always be my first love).

Learn How to #Crochet for Beginner's - with Moogly Videos! Odds are, if you follow Moogly, you already know how to crochet. But every so often I get an email or message asking me where a newbie can go to learn how to crochet, starting with the basics. While learning in person is great, not everyone has access to a class or crochet buddy. And books with their 2D drawings can be hard to follow if you don’t already know how to get started! So today I’ve done something about that!

Eva's Doodlings: Bavarian pattern Well my lovely is the post about a beautiful and unusual pattern. And I should say it's a rare one! It is called Bavarian or there is one more name "yarn eater". It was my Mommy who wanted to try this pattern first! So I had to find out what pattern it was and how it should be crocheted.

The Party Artisan Subscribe 30 November 2013 I have created a set of really cute and magical miniature items for Christmas!! They are perfect to use with the Elf on the Shelf or as just a fun Christmas activity with the kids! There are three books in this little collection: An Elf Recipe book which includes 6 yummy christmas recipes, A colouring book with 12 images to colour, and an amusing little joke book with 12 pages of jokes! As well as the books there is an elf letter and envelope which comes in two sizes. Free Crochet Patterns and Knitting Patterns Calling all knitters and crocheters, take a few minutes to unwind with Red Heart’s free crochet patterns and knitting patterns and find inspiration for your next knit or crochet project. Are you looking to create a soft blanket or hat for charity? Looking to create a bespoke gift for your friends or family?