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Oh Happy Day!

Oh Happy Day!
Apr 10 You Can’t Always Get What You Want I almost titled this “Stop adding this stuff to your cart Jordan, you can’t ever have it.” We are starting to actually decorate the house (way more fun than redoing the electrical!) But lately I’ve found that I’ll narrow down my lighting options for the dining room and realize none of the tabs open in my browser cost less than $9000. Since when did my taste get so expensive?

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Turn Photos Into Beautiful Watercolor Portraits Photography and stencil art go hand-in-hand quite merrily, but it’s not so great if you’re not chummy with the scissors. Well, Mr. Snippy Scissor, meet your match with the nifty masking liquid, or what we like to call liquid magic. What is it? Well, painters use it to prevent parts of their paper from getting stained with watercolor. Visual Perceptual Skills: Printables and Worksheets Visual Perceptual Skills: Mixed Review Mixed Review (grades PreK-1) Mixed Review (grades 2-3) Find the Patterns and Color Puzzle Visual Discrimination: Matching Letters and Shapes Match letters Match shapes Match shapes (made from rectangles) Visual Closure Incomplete Pictures Match letters Match shapes (easier) Match shapes (more difficult - more lines are missing) Adding to a Picture Adding something to one picture to make another picture Copying Patterns

Paint-dipped Baby Food Jars DIY Feb 23 by Chiara Alberetti Milott Anyone with a baby knows how quickly those glass baby food jars can fill up the recycling bin. This DIY is a pretty, fast and inexpensive way to decorate for a baby shower or a baby’s 1st birthday – simply by dipping the baby food jars into paint. 50 Books & 50 More Books to Read in Kindergarten Author: Tedd Arnold Publisher: Cartwheel Books (2005) Binding: Hardcover, 32 pages Item Call Number: DIY Wedding Project and Photos by Brittni Mehlhoff Surprise guests with a yummy treat to take home after the reception with these stylish mirrored glass favors that can be customized to your style. Add stripes, polka dots, or geometric shapes to plain glass bottles in minutes with this simple tutorial. Supplies: Looking Glass spray paint Small glass jars with cork lids String or twine Small sprigs of seeded eucalyptus Scissors Painter's tape Small wood gift tags How-To: 1. Cut a piece of painter's tape that is roughly the length of the height of your jar.

Punch Your Lights Out It started with one on sale, then I became obsessed and couldn't get enough. I'm talking about paper punches, what did you think? (Actually, knowing us crafters, it could have been anything) I made tons of greeting cards and needed a new outlet for my babies. Tea light covers! Don't you love those battery powered tea lights? Materials Mini Marquee Sign with Lights Nov 5 We made this giant marquee sign last summer and I loved making it so when I saw these Mini Globe Lights I knew had to make a mini version. I actually made this project last month but forgot to take photos. So when I pulled them out of the bag the letters were a little bent after being ignored. They are made out of paper so if they are on a shelf they’ll be fine but from experience I just don’t recommend cramming them in a paper bag.

make something Photos and text by Gabrielle. Video by the amazing Gusto Life in Digital. This post is brought to you by Pier 1 Imports. I’m so excited to share this project with you! I worked with Pier 1 to create a video showing how to put together a holiday entry in three totally different styles. Daisy Janie Happy Summer!!! I think it's finally, finally here in PA! Are you making plans, working on projects, having picnics, going on vacations? Would love to hear what you're up to! Believe it or not, I've done some sewing and will have fabric news and projects to share in the coming weeks! We kicked off our summer last week with a trip to the White Mountains in New Hampshire.

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