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"Dew" It Yourself Jewelry Stand

"Dew" It Yourself Jewelry Stand
Given that title and my penchant for puns, I'm guessing it will take you guys exactly 3.7 seconds to guess what my new jewelry stand is made from: Aw, you only needed two seconds, didn't you? I knew it. Yep, this pretty green number is made from four plastic Mountain Dew bottles and exactly $3.72 worth of materials from the hardware store. Not too shabby. First, collect your bottles. If you happen to have a Diet 'Dew addict for a spouse like me, this will take less than three days. I found it easiest to cut the bottoms off my bottles with a strong utility knife, and then trim them down further with scissors. Other than the bottles you will need: One 12-inch length of threaded rod (no cutting necessary; they come this size in the hardware store) and one baggy each of a coordinating size nuts and washers. Drill holes that are the same size as your threaded rod in the center of each tray: As you can see, the Dremel gives a nice rounded edge to the "v" between each "petal." Ok, last one:

Twelve Weeks of Christmas: Vinyl Record Bowl ADDENDUM | The Ginger Penny Pincher (This is not to serve as this week’s installment of the Twelve Weeks of Christmas series. Expect that later this week!) Due to the surprisingly enthusiastic response to the vinyl record bowl tutorial , I started racking my brain for more ways to re-invent these tired turntable treasures (I hope you appreciated that, alliteration lovers). I started doing the Google image search thing — of which I have attained expert level — and found a few ideas, some of which I wanted to share with you, especially because I know so many of you told me you planned on making these for Christmas presents! Paint them! Here is a before and after of my own personal vinyl record bowl with a coat of Tiffany Blue spray paint: Everyone say “ahhh…….” Here’s the process slowed down: Just the bottom Here's a bird's eye view And one more time…. BEFORE: Perfectly fine for some... AFTER: Vinyl Record Bowl 2.0, the Tiffany Blue Edition I’m a fan of the upgrade. I found this one (above) at an Etsy store called Goblin Hut .

A Bit Of This and A Bit Of That: New Skills Festival - Record Tray Pedestal with Nikki I was a bit nervous about asking Nikki from WhiMSy love to join the festival, I have been reading her blog for what feels like forever and is a bit of a crafty rock star, I am so glad I did ask though as she came up with a super cute idea using records.... Hi there, crafters! This is Nikki, of the blog WhiMSy love. Today I'll be showing you how to make these Record Tray Pedestals. For this project you'll need large records, various glass/ceramic items such as candleholders, vases, bowls, etc. The first thing you'll want to do is melt your record into a "tray" shape. Keep an eye on your record. Once it starts to go limp, it's time to remove it from the oven! Have ready: oven mitts & a square dish. I love my vintage pyrex! Now, remove the record with the oven mitts & place it inside the square dish. Yay for do-overs! Once the record tray is cooled down, which should only take a few moments, it's time for painting!! Now, gather your glass items & E6000 glue. *Makes a fun gift too!

Twelve Weeks of Christmas, Week 2: How to Make a Bowl out of an Old Vinyl Record | The Ginger Penny Pincher Part 2 in a series of 12 “Twelve WEEKS of wha…?” If you’re confused about the daunting title, read my two previous posts in this series, here and here. Then you can come back to this one :) Vinyl Record Bowl Hooray! These handy dandy bowls are actually made from real records! I first saw these in the Historic Charleston City Market while on vacation with my family in 2009. Since then, I have made quite a few in various shapes and styles, so I thought I’d share the step-by-step process (so easy!) How to Make a Bowl out of an Old Vinyl Record (“Old…Record”: that’s an oxymoron, right? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. mhmmm... These make great, unique gifts, especially ideal for a bachelor pad dweller or a music enthusiast. However, because these emit toxic fumes when heated, they are NOT dishwasher safe, and I probably wouldn’t recommend using them for (unwrapped) food. Anyway, who needs to put food in these bowls, when you can use them for Post-it note storage instead? Don't judge me. Like this:

Icy Earrings From... Bubble Wrap?! I've been experimenting with fused bubble wrap this past week, something I've wanted to try ever since I spotted this awesome bubble wrap pendant over on Craft:. Here's what I came up with: Snowflakes! In June! There are lots of fused plastic and bubble wrap tutorials out there you can Google, but fortunately the process is really simple: just sandwich your plastic between two sheets of parchment paper and iron the bejeepers out of 'em. The resulting fused plastic is relatively smooth, but has a nifty crackly look to it, almost like frosted ice. Maybe in small quantities it's more pearl-ish. Anyway, after brainstorming a while I decided to take advantage of the icy look with snowflake earrings. They're pretty shiny when the light catches them, which adds to the ice illusion. These were made with four layers of fused bubble wrap, but I'd advise only using three layers if you try this yourself, since my poor punch almost didn't make it through the thick plastic.

Mickey Mouse Washer Necklace So Terri, you didn't win the mega-bucks lottery last week, what are you going do to now? Why yes, yes we are! (I watch too much Phineus and Ferb with the kiddo's!) This is your fair warning that we're going to DisneyWorld in May and you're probably going to see a lot of Disney themed crafts here. I always like using the leather cord for the "chain" so you can adjust it for any size. I probably shouldn't confess this, but I was watching the Disney channel while I was making these! Is that wrong? Update: These are now available in my Etsy Shop.

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