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A flower brooch for you favorite mom

A flower brooch for you favorite mom

La Sha: Fabric Flowers; Here's How! These aren't your grandma's flimsy fabric flowers. These beautiful blossoms are tough enough to take daily abuse, which means they can be attached to clothes, accessories, even keychains. Here's what you'll need to make some yourself: synthetic fabric (wide ribbon works well, also), a pencil, scissors, a candle, a lighter, a bowl of water, thread, needle and some random beads or buttons Here's how: First- Find some synthetic material. Next cut out some circles to make the petals. When you've cut out as many petals as you'd like your flower to have, get out a bowl of water and light a candle. Hold each petal just close enough to the flame to singe the edge. Go all the way around, until the petal is singed all the way around. Not only will holding it near the flame keep it from unraveling, but it will also cause the fabric to warp, making the circle look more like a real petal. If you hold the fabric too close and it catches on fire, don't freak out- just dunk it in the water.

I Really Wish I Could Sew | Pioneer Woman Home & Garden | Ree Drummond - StumbleUpon A sweet friend of mine sent the girls and me a box of adorably adorable owl pillows this week. She doesn’t sell them, doesn’t have an Etsy shop…she just makes them. I think they might be the sweetest things I’ve ever seen, and I think they’ll be precious in the girls’ new room. I don’t know what it is about owl pillows. Or owls in general. They’re just so charming. It must have something to do with the eyes. I love this vinyl detailing. Vinyl? Which brings me to my current fixation: I really wish I could sew. But when I see things like this, all I can think about is that I really wish I could sew. I’d love to be able to grab a pile of fabric scraps and turn them into…an owl. I love this one. Boo! It would take me approximately eighty years to make one of these pillows. That’s because I’d keep taking breaks to go cook. And eat. So maybe it’s best that I don’t know how to sew. If I did, I might be tempted to make things like this. And then nothing would ever get cooked in this house. Yep. Ahem.

How to design a Brooch Bouquet | Fancy Pants Weddings I love brooch bridal bouquets! If I were getting married now I would so carry one of these beauties down the aisle. Brooch bouquets are amazing for so many reasons. Making a brooch bouquet is quite the DIY project! How to make a Brooch Bridal Bouquet: Supplies: 50-85 brooches, large earrings or necklaces (I used 55 pieces. ½ were jewelry pieces from my grandmother and great-grandmother and the other ½ I purchased on clearance at Michael’s) 2 feet 5 inch wide Midori taffeta ribbon in gold 3 yards 3/8 inch wide Midori velvet ribbon in almond 3 yards of clear and gold seed beads strung on wire Scissors Wire cutters Needle nose pliers Hot glue gun with glue 22-gauge green florist wire Light green corsage tape Clear gem topped pins 2 stems of inexpensive artificial hydrangea-light green Choosing your brooches: You should consider a few things when choosing the jewelry pieces you are going to include into your brooch bouquet. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Step One: Wire and taping Attach wire to your jewelry pieces.

maximum RABBIT designs: i've been crafting! my recent posts have been somewhat lacking in any actual craft projects so here is an update of what i've been making lately! this is made of several layers of tinted recycled dictionary pagesit is fairly thick and substantial i made it as a brooch but i'm not sure how long lasting it will be, i'm thinking of varnishing it but i really like to be able to feel the textures hmm next up is a rather girly brooch made of vintage lace and a truely gorgeous diamonte buttoni made these two about a week ago in a fleeting crafty moment i suddenly felt the "urge" to craft! so my son is now in his new big boy bedroom with a brand new big boy high bed the tardis is no longer on the landing but the computer is which is good as i can keep an eye on my teen daughter during her MSN sessionsthere is still a huge ammount of sorting and tidying to do in my new workroom and we now have no spare room but it is all mine! i'll post photo's when it is finished! a brooch and a bobby pin

"*The Heartfelt Home*" DIY,Sewing, Decorating, Crafts, Cooking,... - StumbleUpon I am so excited to share a great Christmas craft project today. Salt dough ornaments and gift tags. For pennies you can make a great gift for your family and friends. All you need to get started is 1 cup all purpose flour 1/2 cup salt 1/2 water 1,2,3 easy peasy!!! Toss it all in the mixer for a few minutes. Once it is all combined Kneed until smooth I separated mine, so each girl could have one. Roll the dough ball out on wax paper Now for the fun part…. Grab a doily and press it into the dough with the rolling pin. When you lift the doily off you will be left with a beautiful pattern. Next grab a cookie cutter and cut out your ornaments. Remove the dough from around your ornament shapes, lift and place on a cookie sheet and poke a hole with a straw. Cook at 200 degrees for 5-6 hours. Take them out and let them cool. Paint them white, start with the back. After the paint is dry apply glue to the front. While the glue is still wet sprinkle with glitter. Hang from your gift. Cha Cha

How to Make a Bangle from a Vintage Map May 7th, 2009 Email 79 users recommend I love the look of these bangles and have branched out beyond maps—you can make a bracelet with any appropriately sized image. Danielle West The paper should be wider than the bangle. Thin strips will help reduce the visibility of your seam. Photo: Danielle West I absolutely love the look of images from old encyclopedias—with a special weakness in my heart for old maps. The way I do this may seem a little daunting, but it's actually quite easy once you get into it. What you'll need: A vintage mapA blank bangle (I get mine from, all sorts of shapes and sizes!) You'll need to cut the map into a strip slightly larger than the dimensions of the bracelet. Cut the paper into strips—the thinner the strips, the less of a seam you will see on the finished product but the longer it will take you to make. Glue the strips to the bangle one at a time.

Handmade Flowers Phew! This week has been INSANE. Yeah, and that makes ME insane for trying this Tutorial Week thing at the same time as moving. It's just, I thought since I had the stuff MADE, and most of the photos taken, it'd be no problem! I just didn't take into account the PHYSICAL EXHAUSTION I'd be feeling from all the moving stuff, and the emotional weariness from all of it. And I am DOG tired. Still... So... Okay. These have been incredibly fun to make... to look at the finished product and feel like I have a little of the spirit of Anthro in me... a little vintage mojo... and a LOT of femininity. Love them so much, I kinda couldn't stop making them: Yeah. But CRAZY EASY, too. Okay, first, the inspiration. My Google quest led me to so many good, inspiring sites, like:EcoKaren: Fabric Flower TutorialLa-Sha: Fabric Flowers: Here's How! Materials: Synthetic fabrics like organza, taffeta, satin, dress lining, tulle, etc. Step One: Select and cut your fabric I had SO much fun selecting fabric. Okay.

Free Sewing Patterns, Free Sewing Downloads lillyella: Crafting: Button Bracelets Love buttons? Who doesn't?! Chances are, whether you are crafty or not, you have a stash of them laying around, or maybe an addiction to collecting vintage ones. Well today I have a simple project that will put them to good use, button bracelets! You can also use new buttons for this project, and these days there are so many cool ones available at your local fabric store, the design possibilities are endless. What you'll need: Elastic, 1/4" or 3/8" thick Buttons Needle and Thread I decided on a yellow and seafoam green color palette for my bracelet, using a mix of some chunkier vintage buttons I have collected and a few new ones I purchased to match. Start by wrapping the elastic loosely around your wrist where you would like the bracelet to sit. With the elastic laid flat as a guide, make a rough layout of your button placement to determine the design and how many buttons you will need. Once your layout is ready, you can sew the elastic together securely, forming the bracelet.

"Fiskars Unzipped" Kanzashi (Japanese Fabric flowers) Admired for centuries, Kanzashi originated in Japan - worn by Maiko (Geisha in training). The Maiko would wear specific Kanzashi dependent on the season or event - for example, they certainly would have worn cherry blossoms during the Cherry Blossom Festival. Geisha themselves wore them much less often, if at all. In this tutorial I will show you how to make one of the basic shapes, and how this can be expanded to suit your whims. Apologies for some of the rubbish images. Technique Materials Thread, material (cotton, silk, felt, leather etc) - I used silks and polyester - Thin fabrics work best with smaller petals, glue, crocodile clip/brooch back/safety pin/key ring and chain, faux pearl beads/buttons, starch, ruler, tailor's chalk pencil, glue (and glue gun is needed), iron (mini iron if you have one), scissors

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