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DIY Roman Shades « It always feels great when you have your mind set on how you want something to look and then it all comes together.

DIY Roman Shades «

This is exactly what has happened with my entry way/porch area. I knew I wanted to put stripes on the wall but it was a matter of finally getting around to it. Once that was done and the porch was all cleared out I knew I had to make it something that was worth having. That’s when I ordered my desk and watched the space slowly turn into what I had envisioned. I had my cream and tan stripes, I had my white lacquered desk, now it was time for some color.

Waverly Chippendale Fretw Quartz Premier Prints Gotcha White/Candy Pink Waverly Cross Section Raspberry I knew I wanted a geometric pattern so that almost immediately eliminated the second fabric (Waverly Chippendale) and I wasn’t too sure about that first print because of the whole papaya part. Fabric, Measuring Tape, Scissors, Fabric Glue, Mini Blinds. 1. 2. Should look like this when it’s all done. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Crafty DIY / Woven Baskets From Old Hoses. Card Making. Tutorial- Wire Wrapping Cord Ends. In this new tutorial, I will be demonstrating how to wire wrap cord ends.

Tutorial- Wire Wrapping Cord Ends

The technique is used to wire wrap a coil to end a necklace using different types of cords such as leather, ribbon or satin. The tools needed are cutting pliers, round nose pliers, needle nose pliers, and duck nose pliers. You will also need about 12" of wire. I'm using 24 gauge in this tutorial. It's easy to work, and you could use 22 gauge wire also, if you want a little heavier wire. The first step take your wire and make a loop using your round nose pliers about 1" from the end. Step 2- take your cord that you will be using for your necklace and slide the about 1/2" of the cord end through the loop. Step 3 Use your duck bill pliers to hold the end with the cord end and using your needle nose pliers to wrap the wire around your cord. Here is how the cord and wire look after a couple of wraps. Continue wrapping the wire and pushing the wire against the other wire to keep them tight. Making a Wrapped Loop and Double-Wrapped Loop. By Tammy Honaman, Author, Jewelry-Making Expert and Educator, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads® Use the double wrapped-loop technique to attach a pendant or charm to a soldered loop on a chain for a secure finish.

Making a Wrapped Loop and Double-Wrapped Loop

Link double wrapped loops together to create your own chain then finish with your choice of clasp. DIY How to Make a Basket from Recycled Newspaper - Handmade Basket Made of Newspapers - tutorial. LEARN HOW TO CROCHET # 1, 4 basic stitches: chain stitch, single, double and triple crochet. Origami Heart Envelope by Eric Strand. With Valentine’s Day just two weeks away, it’s definitely time to start thinking of presents for your loved ones!

Origami Heart Envelope by Eric Strand

This simple Origami Heart Envelope will make a sweet little gift by itself or you can make it even sweeter by putting something special inside. The video tutorial I found is a very detailed one and easy to follow – even for a complete novice. There are also some useful tips and ideas on how to decorate this envelope at the end of the video. Description Tags: Cards, Envelope, Eric Strand, Heart. Make a Folded Gift Box. This is lovely little gift box and lid that is made with a few folds, a couple of snips with the scissors and a dollop of glue.

Make a Folded Gift Box

They are so easy to make that I guarantee once you’ve made one you’ll be eager to make more. I’ve used the biggest square I could get out of an A4 sheet of card, but you can make the box any size you wish, just remember to use two squares of card and that the one used for the lid must be slightly larger than the base square or it wont fit over the top of the base. You will need: 21cm square piece of thin card or heavyweight paper for the lid 20½ cm square piece of thin card or heavyweight paper for the base Pencil & ruler Bone folder or back of blunt knife Scissors PVA glue Additional decorations (optional) Wood Slabs -Tree Slices- Birch Bark. How to use FUROSHIKI. Click click click click.

How to use FUROSHIKI

BIG BEAD LITTLE BEADS Glossary, Guides, Directories & Resources. How to Make a Pop Tab Bracelet - Add the Third Tab. Instructions for Cornhusk Dolls. BasketMakers Susi Nuss, Editor - An Informational Site About Basketry. - StumbleUpon. DIY crafts: Paper BUTTERFLIES (very EASY) - Innova Crafts.