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Apprendre l'aquarelle

Apprendre l'aquarelle

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Painting Iris! Watercolor DVD - Learn to Paint Iris with Susie Short VISITORS Thanks for looking!I appreciate the wonderful comments and positive feedback on this video. I've shared some below. Stroll with Susie through a garden of irises before she takes you into her studio to paint this beautiful flower. Drawing and Painting: Design for the Visual Artist - Principles and Elements - Design "Stoclet-Fries: Lebensbaum (The Tree of Life)" (detail)c. 1905-08 Gustav KLIMT (1862-1918)(Brussels: Palais Stocle) Principles and Elements: an aesthetic tapestry Look around you. Everything you see that is made by man is made by design. Our buildings, our transportation, our entertainment, the items we consume; everything is designed for a purpose.

Famous Watercolor Painters Study the past and the present Xie He was a scholar, art historian and critic who lived during the 5th century in China. In a preface to one of his critical works he included the "Six Cannons," or the "Six Principles of Art." These were the six rules for modes of artistic expression that had been passed down from master to student since ancient times. The first five principles deal with artistic frame of mind, tradition, and craft.

Free Art Projects and Tutorials Try something new by tackling the art projects, or expand your artistic skills and generally brush up your knowledge of painting techniques through the tutorials and demos. Monthly Painting Projects These painting projects were set regularly with the intention of encouraging you to explore new subjects and/or techniques, to challenge yourself in a new way, and to kickstart your creativity. Aquarelle An artist working on a watercolor using a round brush Watercolor (American English) or watercolour (Commonwealth and Ireland), also aquarelle from French, is a painting method in which the paints are made of pigments suspended in a water-soluble vehicle. The term "watercolor" refers to both the medium and the resulting artwork. The traditional and most common support for watercolor paintings is paper; other supports include papyrus, bark papers, plastics, vellum or leather, fabric, wood, and canvas. Watercolors are usually transparent, and appear luminous because the pigments are laid down in a relatively pure form with few fillers obscuring the pigment colors. Watercolor can also be made opaque by adding Chinese white.

art lesson: watercolor techniques - Camp Creek Blog - Camp Creek Blog We’ll be taking watercolors with us to the woods and the prairie and the garden this summer with our nature journals , so we can give our drawings a wash of color. Since it’s still quite cold and blustery in our corner of the world, we did a little drawing outside for Friday’s art class, then we headed inside to review some watercolor techniques. I’ve already shared that I think the best way to introduce any child to a medium is with plenty of free exploration. Drawing Materials: Drawing Lines and Values, Gray scale, expression, techniques - Drawing involves the use of lines and clusters of lines called values. Lines and values often merge spontaneously as you draw, one springing from another in the same stroke. The better you understand the range of expression and working qualities of your pencil or pen, the broader your palette of artistic options are when you create. A line is a flowing stroke of your pencil that defines an edge in the image you are drawing.

Jim's Watercolor Gallery Painting Oaks in Watercolor. Imagine you are standing in front of a tree, how about an Oak Tree. Now look at the silhouette and the general shape, this is most important when Painting Oaks in Watercolor. Viewers of your painting will know this artist has painted an oak tree,.....not a Fir tree.....not a Weeping Willow. This is Watercolor Painting of an Oak Tree. How to Paint Realistic Water Drops Transparent water drops are very appealing things to paint. With a bit of practice and careful planning you'll find they're not as impossible to paint as you might have thought. The first thing to get decide is which direction the light is coming from in your painting as this will determine where the highlights and shadows in the drops will be.

Watercolor Painting Demonstration of Sunflowers by Richland, WA Artist Lisa Hill 1. Nothing says "sunflower" like long, yellow petals radiating outward, reminiscent of a child's drawing of the sun's rays. The large leaves are held horizontal; their surfaces reflecting the cool blue of the sky. Step by Step Watercolor Painting - Purple Iris: Part 1 - © 2005-2009 G. Conley Brushes 1 1/2" (381mm) Flat Winsor & Newton Series 9651" Grumbacher Aquarelle Flat Red Sable#12 Winsor & Newton Series 7 Red Sable#10 Winsor & Newton Series 820 Red Sable#6 Grumbacher Watercolor Classic Paints Sap Green, Hooker's Green Dark, Pthalocyanine Blue, Cobalt Blue, Dioxazine Purple, Alizarin Crimson, Permanent Rose, Raw Sienna, Burnt Umber Paper Spiral Pad (11" x 14") Canson #140 cold pressed< Miscellaneous #2 Pencil Kneaded Eraser Palette - Your choice. Mine is an old Robert E. Wood model. Water container (2) and water Hair dryer (optional)

How to Paint a Night Scene in Watercolor For my recent painting, "Lights of Prague," I was presented with some unique challenges. It was my first night scene, so the most important element would be the lighting (or lack thereof). My initial inspiration came from the beautiful lights of the city being reflected in the river, as well as the interesting architecture, so I had to make sure these became my focal points. Step 1 I drew out the scene using watercolor pencils (that way the lines disappear once they get wet.) How to Paint Trees in Watercolor - Susie Short FREE Watercolor Tips On 'Rough' or 'Cold Pressed' watercolor paper, paint a patch of color in the shape of a tree. I try to hold my brush flat or sideways, almost horizontal to the paper. The shape should be shiny wet but not wet enough to puddle and run. With a crumpled paper towel, lightly blot away highlights and sky holes.

Watercolor Tips Lessons Techniques by Watercolor Artist Susie Short Susie Short Watercolor Artist and Painting Instructor shares watercolor tips for beginning painters, recommends watercolor books and supplies she uses in her watercolor workshops and classes. Susie White Trees in the SnowScratch and Scraped (revised pdf) Happy Holidays! Credit CardTrees(revised pdf)

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