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Organize your resources in an online binder - LiveBinders

Organize your resources in an online binder - LiveBinders

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Create Instant Interactive Text Based Activities Creating computer based materials can be incredibly time consuming and also very frustrating as websites and web based content can change so quickly, that's why it is always so nice to discover tools like Textivate which can enable you to create instant interactivity using almost any text you find from around the web. All you need to do is copy and paste your text into the Textivate window and then click on 'textivate now'. Here you can see some text I have copied from the Goldilocks story which I found on the Project Gutenberg site. Now I get a range of different exercise types to choose from. All I have to do to generate the exercise is to click on one of the square and I instantly have an interactive activity. e-Learning modules on-the-shelf covering key concepts, practices and managerial behaviours. CrossKnowledge currently offers more than 300 e-learning modules in ten different languages (French, English, Spanish, Polish, Dutch, German, Italian, Finnish, Chinese and Japanese). The CrossKnowledge Sessions are based on an exclusive educational format: the use of one or more voices as a common thread, providing a user experience close to that of TV or radio,extensive use of video to demonstrate good and bad practices,inductive educational methods aimed at promoting learning through discovery rather than top-down learning,frequent interactivity to pace training and keep users active,systematic practical exercises to check that know-how is really being acquired and assimilated. The quality of the CrossKnowledge Sessions has led to them being selected as an integral part of the diploma programmes of the foremost European business schools, for example, HEC Paris, ESSEC, ESCP Europe, ESMT (Germany), Vlerick (Belgium), Open University (UK).

Formative - A Possible Replacement for Infuse Learning There is certainly not a shortage of online tools for distributing quizzes to students and watching their responses in realtime. Formative is the latest online quiz and feedback service that I have tested. Formative provides you with a place to create online classrooms. Your students join your classroom by entering the assigned class code after registering on the Formative website. Once your classroom is established you can begin distributing assignments to students. Useful WebQuest Resources Site menu: Latest news: June 17, 2015: This year marks the 20th anniversary of the WebQuest model. Watch this space for announcements of some new resources coming later this summer! October 22, 2008:WebQuests and Web 2.0? This webinar conducted by the Discovery Education Network features a discussion about how blogs and wikis fit into the WebQuest model.

ePortfolio Review Please add and review the eportfolio system you use at your school, college or university. Below is a list of the eportfolios we are reviewing along with others we felt were worth noting. Please comment on the eportfolio platforms and make suggestions for others we should review. Please indicate which eportfolio category (categories) best suit the eportfolio platform you are reviewing…Showcase, Learning, Career and Course/Program Assessment. TESL/TEFL/TESOL/ESL/EFL/ESOL Links Links of Interest to Students & Teachers of English as a Second Language There are currently 10192 registered links. (Last Update: 27-Mar-2012) Home | Articles | Lessons | Techniques | Questions | Games | Jokes | Things for Teachers | Links | Activities for ESL Students What's New?See the most recently added links or use our Daily Page for ESL/EFL Teachers. Optimized for SpeedMinimal HTML, No Advertising, No Nonessential Images, No CGI, No SSI, No PHP, No CFM, No ASP, No Nonsense.Direct links, so there is no need to reconnect to a CGI script.Frequently maintained, so there should be few dead links.

Socrative: Turn Student SmartPhones into Clickers » Technology for Educators [Update: See a more recent post on new features.] This is the tool I’ve been waiting for. Socrative turns your students’ smartphones into a powerful student response system. It’s like PollEverywhere (see this earlier post), but with greater flexibility and ease-of-use, the ability to attach student names to electronic quizzes, and free – even when you have more than 30 students. This promises to be a real challenge to the makers of student response systems.

Updated Comparison of Backchannel & Informal Assessment Tools Last winter I published a series of charts in which I compared popular ed tech tools for things like blogging, informal assessment, and video production. As is to be expected in the tech world, some of the tools in those charts have changed. Therefore, I'm now going through each chart and updating it. Yesterday, I published an update to my blogging platforms comparison chart.

Pop-up Solar Generator: SunZilla 3.0 : 16 Steps (with Pictures) (ABOVE) Parts and cable for communication / 4mm² power cable being soldered **** NB, This section explains how to wire up the the communication for the SunZilla 3.0. Since this aspect of the design is currently in development, we're including it here. HOWEVER, you can skip this step for now. Are we losing the art of telephone conversation? Statistics illustrating our addiction to our smartphones come out quite frequently and receive a lot of attention for information so unsurprising; it will come as no shock to anyone that the average Briton checks her phone every 12 minutes. Indeed, I’d like to pick a fight with the blandness of the questions asked in Ofcom’s latest telecommunications report. I wish they’d included: “Have you ever picked up your phone to Google where your phone is?”

ESL Teacher Handouts, Grammar Worksheets and Printables Free English grammar and vocabulary worksheets and printable handouts, for English language and English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers and instructors to use in the classroom or other teaching environment. Get our ESL handouts newsfeed: Beginner English Handouts Adjectives and Adverbs Articles Comparatives & Superlatives

The app here allowed me to have tags on each of my categories so it will be more organized. The bad thing about this app is that it will sometimes not allow me to log in. Also, sometimes the websites, that I would copy the link to, would not allow me to be on the website. It will help me in the future to organize my categories, and it will be helpful because I can put a lot of categories onto one binder. by ah008352 Jun 3

Livebinders is a great site to help you organize notes, you can even have multiple binders. the downside is that the site may be hard to understand. by jo010974 Jun 2

You're a much better informed source about this than I am. I haven't used LiveBinders yet. It looks easy to use and there's some visual organization possible via the tabs that plenty of users could find helpful. Anything that gets students to organize information for a significant project is a good thing. At some point, I'll give LiveBinders a try so I can decide whether to recommend it to my own students. by rstolins May 30

Short story is that I love LiveBinders. It is extremely useful for very large projects for school since it allows you to take notes. You can also add websites so to your notes and make notations to them. This was a lot better than going back and forth between the notes window and the website you are taking notes of. I could also see this being useful for business purposes. You can make these public for everyone to see, or make it private so only you can see it. I also like how you can add sub-tabs if you want to expand on the topic that your main tab contains. I have never had any issues with LiveBinders not working. If people want, they can customize the colors of their binder. LiveBinders also allows peole to rate your Binder so you can see how well you put your last binder together. I would strongly recommend LiveBinders to any student who is doing research for large projects for schools because of its easy to use, free, and very practical. by tb045826 May 30

An interesting concept, but appears limited to relatively small-scoped topics. When I observe binders that have lots of links, there's little semblance of structure. One is left to scan all sorts of tabs and sub-tabs to locate things. Some of this no-doubt is due to the lack of organizational skills of the binder creators, rather than the service itself. by rstolins May 30

As a student I find livebinders very helpful, once you have learned how to use the app. I also like how if you are using a chromebook you can use the app in the Chrome store. The only downside of the app is it hard to understand. by jo010974 May 30

Livebinders is an organization resource. For an educator it is extremely versatile. You can organize your resources into virtual binders. For example, you can make a binder for your subs filled with resources for them to access. You can create a binder for specific students or classes. You can have students create binders to use as "portfolios". This is a very useful tool. by corinnebeans Dec 5

LiveBinders lets users create electronic binders/ portfolios of information resources or their own work. Users can view featured binders and their own bookshelves of binders. New binders can be generated instantly and personalized for each person. by pshearer Oct 28

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