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Organize your resources in an online binder - LiveBinders

Organize your resources in an online binder - LiveBinders

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Digital Collections and Aggregations Libraries, museums, and archives have been producing digital collections for decades, providing scholars with broad access to countless special collections. Researchers engaged in digital scholarship have also created many digital collections tailored to the interests of their particular research communities. Both kinds of collections are curated, in that they have been carefully selected and assembled for a specific purpose or audience.

Five Free Web 2.0 Tools to Support Lesson Planning "Teachers need to integrate technology seamlessly into the curriculum instead of viewing it as an add-on, an afterthought or an event." -- Heidi Hayes Jacobs, Educational Consultant, Curriculum Designers, Inc. Web 2.0 tools are online software programs that allow users to do a number of different things. They can be used to teach curriculum content, store data, create or edit video, edit photos, collaborate and so much more.

The app here allowed me to have tags on each of my categories so it will be more organized. The bad thing about this app is that it will sometimes not allow me to log in. Also, sometimes the websites, that I would copy the link to, would not allow me to be on the website. It will help me in the future to organize my categories, and it will be helpful because I can put a lot of categories onto one binder. by ah008352 Jun 3

Livebinders is a great site to help you organize notes, you can even have multiple binders. the downside is that the site may be hard to understand. by jo010974 Jun 2

You're a much better informed source about this than I am. I haven't used LiveBinders yet. It looks easy to use and there's some visual organization possible via the tabs that plenty of users could find helpful. Anything that gets students to organize information for a significant project is a good thing. At some point, I'll give LiveBinders a try so I can decide whether to recommend it to my own students. by rstolins May 30

Short story is that I love LiveBinders. It is extremely useful for very large projects for school since it allows you to take notes. You can also add websites so to your notes and make notations to them. This was a lot better than going back and forth between the notes window and the website you are taking notes of. I could also see this being useful for business purposes. You can make these public for everyone to see, or make it private so only you can see it. I also like how you can add sub-tabs if you want to expand on the topic that your main tab contains. I have never had any issues with LiveBinders not working. If people want, they can customize the colors of their binder. LiveBinders also allows peole to rate your Binder so you can see how well you put your last binder together. I would strongly recommend LiveBinders to any student who is doing research for large projects for schools because of its easy to use, free, and very practical. by tb045826 May 30

An interesting concept, but appears limited to relatively small-scoped topics. When I observe binders that have lots of links, there's little semblance of structure. One is left to scan all sorts of tabs and sub-tabs to locate things. Some of this no-doubt is due to the lack of organizational skills of the binder creators, rather than the service itself. by rstolins May 30

As a student I find livebinders very helpful, once you have learned how to use the app. I also like how if you are using a chromebook you can use the app in the Chrome store. The only downside of the app is it hard to understand. by jo010974 May 30

Livebinders is an organization resource. For an educator it is extremely versatile. You can organize your resources into virtual binders. For example, you can make a binder for your subs filled with resources for them to access. You can create a binder for specific students or classes. You can have students create binders to use as "portfolios". This is a very useful tool. by corinnebeans Dec 5

LiveBinders lets users create electronic binders/ portfolios of information resources or their own work. Users can view featured binders and their own bookshelves of binders. New binders can be generated instantly and personalized for each person. by pshearer Oct 28